19 Replies to “Interesting Idea”

  1. Put up or shut up.

    If the right was anywhere near as effective at pushing narratives as the left, we would be hardcore in their faces with this message, day after day. Hypocrites!

    Put up or shut up.

  2. Well … it couldn’t make things any worse than they are now. Our white leftist overlords have destroyed this once great country. QUIT now!

  3. Nice idea, but does anybody seriously believe that Prime Minister Himbo Beefcake would ever give up his seat at the public hog trough?

  4. Most such people, if they were serious about “changing the world,” would begin by selling their possessions (few of which were earned honestly), and giving the proceeds to the truly needy, before tying concrete blocks to their own necks and jumping in the nearest body of deep water, from as great a height as possible.

    In lieu of a self-justifying suicide note, they would leave the kiddie porn stash somewhere the cops could easily find it later.

    I shan’t hold my breath.

  5. I am going to propose that the Maverick party put in its platform, that anyone against pipelines has to sign up for a $200,000 per litre fuel tax.

    To save the planet.

    1. I hope he proved his appropriation by returning all the money he has made portraying a cartoon character.

  6. No no, you don’t understand. The super smart and enlightened folks are to run things – because they’re so smart – and we dirty proles are to obey the many rules they come up with for us to follow. It’s about time we moved to a post-democracy age where our gifted overlords and their infallible expert advisors don’t have to suffer lesser individuals questioning and criticizing the fruits of their gigantic brains.

  7. It’s always someone else, somewhere else, in the future who must make their sacrifice at the altar of diversity dogma.
    Not the entitled white faculty members, unless maybe than can clear out some white men, the greatest threat to peace.
    The US Declaration of Independence declares individuals have the natural right to be free to pursue their happiness.
    No other human being or group is responsible to provide that, or it wouldn’t be a right. Now happiness can be free.
    When one has the right to what you have, provided you obtained it legally, it is coercion, which is not liberty, but its opposite.
    Hayek said top down government action must be confined to areas of wide agreement. Not now with Twitter as government.
    Liberty is now dumbed down, a crucible of centuries of struggle deemed irrelevant, pretending it’s just semantics so redefinable.
    Marxists are now liberals, redesigning our political house, adding stresses, ignoring cracking foundations, serving others’ causes.

  8. They can also open the doors to their homes for all the illegal immigrants they push so hard for………