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  1. I hate Pick up trucks and write a hit piece because I can.
    I have an idiot publisher who will post it.
    I’m so cool…I should do a selfie with my blackfaced buddy Trudeau.

      1. Dear Globe hack scribbler:

        If you ban pickup trucks, how are your beloved jihadis going to get around and what would they mount their machine guns on?

      2. Mike, the corrupt CBC News started the practice of dropping the comments section from uber-left wing pieces. Now it seems the Globe is following the CBC. This the first time I have noticed the woke newspaper dropping the comments section from an opinion piece from a staff writer. And a horrible piece it is. Marcus Gee, a far-left opinion writer, trashes rural working people.

        1. Seeing as a large percentage of Canadians still trust legacy media, it will be easier on their grey matter should dissenting opinions, such as comment sections, be done away with.

    1. I saw the bit 0f Bullshit on FB this morning.

      Its just pure JEALOUSY from the Eco-Tard SUV Assholes among us….of which there Aplenty.

      Trucks today are as efficient if not more so than your reg 6cyl & larger 8 cyl “suv”s by a long shot. Hells bells, my 2006 Duramax 6.6L diesel gets 21mpg at 120kmhr (empty truck mind you), hiway.

      Mien is nicht lifted just levelled, EFI Live, PPE Headers, Sinister intake EGR delete * Titan Tank, Lift Pump sys, Bypass Oil Filtration to name but a few of the hundreds of improvements I’ve made…best one of which was putting in a LUX Amp/TNR to wake up the Bose system….it’s simply been fun to work with/on this vehicle: 595,970 on the clock – and on ORIG INJECTORS. YOU Ain’t gettin that with any ICE vehicle ever….

      Oh….and fuel costs..?? Gee, will ya look at that: Costco Diesel $113.9

      The key to longetivity is a very simple one: FLUIDS FLUIDS FLUIDS. Change em & filter the daylights outa them….just sayin.Adn to

      Yup pure jealousy cause I can pull 12,500 lbs at 120kmh uphill on a 6% grade doing 1950 rpm.

      And to whomever wrote that Hit piece of Climate Retardation can Stick it up their Audi q5 tailpipe.

      1. As an Aside…..I do take issue with RV Dealers Selling 23-24′ supposedly lightweight Solid wall trailers to some clown driving a 6cyl SUV o VAN…?? I have seen on numerous occasions, a loaded FRONT WHEEL non truck vehicle with bicycles tacked on the back of the Tow vehicle and 23′ dual axle trailer hooked on the back…(2-3 kids in the back seat of the Van/Suv) and you can bet that even with Weight Distributing the entire rig looks like a V going down the rd with likely 20% or less Traction on the front Wheels. Way way past his/her GVWR.

        THAT is Freaking Criminal….and Stoopid to boot.
        I’m not a fan of Regulation…but there should be some. And based on GVWR & REALISTIC towing Capability (not what it says on the door jam), for any tow vehicle for that matter. Blows me away that a guy with an F-150 thinks (or is sold on the idea), he can tow 8500 lbs.

        Maybe in Alberta…but from Calgary to Sorrento, BC….? yea, not a bright idea. IMO.

      2. “Eco-Tard SUV Assholes ….”

        LOL, when did that happened? I am old enough to remember when left was bitching about gas guzzling SUVs, how/when did they become “Eco-Tard” vehicle of choice? I any case, I need an all weather wagon, that I can pack my family into, not a truck. And I drive Japanese because they are reliable and last forever, will take Honda/Toyota/Mazda over anything the big three has to offer.

      3. And don’t be dissing the Q5, my wife loves hers. She is a follower of the Quatro religion. The basic tenant of which is summarized by “thou shall drive on the left lane with a pedal to the meatal in any weather and flash your lights at anyone inferior to you blocking your progress”.

      4. But, but, but … steakdude !! Your diesel is emitting tons of fine particulate matter that is choking the lungs of poor, underserved, inner city chilllllldren ovvvvvv culllller. Your Diesel truck is racist! It’s causing an exponential increase in asthma attacks among poor black chillllllldren. No, those children’s stressful lives of living with a single crack Ho mutha didn’t trigger their alveoli to swell up … nope … it was your BIG white man truck.

