29 Replies to “The Libranos: SNC Lavalin … Again”

  1. Suprise , suprise suprise! Not really. 600 billion spent ( likely much more) with no accountability – good times!

  2. Cue the clueless idiots in the media talking about how not letting SNC have this contract would have killed 50 bazillion jobs.

    Because it never occurred to them that some other company would get the contract if SNC didn’t.
    Zero sum arithmetic is SO hard!

  3. Dang! Just in case anyone was wondering why we got locked down for what turns out to be a bad cold.

    In gubmint dollars $150 million isn’t that much. But this is the one we know about. What don’t we know about? $600 billion more? Uh huh.

  4. Design and deliver mobile health units?

    For what?

    To enrich Liberal supporters.

    Will they be solar powered?

    1. Construction trailers generally just have a PTAC unit in them. Unless I miss my guess at what a “mobile health unit” is.

  5. The only way this could be improved upon by the #Libranos is if the monetary reward, er, “contract” was in the same amount as the #Libranos tried to gift to WE Foundation.

  6. So, are the units now designed,manufactured and deployed? To where? Where are these marvellous mobile treatment units that have saved so many lives thanks to the Trudeau government and their fast action on this?

    I won’t even ask if this contract was tendered as I know there simply wasn’t time, and it’s a Quebec company so we know that they are the best on the planet at what they do, which I believe is build bridges. Mobile units? I wonder if ATCO might have been able to get in on this,they’ve made portable units for resource industries for decades. But I believe they are H/Q’d in Calgary, which is not in Quebec, but in the dreadful West.

    Thank Allah PM Trudeau again made a wise decision. Hm, just occurred to me; why can’t Bombardier build the F-35 for the RCAF, Quebec company after all?

    1. Nothing but a bunch of thieves. The only thing worse is the average Canadian with his socialist snout in the trough as well.

    1. Not yet. Global warming hasn’t kicked in yet to make banana growth here possible yet. But I’m sure it’s only a matter of time, because our betters tell us that the cycles of ice that normally cover 90% of Canada are now a thing of the past because CO2.

  7. A Calgary based company called Frontec used to have a contract to run Canadian army camps in Bosnia 20 years ago until 2003. They hired local nationals to run camp; kitchen, laundry, etc. Services were great & the locals were paid well.
    Then SNC Lavallin got the contract.
    It all went downhill after.

  8. It is interesting how they wrap all that bullshit and call it “Covid-19 response”.

    Don’t know how much people know about Gaullism, after the late french general and president de Gaulle.
    Aside of what the wikipedia says about it, since they have no clue and those that write are ideological midgets, the Gaullism is your basic operational guide of the Canadian government.
    In its basic terms it means that “Here is what I’m a gonna do for you, vote for me”, what else I’m a gonna do you will be unpleasant at minimum.
    As soon as the elections are over, those in power decide that they can do anything they want because the plebeians know how corrupt the politicians are and have agreed to it. Hence the plebeians must agree with everything else that the political scum decide to do.

    Wanna guess who is going to win the next election?

    …. Liberals with 35% support (unchanged from last month), the Conservatives at 31%, the NDP at 17% and the Greens at 6%.
    Regionally, the Liberals have a 10-point lead in Ontario and a 9-point lead in Atlantic Canada. In Quebec, the Liberals and BQ are statistically tied while in BC, we find a close three-way race between the Conservatives, NDP, and Liberals. The Conservatives lead by wide margins in the Prairies ….
    …. Half of Canadians say they would be open to voting Liberal (53%), 8-points more than the Conservatives (45%) and 9-points more than the NDP (44%) ….

    However you got to bear in mind that the polls reflect the ideology of the pollster.

    Not that if the so called “Conservatives” win, things would change or anything,

    And if anybody thinks that things will change, well, there is that story about a bridge somewhere.

  9. Yeah, okay.

    But just wait till Pinky O’Toole gets ahold of this!

    Man oh man, is fur ever gonna fly!

  10. Not sure why Bombardier didn’t get the contract, they could convert their unsold jets or their L rail transit cars to mobile units.
    I’m sure it will take at least 150 million in engineering studies at SNC just to figure out how to build one which will be sub contracted to the Bomb anyways.

  11. SNC would be a good company were it not for the fact that middle and upper management is loaded chock full of East Indian cronies who hire other useless east Indians, Isn’t it?

  12. I can’t wait for Erin The Tool to come out swinging with this new ammunition!

    Oh, wait……