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    1. If Canada had leadership that cared about our interests, they would announce immediately the full approval of Northern Gateway and cancelling of the North Coast tanker ban given Biden’s subservience to those intent on stranding Canadian Oil.

      1. Stranding it is exactly right. The US has put a choke hold on Canadian oil from getting out of the middle of Canada and that lowers the price so they can buy it at a discount. After the oil is processed for sale, most of it is Brent quality crude and it gets sold for virtually break even. Similarly, nobody talks about the big offshore installations in the Eastern Canada offshore, where more than 300,000 barrels of top quality crude are produced per day and quietly sail south of the border for nothing more than a pittance of a royalty and a few lousy jobs. Canada does not own its own natural resources, all the major companies of the world do. They just have to pay the politicians to take it for free.

        1. It is not Canadian Oil my friend. It is Alberta Oil, Sask Oil, Newfoundland Oil just like Quebec Hydro is Quebec’s. No offense but it is not Canadian Resources.

    2. China’s having a hell of a good laugh at who they have put into office for the American people to watch and loathe.
      Quite the insult really.

    3. Why exactly were Keystone and the Paris Accord priorities for day 1? Are these top if mind concern for Americans? I doubt it, but they are numberb9ne with the globalists. So the globalists are clearly already calling the shots.

      1. 60% of DEMOCRATS oppose shutting down KeystoneXL.

        On the other hand, it was very high on Putin’s wish list.

      2. I think these are priorities for the radical extremists in the Democratic Party, and the Oligarchy has to neutralize these extremists right from day one – to prevent them making demands and disrupting and trying to take over from the Oligarchy.

        1. Many have said that legally the accord is a treaty that must be approved by a 2/3 majority of the Senate. We’ll see. Obama skirted the legalities and that’s why Trump was able to withdraw.

      3. No. “Climate change” consistently ranks at the bottom of any list of concerns of the electorate as a whole, and most of them wouldn’t know the Keystone Pipeline from the Keystone Cops. But it’s a top priority with people who think that our President should not be primarily concerned with American interests.

    4. I think that there is a lot of precedent about presidents overturning executive orders without hearings, and comment, etc…..

      Oh wait, those rules only apply to Trump.

        1. The Speaker of the House, Representative Pelosi (D-CA, who represents San Francisco, where the last time I visited I stepped in human feces on the sidewalk of a tourist area) is next in line. Then the President Pro-Tem of the Senate, who is in a way the Speaker of the Senate, and then if that fails the members of the President’s Cabinet in the order in which their offices were created (the Secretary of State taking pride of place there).

    1. The ratio will soon be adjusted and massaged, with downvotes purged. Again and again. Just like how trailers for woke garbage films get bombed, then reset, to hide the overwhelming rejection.

    2. Remember when the courts told Trump that he was not allowed to block trolls. I am sure that that ruling only applied to Trump.

  1. The media drooling over today is just pathetic. By any objective listener his speech was just standard democrat talking points. The memo went out though that it was best speech ever and was all about unity when in fact the guy attacked every trump voter as racist sexist bigot homophobes.

    Tonight’s celebration special with Tom Hanks will tank like no other. Even the left doesn’t like watching Biden. They don’t like this guy at all.

    1. hello, I had to use amazon, but I ordered my “Biden”, not my president T shirt today. heard they are flying out door.

    2. Pres. Biden was selected and elected because everyone else in the field was far-left and unelectable. But Biden will sign whatever is put in front of him.

  2. Good old American politics is to kill off the Canadian company and pick it up for pennies on the dollar.
    Change the name and finish the project on an American company.
    Good lobbying sense to me.

    1. A lot of my stocks which are involved with the oil business, either directly or by financing projects, dropped today. It could be coincidence because the market sometimes has an unexplained bad day. Today, however, I’m not so sure.

      No thanks, Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber.

      1. Yeah, I dunno about energy stocks anyway. Thee is no support for them out of Laurentia, er Artawar, though there has been a recent run up.
        The real concern were, is where does the market go from here? Though Xiden is bought and paid for by Wall Street and Big Tech, he also wants to ramp up taxes and capital gains, in a big way. That’s BAD NEWS for the market.
        I’m a pessimist for the American market, it’s at a top, P/E ratios are ridiculous, the market is a mirage, propped up only by huge FED balloon spending.
        All it will take is a pin prick to take a steep fall. That prick could very well byXiden.