        Ohhhhhhhhh Mommmaaaaaa …

        A lesbian-driven Subaru Outback is so much cleaner … and Subaru is Love. I heard it on an advertisement.

        1. Your Subaruphobia is showing again. There is only one cure, book a test drive of the WRX STI. Don’t knock until you try it. It is love.

        2. We were discussing Subarus the other day. A great vehicle unless you get the one built before a long weekend where everyone wants to get out early. Repair parts are almost as rare as the sasquatch and you need to mortgage your house to buy them.

      5. I see pick up trucks everywhere … But I never see anything in the beds. The owners of these pristine Ram and F150s are loathe to get their trucks dirty by carrying stuff in them.

        Most pick up trucks are for show and to enlarge the penis’s of the owners.

        Note: There will not be enough electricity generation to charge all these upcoming electric vehicles and keep lights on in your home. Remember, most of our electricity is generated by burning fossil fuels which we are getting rid of. That is how stupid we have become over the past couple of decades.

        We are all heading for a very bad situation that will be hard to survive.

  2. You can take my pickup from my cold dead hands.

    In fact, small story very much on topic. Many years ago, we were taking our puppy to puppy class after supper and had just gotten on the highway in our Dodge Ram 1500, the big, 4 door crew cab version. Some asshole in a sedan towing an open trailer with loose wood chunks just ahead of us hits a bump and a piece of wood about 10 inches long comes flying out. It slams into the Ram’s radiator grill (remember, this was on the highway which means I was doing 100kmh) and goes flying away. We turned around and went home and after looking at the impact point, it struck me that being in the Ram probably saved our lives. If we’d been driving our Toyota Echo, that piece of wood would have slammed into the windshield right around the same level as my face. And considering the wood struck the truck hard enough to demolish the A/C condenser, you can imagine the rest. Asshole with the loose load probably votes NDP, ’cause he didn’t give a frack about anyone around him.

    1. No NDP voter knows how to tow a trailer nor do they know how to find a road leading them out of the downtown core. This was just some random asshole without a clue.

  3. “obnoxious assertion of dominance and division”

    Two kinds of alliteration in one sentence. Show off.

    I’m sure most of us can remember when it looked like the end for any vehicle with any kind of excitement. I don’t need a pickup, but it’s good to see the car/truck culture isn’t going away.

      1. They down-play anything to do with Christianity because they are all atheists who worship the state’s wallet and power over conservatives..

  4. The pickup I inherited from my father is the third motor vehicle I’ve ever owned.

    Considering what I’ve had to do during the course of settling my father’s estate, it’s a good thing that I have it. I’ve hauled scrap metal to the recycler. I’ve brought scrap lumber and tree branches to the local landfill. I took the old deep freeze to the landfill as well. I’m bringing stuff to Edmonton and taking it to Goodwill.

    It’s rather hard to do all that with my VW Golf.

    Besides, why bother with pickup trucks when The Great Reset will soon be upon us, right? Since we won’t be owning anything within the same ten years that we have left before Mommy Gaia kills us (according to AO Donkey Chompers), why bother with those vehicles, right?

    1. AOC DONKEY CHOMPERS,! best one ever!
      With California lack of electricity and other states going to have the same problem – who is dumb enough to buy any electric vehicle.
      In Alberta a pickup truck is a necessary item along with a fur coat for winter.
      Take them both from me ……..NOT!

      1. AOC DONKEY CHOMPERS,! best one ever!

        The “donkey chompers” term was coined by someone else here on SDA.

  5. To the regressives who see symbolism in everything, pickups are seen as symbols of the deplorables, freeedom and self sufficiency, which is why they hate them so much.

    Us deplorables of course just see them as handy things to have to haul stuff and get through deep snow and such.

    1. Don’t worry. All those woke millennials moving out to the cottages and acreages to escape the flu will soon be borrowing their neighbor’s pick-up trucks and finding out just how handy, useful, and fun they are to drive.

  6. See what happens when you send your child off to get a degree in modern European history: https://archive.ph/NEXGE

    I suddenly have the urge to trade my half ton in for a 1 ton dually with a 6″ lift kit.

