Discourse Engineering

James Lindsay; (Twitter thread, collated)

In no regard does “coup” apply here. Disruptive? Yes. Illegal? Yes. Bad? Yes. Violent? Yes. But they didn’t even have a coherent plan to stop what would have been their main target (certification of a vote, which could have happened again later anyway). It’s not even close.
The totality of evidence does not bear this out. Some of Trump’s rhetoric and some of his expressed views are favourable to those views, but he hasn’t ever actually applied any of that or gave any indication that he wanted to, even with a pandemic in his lap to justify it.
I spent years incorrectly arguing Trump was a tyrant. You’re not likely to convince me using arguments I’ve already worked through and seen for being wrong in myself. You’ll need real evidence, which I suppose could still arrive, but it hasn’t yet.
My own opinion remains that every single person in the United States who participated in riotous activity, say in the last 12-24 months (if we want limitations) should be prosecuted appropriately under the law, regardless of political affiliation or rationale.
If Justice isn’t blind, it isn’t Justice.
I said something similar today too. The form we’ll see today will look a lot more like what we presently see in China, but more advanced. Social credit will be the primary mode of social control. Wrong politik will get you bad credit, as will wrong travel and wrong association.
Five years ago, the media launched a campaign to define conservatives as “racists and white supremacists.”
Five days ago, they changed the terms to “seditionists and domestic terrorists.”
The first is to dehumanize the opposition; the second is to justify their repression.
It’s pretty important that you learn to see this “discourse engineering,” or, as Lyotard had it, “legitmation by paralogy,” when and where it occurs. The media is high enough on its own supply now that it believes it can do it more or less without limitations on its power.
The most dangerous part of believing they can do it without limitations on its power is that that is dangerously wrong and will therefore be “fixed” by using increasing amounts of force and coercion. This is what the slide into totalitarianism and atrocity looks like.
Another parallel example of exactly this is when radical Islamists (not all Muslims!) insist that Islam is “a religion of peace,” wherein what they mean is that when everyone believes THEIR NARROW THEOLOGY and submits to it, there will peace. Same, same, or very close.
The asymmetry is a crucial point to observe here too. They’re using Repressive Tolerance (link) as part of their paralogy. They’re going to “induce national calm NOW” by silencing their enemies and continuing to force their pseudo-reality onto everyone.

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  1. Not the violence part, but the general atmosphere was “We hate the fkn dems.”.. and I think that attitude is only more widespread now. I know I hate the Fkn Dims even more..And I am proudly right!

  2. It is absolutely amazing the number of people that are actually waking up in this past week to see what is happening when hundreds of us have been warning about this state of affairs for the last twenty or so years. The number of associates that I have that over the last four years have sent me multitudinous e-mails and jokes about the bad orange man have now gone surprisingly quiet.

  3. These politicians need to fear us. If that means raiding and vandalizing the capitol then I’m good with that.

  4. I do know that every time you have hope that this time will be different, you lose even more trust in anyone coming forward as this hype and plausibly is so real.
    But facts are different in what was supposed to be in laws actually being enforced and followed in US Constitution when our politicians ignore it.
    8 more days will tell.

  5. Lindsay: “I spent years incorrectly arguing Trump was a tyrant”

    Democrats: “Thank you, James, you useful idiot. Sadly, your usefulness has now come to an end. Goodbye.”

      1. Further to that JDN & Ward, if you recall election nite, it took ages for Florida to be called and then finally Florida happened, the results were all in, had been for some time, and then Arizona was called with the counting not complete – BY FOX NEWS, NO LESS! It took the rest of the LSM the better part of the week following to actually call the election for biden!

        Now just a few days back, when the tech oligarchs were cancelling Parler et al they were seriously advocating CANCELLING FOX. After FOX was the first participant in the Royal gang bang on November the third!

        In the cancel culture initiated by the Dems, no one is safe! Right Tucker??

    1. They would’ve only needed a few suitable lengths of rope – I’m pretty sure there must’ve been lampposts aplenty down there..

  6. I just reread the transcript of Trumps speech to the crowd on Jan 6, apparently the one and only evidence for impeachment. Insane. He rambled on ad nauseam (to me) about election fraud, reminding one of Hilary Clinton, but referred to the coming march to the Capitol twice. First time clearly saying ‘peacefull and patriotic’. Second time at the end saying to go and strengthen Republican senators ‘pride and boldness’. Hard to construe as violently attacking them or their fellow senators. What madness reads that as inciting insurrection? I can’t believe it.

