28 Replies to “The went from ‘Everything White Is Bad’ to ‘Everything Bad Is White’ so fast we didn’t even notice.”

  1. If people from the Middle East are white, does that mean that Christ can be Caucasian again?

    1. Middle Eastern people are multiracial whites. In other words they become honorary whites when they do something evil.

  2. Everything is race nowadays. Racist this white that.

    Culture appropriation Privilege.


    A dude getting shot because he evaded a cop is not racist every single time

    Don’t ya think every cop in USA knows there is a spotlight on every thing they do? No love lately for average cop(relax. There are some great ones out there quietly staying out of the news)

    I just wish we could go back to calling a spade a spade.

    (Oh oh. I did it again didn’t I?).

    1. *

      Rashida Tlaib just proclaimed the start of Civil War 2.0…

      “Far-left Representative Rashida Tlaib (Democrat-MI) called for
      “no more policing and incarceration” because the system “can’t
      be reformed.”

      It’s on, folks.


  3. I have been screaming about all the people who CLAIM to be ovvvvvv culllller … but ‘look’ as white as any Euro-mutt (like me). This obsession with skin color is NEVER going to end well for anyone. People come in many different shades of color. Meh. Obsessing over “blackness” (like Kameltoe Harris) is so 1770’s … someone tell her she “looks” as white as me … only with a shitload more privilege.

    1. I still want someone to explain to me how the white halves of a B. Obama, Halle Berry, Bubba Wallace or Jussie Smollet aren’t privileged in the slightest but their black halves are still fully oppressed.

      BTW, since Trump was cheated out of office, have you heard the word ‘Pocahontas’ even once? Man, I do miss his no-nonsense sense of humor.

    1. There is no such thing as “inverse racism”, it is simply “racism”. Period, end of story.

      1. *
        i’m with thomas sowell…

        “Critical Race Theory is ‘revenge society‘ and
        racism under new management‘.”


        1. Sort off. There is nothing new about the management. Racism is normal everywhere in the world outside of the West. It has always been normal. Name one country that isn’t Western isn’t that explicitly racist. The least racist societies in the world are the Western Societies. The least racist people are Westerners. Which is why they are being blamed for all ills of racism. And they are being blamed by those who are in fact racist.

          West where Kafka meets Orwell.

          1. I will stick with my tribe, I don’t really care very much for someone else’s.

          2. Very much true.
            Though only whites let others shit on their heads and accept that, that’s the way it is.

  4. Kenji ….would you want to receive a spot in the “privileged” group the way she did?! I think not! You seem to be a man with morals. Cant say she ever had any!

  5. Well, if it’s racist attitudes they want … They deserve to get the inevitable revival of 1930’s racism good and hard.

    Eventually, white folks will conclude that segregation across the board is THE safest and most equitable solution. Sure, it’ll cost a lot of reparation dollars. But what is your sanity worth to you? And with full on segregation, and one side paying all the bills, that side will have all the power.

    Who knew I’d wake up one morning right back in the 1950’s.

    Well done, lefties, you’ve really done it this time.

    Or you could just grow the hell up. Fat chance.

    1. What is more dangerous now is they’ve thrown cops to the curb and no one wants to be one now.
      Corrupted Politicians pissing off the public while still screaming for police protection.
      I don’t see this ending well at all until the corrupted politicians are arrested.

  6. I can’t tell the difference between a Hutu and a Tutsi because I’m a racist and black on black violence is always Whitey’s fault.

    1. Buddy, I always thought they were some kind childhood ballerina dress! Oops, was that racist?

  7. Here’s an honest question?
    What shade of skin colour starts to be classed as black?
    I know of people who are pure native heritage but with white skin.
    Just trying to figure how our government does these subsidies with new policies?

    1. What shade of skin colour starts to be classed as black?

      I think there’s a member of the Royal Family who can answer that.

  8. For practical purposes, all races are white when they shoot somebody.
    Solves the problems of details.

    The media cartel will take care of that.

  9. Crab bucket politics.
    Inciting the mob for miniscule power gains..
    What happens when these race baiters succeed?

    Cause they are doing a fine job of dividing and conquering the gullible.
    To what end?
    When do the tool users give up?
    For time is short,3 score and ten goes by in a flash..too short to humour fools gladly,except to the inverse..
    They claim they want a lawless,emotionally unstable society..no problem.
    We shoot on suspicion.
    That will work real well,to exterminate people because of visible traits..Was there not some such genius back in the 30s?
    Eugenics,yah thats the way.
    Merit is the only way,but merit is cast aside by the low talents of lazy,greedy envious people.
    I guess,if you have never developed a skill,learnt a trade,built things of beauty..You will never appreciate what it takes to be a productive citizen..

    Rampant in our society are the politic of envy greed and gimmee dat now..Instant gratification at another’s expense.
    What happens when I believe my progressive comrades?
    By their own words,they mean me and mine no good.
    I trade on the weight of my word,so why should I not believe them?
    Even though I know their words to be lies..
    Brave new world..same as the ugly old one.
    Progressives/Liberals/Democrats are servants to the lie.
    Only their acts have meaning.
    Their actions identify them as the parasitic overload ,weighting an otherwise productive society down into chaos and ruin..

    Prove me wrong.

  10. I recently saw (I can’t remember where) an article about a crime suspect who was described as “dark white”. He was African American, so not sure how he reacted to that description, if he even saw it.