    1. I’d love to change my 2500 into a 3500 dually: Add Springs/Axle – Add fender flares and get me a nice Used 36/38 ft triple axle 5 slide, Satellite, vaccum & washer dryer equipped 5th Wheel I can live in and say ADIOS MOFO’s…..I’m moving to Mexico. No more need for long jeans, coats or toques (hats for you Amurikans), I see lots of them for sale on U-tube…at damned good pricing CAD/USD exchange nothwithstanding.

      It may well come to pass…..I see little future learning Cantonese or living in an UNvaxxxed Kampf.

  7. “I demand the Government force everyone to follow my preferences!”

    -every leftist and nanny statist ever

  8. Yep, yet another attack on anything masculine. FOAD

    P.S. The reason we have congestion is because we import turd worlders and because urbanists purposefully design sewers, aka big cities, to create congestion to have an excuse to meddle further, a pox on all their houses.

  9. This guy is, to put it mildly, being just a bit emotional/inconsistent. Let’s dissect:
    1. “A recent U.S. report found that more than half a million diesel pickups had been fitted with devices that override their emissions controls, dumping pollutants into the air.” Could you please cite the report? Where are these trucks? Are they in Canada? If not, why are you bothered by them? And this is somehow the pickup truck’s fault? I know of no diesel pickup owners who have done this, btw.

    2. “Anyone who has travelled a Canadian highway lately has been tailgated by a speeding pickup driver.” Again, this is the pickup truck’s fault HOW, exactly? And there are not tailgating drivers of other vehicles? Also, to truly ‘tailgate’, one has to be going the same speed as the lead vehicle…meaning you sir are speeding.

    3. “…the parade of pickups would be a blight on the roadscape and a finger in the eye of other drivers – a way of saying to everyone else: I am bigger, badder and richer than you.” Ummm…that’s in your head, buddy. And if it bothers you so much, then why don’t you, oh, I don’t know, maybe buy a pickup?

    I drove a 2nd gen Prius for nearly 200K miles–largely for commuting, as it offered access to (the completely idiotic) carpool lanes. Sold it in 2015 and have driven a GMC Sierra 1500 crew cab since then. Finally a vehicle that fits my long torso–the whole thing is right-sized for me (and my family). Mr. Gee should try ditching the butt-hurt and get behind the wheel of a solid, versatile, mission-effective vehicle like the ones he derides.

    1. “A recent U.S. report found that more than half a million diesel pickups had been fitted with devices that override their emissions controls, dumping pollutants into the air.”

      The truck I inherited from my father had an emission control system. My father complained about the vehicle always having to go into the shop. (“Ach, I think I bought myself at a lemon.”)

      I think I figured out what was going on. Every so often, I got a “check engine” but no warning message. One dealership traced it to a faulty O2 sensor and reset the system.

      Sure enough, the light came on during yet another trip to and from my house in B. C. The dealership in Edmonton that I dealt with offered to take out the emission control system, as I, apparently, wasn’t the only owner who had that problem, nor did it affect only my make and model.

      A few days and some $$$, later, not only hasn’t that “check engine” light re-appeared, even after several trips to and from my house, my truck uses less diesel fuel.

      Problem solved? I hope so.

    2. Theyouk

      Emissions Controls: Where are these trucks? Are they in Canada?

      Uh, hate to break it to ya, but damned straight they are in Canada….and for DAMNED good REASON. Im actually fortunate as my DMax is an 06. The only thing “Emnissions Control it HAD , was a Catalytic Converter and an EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculaton). Both are gone. I’m straight piped with a resonator Turbo back . EGR was deleted 5 years ago.

      All it (EGR), did was REDUCE the amount of available Oxygen by taking a chunk of your exhaust gases and throwing them back into your Air intake system. The Result is REALLY one of gumming up your entire intake system, loosing power as you’ve lost a % of your available O2 Plus increased Fuel consumption to travel the same distance.

      EMISSIONS CONTROLS are OxyMORONIC. Here is a bit of a small “graph” that details it.