  3. More popular than Obomber and with fewer county wins. Quite an achievement for someone who didn’t campaign,

      1. No one reads that dead blog. I’m certainly not clicking that and no one else should either.

        1. It’s really funny who reads NR these days. They will all leave now that Trump is gone and NR will be in the same boat as Fox News

      2. Say UnMe

        What do you think of the recently unclassified documents confirming that the whole Russia collusion hoax was started by Hillary to deflect attention from her email scandal? The CIA confirmed this and briefed Obama on the topic.

        Or do you dispute the documentation? The smoking gun can be found in the FBI interviews of Christopher Steele.

        Take a look and report back.

          1. Ha ha ha ha ha!

            It’s what they used to justify all of the spying, and in the end, it’s all they had. Mueller found nothing.

            Why would Putin have wanted Trump who pushed fracking and KeystoneXL when within the first hour of Biden’s presidency, Biden gave him a huge wet kiss by killing Keystone and he has vowed to end fracking wherever he can.

          2. Not relevant to pedos per se, so I understand why you’d say that.

            God DAMN it, I hate pedos!

          3. “Mueller found nothing.”

            That’s a lie. The Mueller Report is quite clear that there was collusion if not necessarily criminal conspiracy. It’s also pretty clear there was criminal obstruction by the Trump regime.

          4. No UnMe it’s not a lie.

            Mueller refused to use the word “collusion” because it’s not a legal crime. Instead he went for conspiracy.

            “ “(T)he investigation did not establish that members of the Trump campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities.””

            That’s not Barr’s summary, that’s verbatim from the report. When it was discovered that the DNC arranged the Trump Tower meeting with Fusion GOS and the Russian involved, that’s collusion.

            Meuller didn’t get him on obstruction either. He instead made an unfalsifiable quip about not exonerating him for obstruction of Justice. And then punted enough innuendo over to congress in hopes that the sophists there will congeal it into certainty.

            And no the OLC decision didn’t save Trumps ass. It precluded Meuller from even going there. “

            “I want to add one correction to my testimony this morning,” Mueller said. “I want to go back to one thing that was said this morning by Mr. Lieu, who said and I quote, ‘You didn’t charge the President because of the OLC opinion. That is not the correct way to say it. As we say in the report and as I said at the opening, we did not reach a determination as to whether the President committed a crime.”

  4. Someone (don’t remember who) commented in a newspiece that Biden’s Inaugural speech was the best since Lincoln’s. Really!

    1. Kate, I think it goes even further than the lack of viewers on Youtube. My FB feed didn’t have many posts/commentary on the inauguration. A few of the usual suspects did, but I expected much, much more.

      1. There’s not a lot of excitement for this guy other than in the press. Surely the press know that he’s their death knell right?

    2. Actual quote from Biden’s Inaugural Address:

      “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for the Ruling Class.”

      None dare call it plagiarism.

  5. Kate is absolutely brilliant at creating clever headlines.

    I suspect “80 million votes” is going to see much usage! It is a very shrewd heading.

  6. The Canadian and US economies are so bloated and inflated, nobody will want our currencies. They can make their own and have the good old technology that started it out. One hell of a crash is coming along with inflation as our governments have borrowed to their maximum limits. This is why bitcoin has jumped so high as people bailing out of the greenbacks into some sort of asset as everything gets more expensive.

  7. I caught a glimpse of Yahoo’s news page. One item has Canadians thanking JoeBama and Whorehouse for “taking out the trash”. Yup, it sure makes one proud to be a citizen of this craphole post-national state, doesn’t it?

  8. Well, they will have to live without my downvote I suppose. You can feed the beast if you want, by continuing to use you tube.

    I will pass.

    1. Oh, it’s too funny…yes, burn it down, good Sturmabteilung! Turn on the bastards who coddled you and smiled on your “mostly peaceful” “First Amendment activities,” kick their teeth in like you do to people carrying the flag! Let the dance begin. 😀

      1. “That’s a lot of butthurt.”

        is what UnMe says every time he/she/it looks in the mirror.

