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  1. Yep…and still adamant that BIG HARMA inoculations equal a “vaccination”

    Which as Anyone not quite dead yet SHOULD KNOW, they are NOT. Seems to me I’ve yet to see: Astral, Pfizer, Moderna or J & j state point blank that these shots will IMMUNIZE ANYTHING….Let alone you n me.

    Nothing but DISINFORMATION, Lies, Lies and damned Lies.

  2. They also added “genetic preparation” to their definition of vaccine. It’s not in my 2006 dead tree edition.

    1. Very good point. If they had to change the definition of the word then slapping the “anti” name on people loses its meaning. At least, it does among those who can think.

  3. I’m getting the vaccine but I strongly oppose making it mandatory which I guess makes me an anti-vaxxer. Fine by me. I’m already a racist for not agreeing with leftists.

    1. Being an anti vaxxer means … to me that … I am skeptical about putting unknown concoctions into my body when it appears to be of little value. There are no guarantees that won’t get or pass on the Chincese virus. This whole thing smells like a global scam for various reasons. I think money is behind most of it and subjugation of the global population is the ultimate goal.

      We are being totally fucked over by a couple of thousand very wealthy assholes who have no idea what sort of catastrophe they are causing.

      1. Don’t kid yourself. Those very wealthy people know EXACTLY what they are doing. And it’s not a couple of thousand wealthy assholes…it’s a select few VERY VERY wealthy assholes calling the shots (no pun intended). Everything they’re doing is making them millions of dollars richer every minute.

  4. I took the shot because I’m old and fat. If I was 20 years younger – no way. For me, the chance of dying from the disease was greater than dying from the shot. Someone who refuses to take an unapproved experimental vaccine is not an anti-vaxxer.

    1. I am 78 and I am not taking the shot. I think I have a better chance with the Chinese flu than the concoction that is ‘vigorously being foisted upon us.’ Why?

    2. Scar, you say that you took the shot because you are old and fat!?
      So, go ahead and kill yourself off, like they want you to.
      Oh, and your comment is contradictory.
      Get 20 years younger in your thought pattern, bro.
      No jab, no how, kemosabee.

  5. I have several large volumes of Dictionaries (yep … books!)… that predate political correctness and all this woke nonsense … let alone political attack.

    Anybody who is home schooling and wants untainted reference volumes …

    1. Kenji…I have a lovely set of the Oxford Shorter English Dictionary.
      Also, I have a great edition of the Oxford Encyclopedic Dictionary, and the Oxford Dictionary of the English Language.
      Those Canonical books complement my full editions of Chaucer, Milton, Shakespeare, Homer, and all the other members of the Western Canon, not the the least of which is the 1611 St. James Bible, the collected works of the 17th and 18th century, and even a scattering of Russian writers.
      Heck, I even have a set of underground comics!
      I guess that I could be a dissident tutor.

    2. I still have a perfect recollection of the English language as it was taught to me and used back in the 50s. I maintain that language and consider it more honest and accurate than the horse-shit being spoken today.

  6. I thought vaccines caused autism and should be shunned for that reason.

    Funny how the traditional anti-vaxxers — you know, insane soccer-Karens who somehow came to have kids — are now totes all-in on vaccinations.

    1. Linkmuffin:

      Well observed.
      Same folks who rejected GMO frankenfoods.
      And of course, my body my choice.
      AND everything natural, organic.

      I must confess I’m a bit puzzled by the agonizing I’m hearing.
      I’m 72. My wife is 73 and a recovering cancer patient.
      Neither of us gave the “genetic preparation” a moment’s consideration.

      1. Messing with the genome of foodstuffs and not telling the consumer is a pretty bad stunt. Informed consent and all that.

        1. To be clear, agreed.
          Just saying that many of the folks pushing and shaming people into GMH (generically modified humans) are strongly against GMO foods.

          This end, in the early daze I ridiculed people who questioned GMO food, ‘cos yunno, “the science” said it was fine. The Covid scamdemic has seriously undermined my earlier faith in science which is corrupt like everything else.

          Also I strongly agree with you it should be disclosed on the label.

          1. Moratorium on all science is now warranted.
            Then, a disinterested assessment on what should stop vs what may be explored for the good of mankind should ensue.
            For example, stop all virology research, but proceed with how to mitigate emissions for coal, etc, then we will have fewer pandemics but more efficient, clean energy.
            Triage responsibly. The new criterion for all dispassionate peer review.
            Oh, and kill bill and his ilk.
            Good night.

      2. I am older but said no from the get go. The lab rats that have taken it, many members of my family, have no idea what may happen a year or two from now.

    2. I actually do not think that most of those opposed to traditional vaccines support the Covid vaccines.

      1. I am not opposed to the many effective vaccines on the market, I am opposed to calling this experimental crap vaccines because they are not. You cannot build immunity to that which is not presented and there is no covid virus to present, that is why there is none in any of the experimental shots.

      2. Yes that’s me. I have examined the data and I know vaccines don’t cause autism. I have also examined the data from Pfizer and their data scares the hell out of me because it has holes you could drive a Sherman tank through. So yes to MMR vaccines but no to mRNA. Maybe in five to ten years if nothing catastrophic happens and I’m still around maybe.

  7. Note how they acknowledge the existence of laws mandating vaccination, I didn’t think we were there yet but there it is in the dictionary…

    1. There are laws in the USA forcing immigrants to obtain vaccinations as a condition of immigration.

      1. But in most states students can get exemptions from vaccine requirements for things like religious beliefs.

        I believe California has done away with exemptions. Because of course they did.