      Duramax Engines.
      Keep in mind these are 7700 + lb Vehicles…ok.?? And they got larger/bigger/more powerful as the yrs went

      2000 – 2004 LB7 Motor. Avg mpg on FEd emissions truckswith no EGR no PCV No CAt ~ 24-26mpg….but they had chronic injector issues
      In California however, LB7 trucks had to have CATS, and EGR

      2004 -2006 LLY Motor All had EGR/Cat avg mileage 22mpg

      2006-2007 LBZ Motor Classic Style. EGR and CAT with more HP….avg non modded trucks 19 mpg

      2008 – 2010 NBS Style LMM Motor the added the Diesel particulate filter Avg mileage 14-16mpg plus the added cost of constant repairs and issues with that system

      2011-2105 LML Motor: GM introduced the SCR (Selective Catalyst Reduction) system to work alongside with the existing DPF, DOC, and EGR systems. Mileage ~ 15mpg. + cost of fluid…!!

      2015-2019 & 2020-2021 I don’t have any data…but given the power and size of these newer trucks, plus the fact they ride much higher adn have a shit ton of Emissions Crap..Id be surprised if any of them does better than 17-18mpg at BEST.

      The best motor of the Bunch was the LBZ – just ask any GM diesel mechanic…he’ll tell ya the same thing. At near 600k i have zero complaints and I know of guys in the US that use them for long haul operations, 1million MILES is not unheard of with an LBZ.

      Diesel rocks…

      So as things went, yes power increased, and with added Emissions CRAP, the mileage Dropped. so in the end they added complexity all to see a truck owner now spending 25-30% more on fuel to go the same distance and all the while the total Emissions based on fuel used has likely NEVER Diminished.

      I have ZERO regrets removing what I did. My truck is tuned (EFI LIve), such that it runs lean and I defy anyone to show me that I’m a smog producing deplorable redneck. (well maybe the last part)

      1. Steakman, this is an awesome (and enlightening) response—thank you! My response to the Gee piece was only in the context of the butt-hurt on display. You bring many great points to light—so can we agree on a general ‘how about eff you’ to the powers that be? The whole thing is such an affront to fricking “FREEDOM”!!!!

    3. About tailgating: I will assume the Canadians here are brighter and better mannered and better drivers than this. But if this guy thinks pickup drivers are the only Canadian tailgaters he’s never been in the Niagara region — on either side of the border. Tailgaters with Ontario plates who eat and shop on the U.S. side are the bane of the existence of those of us who live(d) on the American side. Their sheer numbers are astonishing. It made one wonder who taught all these people to drive. This was pre-Covid, but going on for years. And I doubt being locked up for months during Covid has improved their driving skills.

      1. Try driving Hwy 410 to or from Brampton ghetto during rush hour, there is a reason someone here described it in the past as Hindi 500. Import turd world, get turd world driving as part of the package.

      2. Ever drive the 401/403/407 system in Toronto/Ontario? Less than a vehicle length at 110-130 km?, sometimes closer? Not a pickup driver among them.

  10. The version of the article I clicked on has over 500 comments and they are still accessible.

  11. Everyone relax. It’s only Marcus Gee. Globe and Mail’s “Urban Affairs” columnist. He of those same Toronto feckless, latte swilling urbanites you might see pulling their helmeted grandkids around in a plastic wagon in gov’t approved plastic play station urban parks while proclaiming “It just doesn’t get any better than this”. He’s a fng idiot and always has been.

  12. Similar to JD’s “follow my preferences.”

    Me: “Just leave me alone.”
    Socialist: “No.”

    1. Me (in a free country): chambers a round.

      Pity we’re less free every day.

  13. Effete Grope and Flail “journalist”? What do you expect from a pig, but a grunt?

    If the oil ever runs out, we can make producer gas by pyrolizing “journalists”, and drive on proudly.

    1. Support Gretchen of Michigan then, who wants to shut Enmax Line 5 into Ontario/Sarnia, via the Mackinac Straits on Lake Michigan. They will learn to walk and freeze in the dark in Toronto/Ontario and Montreal. All the fuel made for use in Ontario comes out of Line 5 and gets cracked in Sarnia. A lot goes to Moan Real, too.

  14. Shree at the Liberal cult’s Toronto Star will probably have a story tomorrow, on how pick up trucks bring white racist farmers into Toronto to shoot blacks and indians. After reading Shree’s story, Blackie will hold a summit.

  15. Yeah, so? Pretty clear vaccine passports are coming. Only 30 more lockdowns till Christmas.

    You thought they would just keep letting you drive what you wanted?

