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          1. So many choices! Saw John Prine live in Saskatoon, of all places. Way back, 1980 or 81. I can’t remember.

  1. What should he expect when he tries to sleep on his dog’s “blanky”?

    My parents had other dachshunds before they got the one who is now my canine step-brother. I remember some of the little ladies going through a nightly ritual of re-arranging their “blankies”. There was a lot of commotion as they had to make sure that things were just right before they went to sleep.

    As for my canine step-brother, he insists on being friendly with my arm…. and he doesn’t know when to quit, whether I want to sack out on the couch or I’m in my sleeping bag. It might take him half an hour before he decides he’s had enough and cuddles up with me.

    1. Old Yeller had his own armchair or he camped out on an area rug. He was an alpha-boy dog. A scratch behind the ear or pat on the head was sufficient. Ultimately fetch at the beach or running after people cross country skiing was his favourite. What a cutie!

      Looks a bit like the dog in the video but had shorter fur.

    1. SJ looked like that, once…. He’s about 75lbs now. Biggest dog I’ve ever owned and when you get down on the ground it’s the signal to wrestle.

      He is now so strong that in order for me to win the match the game gets rough. It’s all in fun but he has no idea how strong he is. He doesn’t fight dirty but one of these days I’m going to get marked up…ha

      I once had a dog Gough Thomas. He was named after a British gun writer. We were going to hunt for the day with a GSP – the dogs didn’t know each other.

      They were introduced on neutral ground and the GSP decided he didn’t like Gough (rhymes with cough). They squared up and Gough tipped him over and stood over him.

      He let him up, no damage done. The dogs had to ride together in the back of the Navigator. The GSP had his bed in the back. I told Gough to jump in. He did, sniffed the bed, cocked his leg and emptied himself out all over the bed.

      He sent a message even a Squarehead……could understand ha.

      No more challenges to his authority.

      1. My old cattle dog, gave the neighbors GS a licking, the dog wandered in and started eating old man’s food. Old Rolly gave him a back yard licking then stood over him and urinated. It was sad GS crawled away and never came back. And for the record I was too far away to prevent or stop the fight. I hate dogs fighting. By the time I got there it was all over.

        1. Watch

          Agreed there is nothing nice about a dog fight.

          The real serious ones start without warning. Not a growl or posture. Bang they are at it. You wade in and think you can stop it is a good way to get seriously hurt. It’s not unusual for a bad dog fight to end in the death of one or both. Bitches will fight just as readily as dogs.

          I’ve only been involved in one fight where we grabbed each dog by the hind legs and literally kicked them apart. It was ugly but to leave it was certain death. Very nasty

    1. Uh, Prinz Dummkopf….. what did you think would happen when you bribe people with their own money?

      I’m reminded of something a grad student from Newfoundland I once knew told me. He said that there actually were people in that province who thought that the money they received from the government actually came out of Joey Smallwood’s own fortune.

      Maybe HRH figures that Canadians think the same way.

    2. Maybe the money boys have sent a message? The level of debt has reached a crisis level.

      I saw a graph somewhere where Canada’s debt was stated in purple along with Senegal or someplace in Africa.

      We were one of the worst in the world.

      These things cannot go on indefinitely. The piper must be paid.

      1. Last time the Liberals ran out they sold off all of Canada’s Gold Reserves 1,000Metric Tonnes at 250/oz and stole 54B from the EI Fund. They will raid savings accounts next

    3. I didn’t see it that way. He said resources (not $), so I’m thinking he’ll direct vaccines to his preferred Canadians.

      Combine that speech with the batshit crazy build back better / great reset tweet means he will not only be not sharing resources with undesirables, he will be confiscating them from us for his pet causes.

      These Trudeauskyites want us to enter a permanent state of suffering where they pick the winners. (And it ain’t you and me).

