15 Replies to “Margin Of Fraud”

  1. There’s a lot of confidence coming from the Trump team. If it’s backed by the facts they say they have I’m going to enjoy watching the mainstream media destroy themselves. I just hope its not false bravado. I hate when the movie doesn’t live up to the hype of the previews.

    1. And…….was deeply involved with Hellary’s Russian Dossier creation/selling/dispersal.

      Just more clues how fraudulent the election was.

      If the Dominion algorithm can be reverse engineered, to replicate “real-time” election results, then the Demos are dead to rights. There are code monkeys and cryptographers hard at work at this, and it might already be done.

  2. I will wait a day or two,just in case I’m dreaming.
    My expectation is President Trump and fellow patriots set a trap,in this election and are now about to skin their catch.
    Best TV in decades.

    1. President Trump ace in the whole is his Constitutional Challenge that virtually all States have broken their Constitutional Obligation to have the legal voter traced by to the person as in the Constitution laid out for. Computerized systems and mail voting does not assure the vote came from the legal voter which mean the State vote cannot be certified as it cannot guarantee that vote came from the originator.
      Having the media spin in other areas is a bonus to President Trump as they cannot cause trouble in the actual area he is going for.
      Plus there is a time limit on this election which is extremely small in today’s world.

  3. I’ve heard Mark Steyn sometimes criticize the American electoral system regarding how long it takes from the election until the winner is sworn in to office, and offering up the time it takes for the UK’s Prime Minister to be sworn in as example of how it should be done. And I’ve agreed with him 100%. But now I see why the founders likely foresaw the counting of votes could be thoroughly corrupted and so decided to make it such a long period of time so any malfeasance could be discovered.

    1. Yes the long delay was written into the constitution so people could travel across the US in the 18th. century.