    1. I think what has their bun in a knot right now is that President Trump can still make some foreign policies more difficult in the future. He still has that power.

    2. Also, I believe that the attack on the Capital started before the Trump crowd reached the Capital. No matter. Dems want to go with this narrative. It is not about logic– or even honesty. It is about pushing a narrative. That’s what all the anti-Trump maneuvers are about.

    3. Anything Trump says is inciting violence according to his haters, but because it makes them angry, not his supporters.

      I read the transcript of his speech. Yes a bit rambling, but he made a strong case against those who dismiss claims of election fraud and irregularities, which removes the justification to silence them. They have overreached badly on this one.

      All this before DeMarxists assume power over Congress and POTUS. They’ll have to move quickly on statehood for Puerto Rico and DC, packing courts and killing off the Senate filibuster to stop SCOTUS from crashing the totalitarian social media party.

      For now they investigate and impeach. Good, ignore them but leave them to it. Without Trump hatred they might actually legislate; in so doing wreak heavy economic damage doing the only things they know how to do – rule using statist coercion.

      Meanwhile they kowtow to PRC, who bribes them with borrowed US taxpayers’ money, using the same collectivist tactics.
      Voters rewarded a political party for selling off their nation to totalitarian interests, so as to profit from their covid crimes.

    4. Link?
      I need it for my on going discussion with a sib…lol.
      I saw the link on SDA a few days ago….should have saved it then.

    5. Yeah Chris, I was puzzled for a day or two, until I actually read the transcript. I couldn’t find anything even close to incitement, plus, as has been pointed out on SDA, the time frame for transition from Trump’s speech over to the capitol building doesn’t jive. Any Trump fan would wait until the end of his speech, and they would only be half way there when the “attack” started. I would bet good money that Antifa and BLM infiltrated and agitated and were the root cause for that little melee! Lets face it, they only need the slightest of excuses to blame Trump, and they have the added bonuses now of big tech cancelling every conservative thought. I still think this ends in civil war. 🙁

  7. But did he realize it wasn’t Trump who was the tyrant (go ahead, find an example) but the Left?

  8. I think the agenda of the Washington Elites is to, now, create and develop The Narrative. The Narrative is that Trump incited terrorism – and must be….whatever. And that followers of Trump are not merely ‘deplorables’ but ‘domestic terrorists’.
    The RESULT of this agenda is, I think, two things:

    The Elites are very worried that Trump will run in 2024. They want to ensure that he won’t. They know that Trump has a lot of support in the country – and- they aren’t sure that they will be able to commit another fraudulent election in future – and so, want to ensure that Trump can’t run. They’ve got to stop him now..

    Second, they know that this Biden ‘election’ was a complete fraud. They want to control the information about this election and stop the information about the fraud from getting out to The People. They are worried that The People will feel robbed of their vote and so, will turf the Democrats in 2022. They want to stop this – now. . and a major means of this, is to stop The People from communicating with each other…hence, the current actions of Big Tech.

    Another vital thing the Elites will do – is they will prevent reforms to the election system to stop the huge frauds [the dead voters, the illegals, the boxed votes, etc].

    So, set up a Narrative of Terrorist Trump, and Domestic Terrorist People…and, stop free speech and communication, and stop reforms to the electoral system….That’s the agenda.

    Of course, they’ll probably do their usual, and try to bribe and buy the People…

    1. Obama and his allies have barely begun their agenda – take every leftist wet dream and multiply a few fold. They are not worried whatsoever Trump will be running in 2024 =- He will likley be ruined, in jail or dead. Bottom line is they will ensure Trump will have no influence on anything in very short order.

      Whatever election is run in 2024 will be a repeat of 2020 just more blatant and widespread. In fact Im not sure there will be any remotely conservative candidates allowed to run.

      This is what frankly has me perplexed. If – and its looking more like when – Trump walks away and hands power to Obama, the Republic and rule of law is finished – hell it already is and Trump is not yet out of office.

      The Dems used to have to pretend they were a bit patriotic and stood for the constitution even though their every action belied their words – now with the massive cheat and fake news on the Capitol protests as well as the actions of their corporate benefactors – the mask has been removed – no need to pretend any more.