  9. At this point in the decline of America and the rest of Western society, who really gives a damn?

  10. Still have this feeling that this still part of President Trump deep fake to show China Joe in his full bore action of treason.

  11. As a Canadian, I wouIdn’t be too smug that China put an incompetent oId fart in the white house……..I’m sure there are some Communist Party Chinese MP’s sitting in ParIiament right now; IiberaI party of course.

    China pIays the Iong game……they think generations ahead when they corrupt Western PoIiticians. Democrats (and some repubIicans) in the United States, and IiberaIs in Canada don’t see past their next free vacation or brown enveIope stuffed with cash.

  12. When Xiden was sworn in …He never said to “defend the constitution from enemies foreign and domestic”
    Harris did in her swearing in, but Xiden did not.

      1. Pedo John Roberts read the oath, phrase by phrase, and Xiden repeats after each phrase.

        Curious, huh?

        Lin wood has posted an interview online from a whistleblower, that talks about Scalia’s hit job, and, how Pedo Roberts acquired his kids from Epstein. Explains Roberts’ sudden conversion/compromised positions


        1. Too crazy. It doesn’t seem very likely that anyone could know all these nefarious things and remain alive if they were true. I guess I’m skeptical.

          1. Yes Scissor, be skeptical. In fact dismiss anything and everything from Lin Wood. He’s completely lost it.

  13. Looking at the return on investment of other peoples money the Biden’s are an embarrassment to the prominent organized crime Families. For the 1 Billion Biden spend in Ukraine his Son only brought back 3.4 Million.

    1. That sounds a LOT like a “laundry” job.

      Swiss numbered account? Some bolt-hole in the Caymans?

      Follow the “spillage”!

    1. Yes, it’s just past midnight in the east. Are we to see an upvote dump onto this video in the next couple of hours?

  14. // Obama skirted the legalities and that’s why Trump was able to withdraw. // and why Biden is able to rejoin.

  15. It was lies and fraud yesterday ,today and tomorrow. The pain that will result will be real, long lasting and deadly.

  16. The Obama/Biden/Harris administration will be a total disaster for the U.S.A from which they will never recover. Very similar to what is happening in Canada

  17. YouTube is adjusting the thumbs scores, so take screen shots if you’re interested.

    Pathetic tossers.

  18. At midnight, the page will freeze, and then magically, when you look again at 5am, there will be 80 million upvotes for Biden.

    Trump won. They did this time what they effed up and failed to do in 2016. Trump’s team was watching, and waiting for them.

    The courts refused to allow actual cases, because discovery would have meant almost immediate open war, and the entire collapse of the US government. They decided (probably correctly) that screwing Trump supporters over amd allowing the fraud to stand was the lesser of two evils, to ‘save the country’. Besides, every US election since about 1900 has been a massive fraud. Can you imagine the global ramifications after it goes live, that the US overthrew Tunisia, Libya and Egypt over elections that were probably no more fraudulent than a US election?

    Either way, the US will now lose any further ability to meddle in anyone else’s election. And Putin will (rightly) claim “well, Navalny isn’t dead, is he? Unlike the enemies of the US ruling class, who are always ‘committing suicide'”.

    The era of US meddling in other country’s elections is now over.

  19. You should have checked back 5 minutes later, after the likes and dislikes magically flipped.

    It must be an error with the algorithm. That sleepy Joe is one hell of a lucky guy to have all the errors swing his way.

    1. Yes!! But Walter has all his faculties.
      I have a feeling Dunham might have a special *speech* for Walter in the future.

  20. I’d bet $1000 the real number of votes Biden got ( before the cheaters adjusted them ) is below 50 million.

    And Trump’s real number is close to 90 Million.

    Yes I am serious.

    1. Agree!
      I have a picture of the status of the votes as of 10:20 PM EST election night when the counting stopped.

  21. Yes, this can happen when all of the cuckoo nests band together to hit a dislike button in their quest for catharsis.

  22. Update:
    approvals 6.9k
    disapprovals 31k
    By this White House poll Xiden has a 22.26% approval rating.
    Nice start.