    When they say something, it is never a joke. Maybe one day, you will start listening.

  16. I love these urbane, latte swilling, look how smart I am, Liberal, Democrat, NDP, Greenie *ssholes that show up at the garden waste sites and proceed to empty their plastic bag laden SUV’s of their grass clippings. Takes most of them twenty minutes or more to dump, meanwhile most of us deplorables are getting it done in five minutes. Back in, jump in box, dump garbage cans out of box onto ground, jump onto ground throw cans back in box and we’re gone. As for road manners and tailgating, well that’s a whole other story but let’s go back to the latte swilling Saturday, Sunday morning road warriors out showing us how involved they are in saving the planet by pedaling their tushies around on their twenty five hundred dollar eco-friendly bikes. Looks like the the media has finally lost the message.

    1. Grass clippings? Yeah, they told us that they will not pick these up anymore few years ago. Everyone just puts them either in black bags or at the bottom of the yard waste bags, put some branches over the top and don’t worry. None bothers with garden waste sites bullshit, never been to one in my life.

      1. My parents started a compost heap in their back yard. That’s where all the lawn clippings to at the house I inherited.

      2. Hasn’t anybody ever heard of mulching mowers? Who bags grass clippings? And more importantly, why? A mulching mower that chops ’em small and leaves them where they fall is much better for your lawn.

        1. That’s a myth, grass clipping are best off the lawn. Besides I have an ancient (a decade and a half old) $300 lawnmower that works perfectly. I do not intend to replace it just because some asshole decided to tell me what to do with my grass clippings.

          1. No myth. If you’re talking long grass in thick wet rows/clumps, then yeah. Pick it up. Otherwise not. I admire your continuing to use your 15 year old lawnmower. But few people do that. And almost all mowers sold for a long time now have been mulching mowers.

          2. I mow 3 acres. I’m not raking that. I’d need a baler.

            Mulching mower. Diesel powered, 8 foot swath. That’s the business right there.

            Why do I mow 3 acres? Because I can. Obviously. ~:D

  17. Gotta tell a pickup story.

    Two nites ago I had the paisanos (dogs) loaded in the pickup and took ’em down to the river for a swim. It’s been hotter than hell out here in the buck brush – 30 to 35 every bloddy day.

    I was going to throw my minnow traps in and catch a little bait so I was fiddling with them and didn’t immediately release the dogs. While doing that a local church leader I know well pulled up with a pickup load of little kids. Must have been 10 of them bouncing around in the back of the truck covered in dust. They were going swimming!

    Good for them. I left and took the dogs to another spot. It was bedlam without tossing the dogs into that bunch.

    Rural Alberta – not everything has been destroyed….yet.

  18. My wife likes her big crew cab 5.7 litre Ram pickup. As she is a redhead, suggesting that she drive something ‘better for the planet’ would be met with a sneer and the threat of having one’s balls used for bookends.

    1. What does being a redhead have to do with it? My wife is/was a brunette, if I told her what to drive this would be my last post.

      1. Ah, you’re a man who knows how to be insulting in at least two languages….. I heard that phrase lots of times from my parents while I was growing up.

  19. Every busybody has to pontificate on what other people’s “needs” are compared to how they actually live. People only need roughly 2400 calories/day, adequate warmth not to freeze in the winter, a change of clothes and a small roof to stay dry. Other than that, pretty much everything else is a “want”. Until the pesky busybodies live with no more than their basic “needs” (which doesn’t include a laptop or internet access), they can STFU IMHO.

  20. I drive diesel SUVs. Right now I have a VW Touareg, which is rated for 7700lb towing. Before that, I had a Jeep Grand Cherokee, which was rated for 7000lb. My longest tow was in the Jeep: I drove from Toronto to Northern Alberta, picked up a 30ft trailer containing a two-seat glider and towed it back home. I estimate the trailer weighed around 3000lb. The entire round trip took me a week.

    If I couldn’t get a decent towing SUV, then I would get a Dodge Ram, or F-150 or similar. Towing and load carrying are important to me.

    As an aside: a number of years ago I was in Banff and parked in one of the free multi-storey parking garages. Near me was a parking space with a sign reading ‘Small Vehicle’. There was a Dodge Ram in that spot. I guess in Alberta that counts as a small vehicle!