      And with that comes the iron fist. No longer will the USA be the worlds bulwark against communism, globalism, totalitarianism or any other ism that subjegates humanity. It is now a participant and there is no one to stand against those that now have the levers of power. OF that they will make sure

      So I do not understand why Trump does not dig in and excercise is EO – He is finished if he doesn’t, the country is finished if he doesn’t, and the free world is finished if he doesn’t.

      1. And when America (as we know it) comes to an end … it will be a very, very, cold, dark, winter … for generations … perhaps until the second coming

        1. The book of Revelation is looking less and less like prophecy and more like current events.

          There’s more information and wisdom there than the entire lot of MSM talking heads combined.. .

      2. He’s got a week to do it. Thousands think he still will. The Joint Chiefs statement about Biden being inaugurated on the 20th, notwithstanding, there’s a lot of unusual military activity. (The NG troops filling up Washington right now can be federalized, which means Trump would control them.) Many flights in the last while also to/from Gitmo.

        Something I’m wondering about is Pompeo’s Twitter feed. He’s been tweeting non-stop, but at very specific time intervals — clearly a signal try to somebody. But the content is also not at all what you’d expect from somebody who won’t be Sec of State after the 20th.

    2. “Narrative of Terrorist Trump, and Domestic Terrorist People”
      Tune in to any news program and that is exactly the theme. The big news this AM was Bill Belichuk’s decision not to receive a medal from Trump because of ‘what happened Wednesday’. See that. The events of Wednesday last, while indeed tragic, have become so horrible they can’t even be properly described without causing heart palpitations amongst our chattering classes and if you are a Trump supporter YOU are directly to blame for all of it.

  9. I refuse to do business with either Chapters or Coles. Two or three years ago, Heather Reisman, Chrystia Freeland, and some leftist lesbian held a seminar. One of the opening remarks from, I think, Freeland was “Trump is a tyrant, tee hee hee!” The other ladies, like trained seals, nodded in agreement.

    G’bye. You neither want my money, nor do you need it.

    1. The problem is if not Chapters or Coles, then what other choice do you have in Canada – Amazon? There are a few independent book stores in major cities but most have been eliminated by the giants.

      As a counterpoint, I was at a book signing and seminar at a Chapters in downtown Toronto where Reisman was very pleased to introduce Ayaan Hirsi Ali. At the time Ali was subject to many death threats.

  10. Failure to eliminate one’s enemies allows the enemies to eliminate you. Good bye. What we are seeing is just that.

    1. In regard to Rebel news and No’toole ,the Rebel is the only news outlet to give the conservatives any semblance of positive coverage.Why in the hell would they allow the lieberals to dictate who they can talk to.No’toole has to realize msm hates your guts and everything you and your party stand for,set your own agenda if you don’t and we all know you won’t the next election will be a loss as well.

  11. What if Texas, and all other ‘red’ states, declared themselves ‘sanctuary states’, and would not assist Federal authorities in tracking down and apprehending Republican and Trump supporters? Just thinking out loud.

  12. “…Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed…whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, …”

    You’d think the descendants of the people who wrote that would be a little more accommodating.

  13. Small problem with this anti-Trumpers attempt to be even-handed and take the moral high ground: most of the antifa were never arrested so won’t be prosecuted. And the Trump people will be prosecuted for everything under the sun – on the whole, Dem prosecutors are the Gauleiters for the Democrats, and complete scum.

  14. And this all started with the modest notion of “political correctness” … please, why don’t you simply use the “correct” pronoun … if he wants to be a she … then call “her” by the pronoun “she’s” chosen. Nope. I won’t. Not even to be ‘polite’. Why? Because feeding a lie and a mental illness is more evil than being ‘rude’.

    Now … my social credit score will put me in the 20%+ interest rate category. If I had just played along … I would be paying 2-1/2% interest. Sorry, the Lenders and Banks have no choice. Right?

  15. Good read.

    I’ve been watching Andrew Breitbart videos over the past few days on youtube. Boy, could we use him around right now; Hitchens as well.

    Anyway, Breitbart was calling out the left for the exact same stuff, (especially playing the race card) back in 2009. His awakening to leftist tactics came in the form of watching the Clarence Thomas trials and comparing it to how the MSM was portraying it in real time. He immediately clued into the game and became a right-wing advocate until his death in March 2012.

