Wuhan Knew?

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Wallethub has been ranking states based on their COVID-19 restrictions – things such as mask mandates, limits on travel and gatherings, school closings, liability protections, work-at-home requirements. […]

Of the 10 that are imposing the most restrictions, all but one are liberal Democratic states. Of the 10 with the fewest restrictions, all but two (Iowa and Wisconsin) are conservative Republican.
Surely this is evidence of how politicized the pandemic had become under President Donald Trump, right? Those Republican states are defying “science,” and staying open despite the harm they are doing to their people. Isn’t that what we’ve been hearing?
Well, that would be true if state restrictions were closely correlated with coronavirus deaths.
But a separate chart published by Wallethub shows that there is little apparent correlation between coronavirus death rates and restrictions. As the chart below shows, the spread in death rates is almost identical between the high-restriction and low-restriction states.
This fits with findings we keep seeing, which say that lockdowns, mask mandates, school shutdowns, and other intrusive government regulations are massively expensive and disruptive but appear to have a negligible impact on the disease.

They’re doing a number on jobs, though.

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    1. What if testing tapers off? Don’t you think the case numbers will drop? Counting “cases” is the biggest FRAUD since “counting polar bears”.

      Why is the General Public so damn DUMB!? Education (lack thereof) has consequences.

      1. +++Kenji. Many are educated beyond their ability to think rationally and logically.

  1. Don’t mention ze flu…

    Biden has signed an executive order forbidding federal agencies from using terms like “Wuhan flu” or “Chinese virus.” His pretense for this censorship?

    “Such statements have stoked unfounded fears and perpetuated stigma about Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders and have contributed to increasing rates of bullying, harassment, and hate crimes against AAPI persons.”

    I’d like to see statistics on, say, the number of Samoans getting mugged by bigots but whatever. China must be getting happier by the day.


    1. Given Biden’s (handlers) reinstatement of critical race theory into the US leviathan, I suspect that they will start referring to the ChiCom virus as the “White Devil Virus”. The Spawn will follow, regretting that he didn’t think of it first.

  2. “there is little apparent correlation between coronavirus death rates and restrictions.” This is true, but also known for a while. I did research some months ago, and at that time it was confirmed that there is no correlation between lock downs and Covid deaths. I am glad to see it highlighted again, as the message does not seem to be getting through to those in government who are insisting on lockdowns. It is getting more and more bizarre. Our politicians — even conservative politicians have failed us. I think it will also be born out that the overall death rates are not out of line with normal patters during a bad flu season. Curiously, presumably flu deaths were down to 27 last week in the US (from the CDC). The lockdowns are for human control — not to prevent transmission of the virus.

  3. I have never believed that the China Plague came from a bat.

    I went along with the accidental release.

    I am now on the side of a full blown release by the CCP.

    They are joined by their brothers the world wide CCP. COMMUNIST CESSPOOL PARTY

      1. too many coincidences. I don’t believe in coincidence. Throw in all the CCP’s. ( Communist Cesspool Parties)

    1. Ynot
      Here is your answer.
      Now, despite the controversy surrounding this type of research, it always had one steadfast champion, a leading figure in the world of infectious diseases, Anthony Fauci. His institute funded that first ferret study at the time he co-wrote an op-ed in ‘The Washington Post’ describing the research as ‘a risk worth taking; important information and insights can come from generating a potentially dangerous virus in the laboratory.’ And shortly before the Obama Administration’s ban on gain of function research in 2014, Fauci commissioned this. It was a project to assess the risk of new Coronaviruses emerging from wild animals like bats. One of its stated aims was to see what viruses can infect both animals and humans. Now pay close attention to these words right at the end of the project summary. ‘Predictive models of host range (I.e. emergence potential) will be tested experimentally using reverse genetics, pseudovirus and receptor binding assays, and virus infection experiments across a range of cell cultures from different species and humanized mice.’ That is a description of viral gain of function research — the exact type of research that the Obama Administration stopped. But Fauci didn’t stop it, he continued on by subcontracting it to this group — Ecohealth Alliance based in New York.

      Scary at best. This man should go to jail

      1. With all the bullshit, it still has been no worse than the seasonal flu. only the hysteria and insanity have been worse. the level of stupid required to continue this dog and pony show is freaking amazing.