    1. I guess in Alberta that counts as a small vehicle!

      Here in Indianton or Redmonton, the idiots who design parkades figure that everybody should be driving a Golf. While parking my VW is relatively easy, because it doesn’t take up the entire width of a stall, my Dodge TurboRam takes a lot of time and patience.

      Unfortunately, in the stall next to mine a few weeks ago, the knuckleheads parking in that one didn’t leave me enough space. I was so focused on not hitting their Mitsubishi SUV that I didn’t pay enough attention to what was happened in other side of my truck. The result was a nice dent because I brushed up against the concrete base of a lamp standard.

      I plan on collecting my truck from the body shop tomorrow.

      But there’s a funny twist to the story. When I was about to park my truck at the end of my last trip to my house in B. C., those same dipsydoodles had parked their vehicle. They finally got to see who was driving the monster in the stall next to theirs and, hopefully, they understood that it’s not an easy task to park it.

      The best part was the look on their faces when they saw the truck. I swear the young couple (a pair of future owners of Canada, if you get my meaning) must have peed their pants. I don’t think they ever heard the manly sound that my truck makes until that evening.

      I guess a 6.7 350 HP turbocharged Cummins diesel engine has that effect on people.

      1. F-250 crew cab long box. I regularly use two spaces at the back of the lot to make sure the morons don’t box me in. Or just to keep them from smacking my paint with their doors.

        If Karen doesn’t like it, that’s a bonus.

        1. In my apartment complex, the rental office has absolutely no idea of how to run the place. I explained that my truck is a bigger machine and that it doesn’t do well in tight spaces.

          I can’t exactly park my truck on the street. That’s city property, subject to whatever the city wants to do. Besides, I’d be far away from a plug-in. Internal combustion engines don’t start well when cold-soaked in winter, particularly since the paraffin in diesel fuel solidifies at temperatures below -30 C.

          You think anybody in that office could figure that out? Uh-uh.

          1. BA…..ya might wanna look into a WEBASTO Diesel Coolant heater. TL-17

            I am in an identical situation. No can afford a 2nd stall nor are they big enough…so, I can park the D’max on the street, but given there are no plug ins avail from my complex..it’s a dead end.

            So,. A number of years ago (2012), while I was working at Meg Energy north of Conklin, cpl of the welders had these units not only on their Welding rigs, but installed in their trucks….given it was wicked cold and I needed some way to ensure I could start in -40C…I put one in.

            I bought mine (from E-bay), with a 7 day timer and installed it myself. It takes a very small 1/8 ID line of diesel from your tank sending unit (although I had a slip tank with an extra bung that I used), that runs to the unit (no bigger than 14 X 8 X 10″) for the fuel supply and then tying the inlets/outlets into the heater hoses. A small 12V pump with a fuel filter pushes the fuel to the unit. At -35, it takes about 15-20 min for the diesel coolant in your motor to warm sufficiently to allow a cold start without blowing a rod or a piston…..all off your batteries.

            Installed by Eskimo Refrigeration: ~ $2800-3000. Worth its weight in gold in Winter though….

            It works like a charm – and if ya do it, make sure you change out that fuel filter annually.

  21. Those obese old boomers decked-out in shiny leather chaps and vests at 35 degrees riding their Harley’s in groups of six or more down the Coquihalla have got to be a close second. A shout-out to the dark-skinned baldy with the handle-bar mustache wearing leathers announcing he was with the “Widow’s Sons – Peel, Ontario” chapter, for pissing all over the toilet seat at Giant Cedars boardwalk, Revelstoke Park, B.C. Would it kill you to reach down and lift it up, you simple lazy cretin?

  22. I drive a Ford F150. I live in a rural community and the snow is deep and runs hard where I am. I also use the truck for everything from hauling bales to driving into the city.

    In the last four years I have four times also used my truck to pull wee little toy cars out of the ditch. Twice I have given rides to people in EVs in the dead of winter who miscalculated how much power their vehicle needs in cold against a stiff north wind.

    Didn’t hear much complaining about my truck then.

    I love my truck. FOAD ecoweenies .

  23. Heard this years ago:
    If a conservative doesn’t like pickup trucks, they don’t buy a pickup truck.
    If a liberal doesn’t like pickup trucks, they tell you not to buy a pickup truck.