    One of his many insights was regarding the way the Tea Party events were portrayed and manipulated to a narrative by prominent Democrats. He recalled how Nancy Pelosi made the unusual decision to walk through the Tea Partiers on route to the Capitol Bldg (usually she would take tunnels) holding a massive gavel in her hands. The hope was to trigger a negative reaction from the crowd which could then be used by media to portray them as a collective negative/racist force.

    The next day Breitbart offered up a $100,000 reward for any politician that could prove they’d been slurred by a Tea Partier and no one took him up on it.

    All the same tactics have been used since then by Pelosi and co. They understand their power with the media in tow.

    This is very recent history. Yet we tend to act as if this has only been happening in the Trump era.

    One of Youtube’s attributes is that it’s a recording of 21st century history in video form. Best to watch this stuff before it’s memory-holed.

  16. More healing in China Joe’s America. Breitbart reports that the counsel for PBS stated that Trump supporters and their children should be put in reeducation camps.

  17. I don’t have the same ‘doom and end of the world’ view as some posters here. Most certainly, since the Oligarchy in Washington [made up of both Democrats and GOP…and not just ‘Obama’]…have, by a massive fraudulent ‘election’ taken control of Washington – and, since they control the media -…it ‘sounds’ as if they are in complete power.

    i don’t agree. Rhetoric is not reality and sooner or later, reality trumps rhetoric. I think the Oligarchy know that they probably wouldn’t get away with a repeat fraudulent election – so, they must work fast to set up the Narrative about Evil Trump and Evil Trump followers. But notice – that they had to resort to fraud to get power; they couldn’t win it on the strength of their policies [what policies] and on the strength of their candidates [who is kidding whom?]…so, they had to resort to fraud. I’m not sure that this can be repeated….because, we can’t ignore the fact – that Trump has millions, many millions, of followers.

    So- I think the Oligarchy will blast anti-Trump rhetoric for as long as they can; will try to dehumanize his followers – but- I don’t think this is enough of a strategy to win them power for very long. I don’t think the millions who live in the real world of small businesses and private individualism will accept this. I think we’ll see a reaction – not violent – but legal and loud..

    1. I appreciate your optimism.

      But given a corrupted electoral system and the erasure of conservative social media by complicit Big Tech how can one possibly offer up a light at the end of the tunnel without revolutionary behaviour?

      The media cannot be trusted. Institutions cannot be trusted. Courts seem (at best) disinterested. And the ‘voice of the people’ (elections) is not being accurately heard.

    2. ET I mentioned Obama and his “allies”. Absolutely they include the majority of the Republicans in congress and certainly all the leadership.

      I don’t think for a minute there is anything they will not try or do – again because the mask is off and they have all the levers of power, and the courts. Think Sidney Powell will get a fair trial? Free and fair trials based on the rule of law and evidence are gone. Just look at the 60+ valid, evidentiary based cases that got thrown out of court without being read.

      The left will subscribe to show me the man I show you the crime. Kangaroo courts to convict the innocent.
      Why did no court anywhere in the nation take up the election fraud cases? Either corrupt or terrified of the left.

      Corporations are the same – many will soon be fired or not hired based on their political beliefs.

      If as a corporation you oppose Trump – there is no price to that. IF you oppose Obama and his allies, there will be a heavy price indeed. Pretty easy to see which way the corporate winds will blow. Some corporations are complicit in this – but those who weren’t will now scramble to get onside.

      Maybe they’ll let those CEOs serve coffee at the next meeting.

      The lefts goal is to turn America into a communist nation, or if they cant burn it down. So the left is by no means afraid of an uprising- read civil war . In their minds they and the chicoms win either way.

      And lets be frank the chinese and their ideological brethren are pulling the strings here.

    3. Doom: Why wouldn’t election fraud continue? Tell me what safeguards and election reform will be enacted in the next 4-years? Answer; NONE … in fact, I expect the Dems will make it EASIER and EASIER to vote (and commit vote fraud with impunity). Vote fraud will expand in all but Republican-controlled States.