      2. This is not something new. This did not start with the snake-oil salesman Obungles. Look at it from a different angle. China Joe was not put in place to protect Zero. “No one will take him out because who wants Quid Pro Joe in power”. Maybe he was put in place to control Zero.
        The magician trick. Do something outrageous with one hand so no one watches what the other hand is doing.
        With Obungles it was the burther thing. Ask yourself who started it AND who kept it going?

        With China Joe its dementia. Wait and see. Who knows?

        Keep in mind that creeping communism has been around since the early 1900’s

  4. Any Canadian stats?
    Dear Bonnie Henry in BC admitted that lockdown regulations are not based on science (vid at Rebel media).
    Dougie Ford expressed angst that (he recently discovered) flights were arriving at his very own Pearson Airport with positive Wuhan flu cases. Shocking.

    Our ski doo trails are closed in Northern Ontario…no science behind it … just that some locals were triggered when word got out that some horrible people from Southern Ontario were on the local trails.

    1. Isn’t a revelation that Ontario’s “Progressive” Party is right up there in lockstep with all those Blue States?

      Douglas doesn’t realize it but he treading on very thin ice with those of us who expected a Conservative government.

      It wouldn’t be any worse at all if it was the Wynne regime.

    2. Total and complete bullshit and government tyranny that needs to be crushed by any and every means possible. Guess what, Canadians are chicken shit cowards. terrified of their own shadows and the “flu”.

    3. Part of the problem is that too many people seem to enjoy helping Nazi enforcers. What happened to all that outrage over “snitch lines”? Leftists are such hypocrites.

  5. Just few weeks back, they spoke about an outbreak in both S-Korea and Japan. Which is odd, cause these folks wear masks all the time.
    Not heard zip since then.

  6. People are not dying at higher rates than normal.
    The covid fraud is just that, a fraud.
    Stop the insanity

    1. But, but, but … 400 THOUSAND DEAD!!!!! Ohhhhhhhhh mo’mmmmmmmaaaaaah. Wait? What? That’s the NORMAL number of natural deaths in the typical American year? But … Orange Man murdered 400 THOUSAND people … Ohhhhhhhhh mommmmmmmaaaah

      What you have to believe to be an American simpleton

  7. A large group of people dependent on government can be threatened with income cuts at election time, a typical left-wing tactic.

    The China virus has been a huge bonus for Democrat politicians who were suffering under President Trump’s full employment policies.

  8. This can’t be a surprise to anyone who’s been paying attention at SDA, though it’s good to have it noted and available for sharing with the great unwashed.

    Biden’s doing his part, by signing an executive order banning the term, “China Virus”


    No word yet on “Sweet & Sour Sickness” and all the rest of those terms, those may be covered by the internet hate speech laws coming to Canada.

    1. Phew! I call it the ChiCom virus. I blame the RED Chinese Communists. Not the Chinese PEOPLE … but the EVIL political system of COMMUNIST China.

      So my term is NOT “racist”. It’s political.

  9. So. The public has been systematically DENIED any and all “granular data” as promised by Dr’s. Birx and Fauxci. We have not been given DETAILED data regarding the socio-economics and geo-location of COVID outbreaks. Why? “Racism”. Yes, if it were discovered that virtually NO white, middle to upper class Americans were dying from COVID … it might suggest BEHAVIOR is the most important factor in suffering from the Chi-Com bioweapon. THAT … would be like “blaming the victim” … Right? So our politicized-Health Officials … LIE. They DENY access to the TRUTH.

    And whatever happened to all that “contact tracing”? And the data it was supposed to give? We were promised that contact tracing would empower Health Officials to “surgically” cut out infectious hot spots … and not shut-down huge swaths of our economy.

    But now … the same Health Officials insist that “communities ovvvv cullller” receive Vaccines FIRST. Those communities are “at highest risk” of COVID spread. Those communities work allllll our “essential services”. Huh? That sounds … RACIST! And indeed it is. So we are denied the TRUTH of granular data … because “racism”. And then, told to step-aside from vaccinations … because “racism”.

    This entire political culture of identity politics is going to kill us all … especially those “communities” it purports to “save”.

  10. Can somebody please explain to me how mask mandates are disruptive?

    There is plenty of evidence that they work, from observational studies in Canada, Germany, and the United States to the fact that mask mandates on airlines have cut the in-flight transmission of COVID almost to zero.

    Masks are cheap. They don’t inflict pain on the wearer. Even if the effect is modest, it’s real and adds up. Why is it so important to you people to go to the supermarket and to be one of the many dozens of people the checkout person interacts with each day, that you have to breathe on her directly? Maybe you are concerned that it will be too hard to pick your nose?