    1. So true. They feel so powerful that they can decide what you like and think. It hurts them when they are told to f off.

  24. We special people South of you don’t like pickups because they are popular in ….. wait for it ….. Texas. And redneck right wing Rethuglican knuckle draggers drive them.

    1. And don’t forget … very popular in flyover country. Where so many of us Deplorables live.

  25. I actually had the small vehicle experience years ago in Italy when four full sized adults with luggage had to take two cars to travel on vacation. Ladies in one, gents in the other. Half the fuel mileage of either car. The good news, a wine shop on the way with some nice bottles. And no “input” about spending all that money.

  26. I don’t begrudge you your four-door behemoths with not quite enough cargo space for the latest flat-screen TV, and lots of electronic dash gadgetry to keep your eyes and minds off the road ahead and the rest of the taxpaying users around you, but your preferences have dried up the supply of proper pickups in the used market. I hope you know how to fix everything on them, because the manufacturers who happily sell you all that crap are loving the prospect of the government regulating it off the road so they can sell you electric vehicles that you can’t drive or fix yourself.

    (Both of mine are extended cabs, but being from the early and mid ’90s, at least they have only two doors, and the K2500 has a full size box. Keeping an eye out to replace them both with an older half-ton, with two doors, a single seat for three, and an 8′ box, but it’ll want a nut-and-bolt restoration that will probably take me until after internal combustion engines are banned from the roads of Trudeaupia. )

  27. I have an idea.All those people without a job and on welfare should be prevented from owning a pickup(unless it is for work)

    1. I have an idea. People should be free to buy and drive WHAT. EVER. THEY. WANT. OR. NEED.

  28. I just figured out that my Cummins-powered long-bed crew cab RAM 2500 isn’t big enough.

    I want a deleted 3500. (I assume this crowd knows what THAT means! Lots of little girl tears and stamping of tiny feet.)

    1. I DO know….mines “deleted” as well, although I never had the DPF or the liquid shit to regen with.

      2006 was a Prime Year for Diesels..

  29. Had a 2wd F150, 5spd manual. W/o a locking rear diff, or Torsen ring-pinion set , in winter I couldn’t get away from the curb, in winter. Had winter tires. One winter a bunch of dudes gave me a push, thankfull, but slightly embarrassing.
    Sold that to sone for $1.
    Subaru Forester now, 5spd manual, awd.
    Its fun in fresh snow.’
    Miss the F150.

    1. F250 is the answer. Locking front diff, locking rear diff, locking front hubs. You can put the Subaru in the bed.

      It is possible to get it stuck, but you will have to try hard.

  30. Just bought an F150 this spring. It’s awesome. Also – on trucks “spouting black smoke on cyclists” – only an OLD diesel still smokes…

    1. Taliesyn

      Wrong….my friend, If I wanna ROLL COAL, I just up my EFI live setting to 85 or 110 hp (EXTRA – on top of the 350 that’s stock)…particularly handy when some rice Rocket jockey wants to be a dickhead.

      They’ll have to pry my cold dead hands off the Wheel….am never gonna get rid of it….Evah.!


  31. Drove pickups for 38 years. All for business, mining or oil and gas exploration. Last one a 2005 F-150 4×4, XLT, xtra cab, the most comfortable one ever. I didn’t need a bigger truck for my work. Drove routinely 1000 to 1700 km, one way just to get me and my equipment to work. The companies I drilled their wells for trade on the TSX and NYSE, Globe and Mail. You heat your home, water, drive your car and Business Section with the stuff I drilled and all of it is supplied from western Canada as far as Quebec. My pickups were work trucks in mining exploration across Canada and oil and gas exploration across the west. Two were company owned. Plates were Yukon, Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan, depending where I lived at the time. The Yukon plate got a reaction every where I filled up, or stopped for the night, out side the Yukon, all the way to Ontario. They’re anal retentive in Ontario on “trucks”, generally. Never got stuck for long, or any major bang ups. Tires and wind shields were the only real big expense, other than gas, lube and filters. Most of them were “tenners”, 300,000+ km or more. I’ve been everywhere in Canada in my pickups, Coast coast to coast, while you’re stuck in traffic on the 401 or on the 407 G and M.