      Gloom: “Emergency” governance. We are entering (have already entered) the Brave New World of 1. Declare an “Emergency”, be it a “health crisis” or some other “immediate threat”. 2. Suspend all Civil Rights and Constitutional Rights. 3. Curfews and shutting citizens into their own various ghettos.

      End of the World: The high tech censorship, coupled with Banking and Corporate denial of service is just getting started. It won’t be enough to flee Fackebook and Twitter. Because all that will do is consolidate their stranglehold on disseminating the narrative … the State authorized “truth”. Yes, Social Credit scores are coming to the FREE people [joke] of America. If you have a Gab or Parler app on your tablet or phone … you receive an immediate 50% deduction and are given punishing restrictions on your Freedom [what freedom?]. This will happen in the blink of an eye after Jan. 20 … why? See: ‘Gloom’ above.

    4. Add to that the check and balance of mid-term elections. If the GOP recaptures Congress, hopefully they won’t squander their opportunity to lead, like they did in the first two years of Trump, breaking promises. The old GOP is dead, it will not be back.

      Faux conservatives, progressive neocons masquerading as either liberal or progressive no longer have a home in the GOP.

      Trump has destroyed them forever. The longer they remain in party influence, the lessor their chances at electoral victory.

      McConnell supporting Trump impeachment and resignation calls is the ultimate in self-defeating surrender monkey cowardice.

      POTUS Trump will go, but not him or his followers. Watch for a social media foray.

  18. Think it’s important to realize that the media is the linchpin in all of this. Without them the Democrats and Liberals would be the laughing stock of the world.
    Progressives/Democrats are the school yard snot nosed nerds shaking you down for your lunch money knowing they have a bigger brother at home to make things right if you don’t cough it up.

    “Amen and A woman” – seriously, how stupid are you to think this was ok? The media that’s who as they deftly pointed to other things for people to look at.

  19. Kenji- if the Oligarchy/Elites [and I include both the Democrats and GOP in this Washington Swamp] ..make it ‘easier to commit vote fraud with impunity’, as you suggest – then, this action could just as easily result in a huge GOP victory rather than Democratic victory!

    So- I don’t think that vote fraud will be ‘the way to go’ in the future. It has had a result – this time – but I don’t think it will become a basic feature.

    As for ‘Emergency Governance’ – again, I’m not sure that this is a feasible thing to use on a regular basis. It’s extremely expensive and disruptive.

    Again, you are ignoring that rhetoric-is-not-reality. Rhetoric is very powerful, no-one denies that, but as Charles Krauthammer so often said – eventually, reality moves in’. This means that we cannot live, forever, within the myths of rhetoric, no matter how shrill the media, how heated the voices, or even, how enticing the calls of the mermaids –
    And what is this reality? First, it’s the FACT that millions support not merely Trump but his economic and societal policies. They aren’t looking for a different set of policies; they like the ones he has provided. That’s not going to disappear and the Washington Elites haven’t acknowledged this.

    Second – the Democrats, at the moment, have no policies. They didn’t campaign on policies; they ‘won’ by fraud. Their agenda was primarily to remove The People [aka Trump] from power and return the Washington Swamp Elites, the oligarchy, back into control of the money and power of ‘working’ in Washington. That was the ONLY agenda; to return these Elites back to power. Can they achieve this for long? What will they do about The People?

    Can they silence The People using Big Tech? I don’t think so. Can they silence them by naming each and all as ‘domestic terrorists’? Again – I don’t think so. Why not? Because there are too many of them – and yes, because not all courts are corrupt.
    Can they silence The People by bribes? No- too many of them and bribes aren’t always successful.
    Can they come up with policies that The People want? No- that’s why Trump was elected in 2016. People don’t want ‘the Green New Deal’; they don’t want political correctness; they want economic opportunity and freedom.

    So- I think it was naive of anyone to think that the entrenched Washington Elite would disappear as soon as Trump/The People won in 2016. They fought him since day 1 – and this latest is just part of the battle. Remember, the Swamp developed over several generations – and it’s going to take quite the fight to get rid of them and their corruption. But – again – reality and facts always win over fantasy and narratives.