    1. Ed – Is this the smoking gun?
      Scott Adams noted that a fraud perp would need motive and technical capability to make a significant impact on election results. Eric Coomer, Vice President of U.S. Engineering at Dominion (the voting software company), had both in spades. He appears to admit it, if this story can be corroborated:
      Oltman paraphrased how Eric (Coomer) responded, “Don’t worry about the election, Trump’s not gonna win. I made f*cking sure of that!”

      No wonder UnMe is so sure of the results.

    1. Wow..

      Why am I not surprised…..add in Pelosi’s Chief of Staff being one of their prominent Lobbyists, this thing is starting to REEK of the smell of full on corruption. I fervently hope that when the dust settles, there will be a “million person” walk – Straight to Prison….or a concrete wall.

      Now the question remains, which pile of Liberal Filth is involved with this company.?

      1. Think TREASON.

        Military trials, not for public consumption. GITMO.

        But it will take time to get there. The first hurdle is Dec 14th, EC vote day. No 270 totals. Then the media and their hordes, and DeMarxist useful idiots will scream holy hell.

        The fun is just beginning.

  2. The Canadian media this morning. Christian and Nazi Trump fanatics commit violence at a MAGA demonstration yesterday. Christian fanatics running rampant in Manitoba. Doug Ford is killing people in Ontario. More heartwarming stories of Biden riding a bike and how wonderful his dogs are.

  3. According to daily express and sky news, Trump has said Biden won (in some tweet).
    Can someone please verify?

    1. The Epoch Times says this, (Trump) Biden won ” only in the eyes of the FAKE NEWS MEDIA. I concede nothing! This was a RIGGED ELECTION!”

    2. The Epoch Times says this, Biden won ” only in the eyes of the FAKE NEWS MEDIA. I concede nothing! This was a RIGGED ELECTION!”

      1. Whoops double post.

        How about a dawg song – ‘My Dog” Elvin Bishop – saw him do this at the Edmonton Folk Festival.

          1. Absolutely I remember, ‘Fooled Around and Fell in Love’. Some of my own history might be in that tune…ha

            Bishop is an interesting guy. He graduated from high school and went to university in Chicago on a full physics scholarship.
            Along the way he was stricken by the blues and never recovered. Good for us and too bad for the field of physics.

            I mighta told this tale here before but if not here it is. When Butterfield was forming his original band Elvin was invited to audition. Butterfield called for the guitar instrumental ‘Hideway’. It’s a Freddy King that every blues guitar player attempts (Clapton does a killer version). Lucky for Bishop because he knew Hideway and nailed it and the lead guitar job in the Butterfield Blues Band.

            His new cd is ‘100 years of the blues’ with harp player Charlie Musselwhite. They were together at the Edmonton Folk Festival.

          2. Abtrapper @ 2:14 pm
            Thanks for the “Tip.”
            This would be the ultimate CD or Album to get.
            Have a listen within, they have teased in the song, “What The Hell.”
            This is terrific new old stuff: https://www.americanbluesscene.com/elvin-bishop-charlie-musselwhite-kick-out-100-years-of-blues/

            Btw– I listened to several versions of “Hide Away” and they were all great.
            Chose this one, recorded sound was newer:

            Eric Clapton & John Mayall and The Bluesbreakers –
            Hideaway (Live in Liverpool)

          3. I’ve been listening to, ‘What the Hell’ for a few weeks now. When you listen to the lyrics, they are very patriotic. “Look at the shape, the shape the nations in. This situation is a shame and a sin. I want to know, how could a good thing go so wrong…”
            It’s set to an almost jug band groove.

            Two old cats having fun doing what they do best. I can’t wait to see live music!

            Elvin Bishop knows what he’s talking about. His daughter was murdered.

  4. Trump 2024 (It’s from CNN so it has to be true):

    “Both Axios and The Washington Post have reported in recent days that Trump is telling those close to him that he plans to run again in 2024. And his decision on Wednesday to publicly endorse Ronna McDaniel for another term as chairwoman of the Republican National Committee sends a clear message that the soon-to-be-ex-President has no plans to relinquish his death grip on the GOP solely because he lost the 2020 contest.”