  8. They’re all meaningless in a world where nothing is true.

    That’s why the only thing that convinces a leftist to do the decent thing is a credible threat of death, dismemberment or permanent disability if he doesn’t.

    1. Also being shunned. People will do or say what we they need to to fit in on social media.

  9. If anyone wants to review their options may I recommend a site, meticulously sourced with links to data and publications, plus legalities, in order to make an informed choice. It’s a downloadable pdf for those who want to do their own research:
    It is prefaced:
    “Statements in this site are substantated with facts that will stand in a court of law. Informed Consent requires a flow of informaton. Click on the hyperlinked sectons to direct you to primary sources such as CDC, WHO, FDA documents.”

  10. Who knew I was an ‘anti-vaxxer’ when I got the shot as early as I could. I am more of an “anti forcing people to take a vaccine that we all have to admit is somewhat experimental”-er

    They lost me when they changed the definition of ‘baby’ to not include babies not yet born. In Merriam Webster’s world, you “felt the fetus kick” not the baby. Basically it’s a dictionary of terms that lefties use performatively.

  11. They should 99 cents for the jab.
    There’d be less agonizing, less uptake.

  12. I’m 75 and took the jab, mostly because the Missus is immune comprised.
    Not happy I did it but if it helps her feel better, then so be it.
    Hope it doesn’t make my dick fall off, cause it still works.

    1. I haven’t seen that particular side effect. Mine still works too, most of the time. I would hate to lose it.

  13. 1st I was just a sexist for being male.
    Then I was also racist for being white.
    Later on I became a serial micro-aggressor, for saying “Your hair looks different. Did you get a haircut?”
    Now I’m an anti-vaxxer for opposing injecting folk against their will.
    I wonder what I’ll be tomorrow, if not oven-fodder.

  14. The left and the sheeple seem quite happy to believe every utterance from the Talking Heads on every alphabet network. Never question, never doubt their hectoring and cheerleading for “Get Jabbed, Get Jabbed, HURRY!”

    I’ve had every immunization in my life that we used to get in school, plus extra jabs. One for Mumps, to prevent being sterile, and TWINRIX, a few years ago as a Hep A prevention.

    So, I’m an anti-vaxxer now! For not lining up for an experimental, largely untested concoction, that changes my cellular structure, and, may leave me vulnerable to excessive disease because my cells been customized to fight ONE disease only.

    Yeah, no thanks, I’ll take my 1 in 10,000 chance that woohoo kills me instead. With my supplement regimen, and lack of existing diseases, I would rather natural immunity!

  15. I’ve had lots of vaccines but I ‘m very reluctant to get this one as it’s not actually a vaccine. And if it comes down to “I told you so.” I’d rather be wrong about the so-called vaccine than to grow a second head.

  16. No vaccine for me either. 67 years young, healthy, so much contradicting info in the last 14 months. Don’t know what to believe. I do know that some of the purported vaccines are anything but a vaccine.

      1. Thank you Jim.
        That was right on the money.
        Worthy of its own posting.
        Especially the need to “Hold Power for ever” that now traps our effete elites.
        If they step off the tiger,it will eat them..
        So they are never going to stop.
        Heads on pikes will be the only way.
        History,does not repeat?
        Well it sure rhymes real well.

  17. Merriam Webster:
    Definition of Merriam Webster;
    Repository of progressive bullshit.

    It’s amazing how Big Pharma went from being almost as evil as Orange Man Bad to being the Most Trusted Cabal Of Corporations In the World.

    Definition of anti-vaxxer: Someone with enough brains to question Big Government, Big Media, and Big Pharma.
    (collectively known as Big Stupid)

  18. When they come up with an ACTUAL VACCINE that has made it past ALL of the trials and has received FULL APPROVAL, let me know and I’ll think about taking that one.

    1. Anti-vaxxer = not a lab rat.

      We should mock the vaccine Karens by calling them Covid Lab Rats.

      Anybody up for some cheese?

  19. Had enough vaccines in the military to make me glow, not having this one but I wouldn’t begrudge anyone’s choice to do so.How that makes me an anti-vaxxer escapes me.

  20. In my case, I have decided not to get a shot because I have not found evidence that convinces me it is necessary. Period. So to a great extent the concerns about the effectiveness (so why are you still wearing a mask) and safety of the various concoctions are (subjectively) moot.

    I work on the presumption that if you’re old enough to vote, you can make your own damned decision about whether you get the shot or not. So I don’t hector my in-laws or friends who have got the jab. But I’ve noticed that this attitude of laissez-faire is very one-sided: the jabbed won’t rest unless the un-jabbed become jabbed and remain fully hijabbed.

    1. Funny that eh Jamie, Those that are vaccinated insist everyone should be vaccinated.
      I’m thinking it’s more likely that, they were idiotic enough to get it, so want everyone else to be on the same ship as them. You know, that ship that hit an iceberg! As others have said, “my body, my choice”. Also, I’m stubborn and insistence by others to be jabbed, just makes me resist even more. I’m the type that will cut off my nose to spite my face, (haven’t had to do that yet though) so yes, I will spend good money to emphasize my right to resist as well.

      1. ” … they were idiotic enough to get it, so want everyone else to be on the same ship as them … ”

        Well, some of them are in the idiot category for sure. But there are others who got the shot after weighing pros and cons and arriving at their very own adult decision. And I’m okay with that; if you believe you are high risk and/or think this is as deadly as ebola, then get jabbed to your heart’s content. I won’t bother you.

        But for crissakes, leave me alone.