    You guys mix mask mandates with lockdowns when they are two separate things. So does this story.

    1. There are physical problems with the masks. Among other things they cut back on oxygen intake. They are also dehumanizing– literally. With the masks, you don’t look at other people, no friendly smiles and difficult to communicate. At the same time, you chances of catching the virus from someone you randomly pass in the grocery store are nil. You have to get a certain level of the virus and have very poor immunity response to fall ill. People die in care homes because they have very weak immune systems. Levels of vurus exposure are likely elevated. They also die from flu — or least they used to. Transmission among the young helps build herd immunity, and lockdowns prevdnt that. Here is what is wrong with masks and social distancing:

    2. I gives people a false sense of security, so they don’t social distance, thinking they’re protected by a piece of cloth when they’re not, especially the young adults who don’t care about the “rules,” including the ones that work at and infect care residents.

      Where the vast majority of covid deaths are clustered, where the most stringent lockdown, PPE and yes, masks exist.

      How could that be if “masks work?” Because something “sounds right,” doesn’t mean that it is.

      If “masks work,” why do areas mandating them have the same covid incidence, with, as Biden says, no change to its trajectory.

    3. Well John Galt.
      If masks work.
      The emergency would be over.
      So is the emergency declared over?

      There is zero evidence that mask do anything to prevent the spread of covid.
      And the infection of critical care medical staff suggests that their masks were useless.

      Second,which masks?
      Have you worn industrial respirators?
      Where each identified airborne hazard has a specific filter number assigned it under OSHA.
      Yet any face covering will do to “prevent” the Dread Covid.
      And after the open face respirators come those for deadly and toxic gases,complete with defined decontamination procedures…
      So what mask is required to stop a virus of 0.1 microns?

      The only thing masks are working at is signalling our obedience.

  11. In the Australian state of Victoria, almost Zero deths but massive Gestapo type lock down and movement restrictions.

    In Canada they turning Costco greeters into Gestapo Karren’s checking your mask is over your nose

    1. Yes. Gestapo tactics, but since they never had many cases to start with they are not a good example of effective measures against the virus. I think the belief in the effectiveness of lock downs is essentially mass hysteria. People want to think that their governments can do something to prevent the spread of the virus, but it is mostly driven by superstition. A virus runs its course and eventually herd immunity kicks in. The”science” supporting arguments in favor of lockdowns is seriously compromised.

      1. Could not possibly agree more, and I can’t believe how irrational people you’d ordinarily think to be logical have turned out to be. And they’re the ones effectively in charge.

  12. My Mother is 95, very frail and lives in an assisted care facility. In December, she along with 16 others in her section of the home, tested positive. Now, from all the propaganda you might think the old dears would drop like flies. In fact one died and the other 16 recovered. Of course, residents in their 90’s do die, from all sorts of causes and considering the condition of these 17, I would not have been surprised to get the dreaded phone call.

    So, what to make of this? Either the WuFlu is nowhere near as bad as it is made out, or the majority of cases are false positives. Either way, it does not justify the crucifying of every economy in the world. My Mother btw had no symptoms, apart from feeling very tired, but since she was effectively placed in solitary confinement, is not surprising.

    I was told by a health-care professional involved in the care of WuFlu patients that the test can only identify a corona virus, it cannot distinguish between the dreaded WuFlu, seasonal flu or simply the winter sniffles. I have no medical knowledge, so I can only repeat what I was told by someone trained in the subject. Maybe someone can confirm/deny this?

    My takeaway is that we are being lied to on a massive scale.

    I am really surprised that a so-called conservative like Doug Ford is coming down so hard, with such little effect. He seems to be cosying up to Blackie, which I though was just a political ploy: Blackie is a narcissistic spoiled brat and anyone not sucking up to him gets treated harshly. He is spiteful and vindictive. However I am beginning to wonder if Doug has fallen for the BS – he certainly seems scared.

    1. Doug is a “Progressive” Conservative. Need I say more.
      As for Turd Jr. he is a self admitted liar and thief.

    2. Mark – if your Mum is anything like my Mum was (shuffled off this mortal coil at 99), everyone will tell you what a dear sweet little old lady she is. However, deep down under, you know she is one tough old bird. They don’t live that long without having serious inner strength or, as a family friend was wont to say, “old age is not for sissies”.

  13. The real correlation would be people’s willingness to be responsible vs the need to legislate responsibility.