  5. Trump’s apparent loss got you down? Can’t stand our lying, smug prime minister and the mainstream media that constantly kiss his feet in adoration? Take a break and re-charge your batteries. Don’t stop fighting for freedom.

    Power Pop. Live.

    Fleetwood Mac: “Don’t Stop”, featuring a special guest appearance by the University of Southern California Marching Band.


    1. OMJ

      You do recall this tune was Clinton’s campaign song in the 1992 election. It’s still a good song but I no longer hear it without that reference.

      1. Abtrapper: I never new that, and I will now try to forget it, which shouldn’t be too hard for me to do.

        Speaking of the Clintons, they have been noticeably absent in the Biden celebrations. Hopefully, they completely disappear now.

  6. While people here were pretending that Biden somehow stole the election without leaving behind any evidence, O’Toole turned his party into the 1971 NDP. He’s worse than Scheer at this point, and I was so happy when he beat McKay.


    Ford is pumping subsidies into automakers and their unions: https://financialpost.com/opinion/terence-corcoran-canadas-same-old-new-auto-deal

    1. I’m really not surprised. It’s about votes in the GTA and more importantly Quebec. They’ll do anything for power.

      I despise them all now, all sides.

      1. Yeah but it’s not even going to work. The Cons already handed tons of cash to the mouth-breathing lunch bucket types when they bailed out GM. Not sure if they got rewarded with votes next election but they didn’t stick around very long as 2015 demonstrated. Unskilled blue collar types are the grossest worstest people.

        The Quebec Conservative vote is never going to show and the CPC’s infatuation with it is not even a mistake anymore, it’s sickness. It’s part and parcel (a synecdoche perhaps?) of that party’s dysfunction. The CPC is a mistake.

  7. The bong is setting the table for an election.

    This week he’s been campaigning being careful to blame the chinese flu on the premiers. At one point he referred to Canadians as , “Your citizens” in the context of Premiers – an obvious reference to distance himself and his failed policies from the actual people they affect.

      1. The cons are the NDP from 50 years ago. O’Toole wants a love affair with big private sector labor.

        1. The trades mostly vote conservative – at least they do here in the west. Maybe in the east they are liberals?

          Many eastern conservatives are content with the libranos. It works for them. Sure they grouse about the bong but it’s never enough to protest or start a new political party over it.

    1. I think you mean fascism with Chinese characteristics.

      India pulled out of the agreement after the Red Emperor made clear his plans to conquer India.

      1. No I mean globalization, in which China will play a large role.

        The Indians will come crawling back. No one gets to just say no to globalization.

        Africa is also going to implement a continental free trade zone.

        1. No one?

          If a country has atomic bombs, why yes, it can tell the Red Emperor and his friends on Wall Street where to go, and what sex acts to perform on the devil when they get there.

          It’s called sovereignty, my fine feathered friend.

          Given a choice between nuclear war and Chinese domination of the planet, I would cheerfully take nuclear war. Every day and twice on Sundays.

  8. The media is excited that President Biden and Vice President Harris will be attending the Space X launch tonight. That’s almost as important as Biden riding his bike or how wonderful his dogs are. No word on whether Spread Eagle Harris will bed the astronauts first.

    1. Can’t imagine any spaceman taking Kameltoe’s offer. I don’t care if they’ve been out of this world for a year with no poompoom. The prospect of facing that…..oh fugetaboutit.

      1. I recall reading a story about two cosmonauts on a Soyuz mission to one of the old Salyut space stations some time during the 1970s. They likened the docking maneuver to, well, you know…. thingy (as described in a Monty Python sketch), doing so in the clear, so the Soviet public got to hear it.

        Apparently, they were cashiered after they returned.

    1. Good.
      Glad SGR is still doing something about all the $ laundering. It’s the Sponsorship Scandal all over again, B.