    1. They’ll try to remove Trump and his legacy, inserting false narratives, but at some point it’s futile beyond the power of rhetoric.
      Mid term elections are there to check their chicanery and dishonesty. More importantly, SCOTUS has three Trump appointees.
      They cannot remove that Trump legacy easily. In fact they’ll likely require SCOTUS to preside over its destruction.
      That won’t happen. Ruth Bader Ginsberg herself spoke against court packing, “nine is a good number.”
      Additionally, not all Democrat members of Congress are collectivist liars and lunatics.
      Packing courts and trying to grant statehood to Puerto Rico and DC makes them very nervous.
      Why? Not because they’re principled. Because they face SCOTUS reversals and the potential wrath of 2022 voters.
      So all is not lost, despite what surrender monkeys like McCain and McConnell think. They no longer represent the GOP.
      The Republican party is dominated by Trump supporters and ready to welcome independents and libertarians to the fold.
      The GOP of the McCain and Bush families, along with progressive like Romney, is dead and buried, never to be resucitated.

    2. ” But – again – reality and facts always win over fantasy and narratives.”

      You have heard of Canada?

      1. Yes, Canada hasn’t reached a critical threshold level yet. It is, via its Laurentian Elite, entrenched in Montreal-Ottawa-Toronto, as corrupt , in a smaller ratio, as the Washington Swamp. And Canada is protected from reaching this critical threshold by its being essentially a ‘franchise’ economy’ of the USA. It has little home-grown investment and production. The West is rising – and the Laurentian Elite keep trying to prevent this rise, which will threaten their control. But…the critical threshold hasn’t been reached yet.

  20. Shamrock – yes, I agree.
    After all, the Tea Party arose for a reason; the People were dissatisfied with the left/Democrat/GOP socialist policies that were bleeding Americans of Investment and Production capacities [sending it all overseas via Big Tycoons both Dems and GOP, to China and India]….The Washington Elite tried to destroy the Tea Party but the REASONS for its emergence were real, couldn’t be talked away…and so, MAGA emerged.

    Now, using fraud, the Elites are in power. Again, my view is that they can’t ‘go back’ in power. Yes, the Swamp has made the Clintons, Bidens, Obamas, Pelosi et all very, very wealthy – but- the reality is that The People want economic freedom and power . And if the Elites think that they can raise taxes, remove investment and production from The People and put it back in the control of a Few global Elites; …..i don’t think they can put the cattle back in the corral… I don’t think that defining The People as ‘domestic terrorists’, trying to silence them, trying to isolate them..will work.

    A ‘critical threshold’ has been reached… An example is a sandpile, where you can pile sand higher and higher…and then, a critical threshold is reached…and suddenly, there’s an avalanche and the whole thing comes tumbling down. That threshold was reached some years ago..and the Tea Party emerged..and then, MAGA.

    The Elites are, heh, trying to shovel the sandpile back into shape, with themselves sitting right up on top…but..my view is that it won’t work. They are fighting; don’t think the Elites will easily accept losing those millions of dollars from their power base in Washington…but…they’ll lose in the end. Think of D-Day.

  21. Some good comment.
    The media prattle is nonstop blatant propaganda.
    They seem to be attempting to stampede cranky citizens into unreasoned actions.
    Possibly because they base their understanding of conservatives on their own lack of character.
    Now the stage is fully set.
    The kleptocrats have all stated their position.
    Or more correctly,they now state “Sure we stole the election,what can you do about it”?
    Forgetting that they have spoken.
    Law and order does not apply.
    Oaths to “uphold the Constitution” forgotten?
    Neglecting the consent of the governed with “We Rule”.

    Next the citizens will wait,observe and ponder.
    Actions are what count.
    And when the patriots decide to act,they will.
    But these are conservatives,very slow to react,because they are secure in their ability to complete whatever path they chose.

    The constructive citizen is not understood by the grifters.
    For men use themselves as the model by which they judge others.
    Thus if you have never accomplished anything,you do not comprehend the heart of people who have built lives in the face of adversity.

    We are observing a major break down in communication.
    With one side having no understanding of what “No” means,when those speaking mean what they say.
    Lying always results in these situations.
    Still expecting a showy finale out of Donald J,however if he is truly defeated already,then the real reaction shall begin.

  22. I heard the whole speech, there as nothing insurrectionist about it.

    The 6th was just another play on the Reichtag fire. Now the Dems can round up Conservatives, ban speech, assembly, torment them, etc. I mean they are doing it now along with Big Tech. So is this Corporatism or Fascism? Who do you think is in charge?