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    1. Looters to be shot on sight? Protesters run down in the streets? Only in Joe Bidens America.
      Ha Ha Ha Ha

  1. I haven’t seen this in over 10 years. Thank you for letting this blow up here, this explosive blubberage should not soon be forgotten, nor should the words “don’t worry, the experts are here.”

    1. C.M, people should roll their eyes and shake their heads when they see a media-cartel headline like “(blah) (blah)…experts say” or the word “controversial” in the headline. These are warning signs that fraudulent journalism is afoot.

      1. David Murrell:

        Grab your smelling salts and make an exception for this beautiful 3 word sentence: Fuckery is afoot. (cracked me up!)

  2. “Thar she blows!”

    When news reporters contacted Captain Ahab for comments, his reponse was: “I wish I’d thought of that for Moby Dick.”

    Environmentalists and animal lovers, however, were whaling and blubbering at what happened.

    1. In this age of letter abbreviations I have wondered is “Ahab” stands for “All Horns and Balls”?

    1. Founded in 2003, Dominion Voting Systems is a leading industry supplier of election technology across the U.S., Canada and globally.

      Canada huh? That explains a lot.

    2. THAT is huge….I truly hope that info makes its way into the TRUMP campaign….

      For the sake of the Entire Western Hemisphere civilization.
      Simply WOW…!!

  3. You may have heard on the news yesterday/today that the Washington Post claimed this postal worker recanted his allegations about ballots were being back dated. Here’s video of him stating clearly today, he has not recanted, and the Washington Post is wrong.(hope he sues like Nick did)

    Pennsylvanian postal worker who claims US vote was rigged denied he recanted allegations.

  4. War Room Nov 11 afternoon ep 493

    Frank Gaffney is on speaking about his new website https://everylegalvote.com/country

    The website allows you to visually change the fraud vote vs non-fraud vote counts by state down to the county level.
    He also explains the cyber-manipulation of votes.
    28 states are outsource their voting tabulation to Barcelona, Spain. The servers are tied to George Soros….

    At 18 minutes Bannon speaks about the Pennsylvania
    Legislature is calling for a full audit before the election can be Certified.
    Its now all about Certification of the Votes and the Dems are not able to prove chain of custody. Perhaps they shouldn’t have turned away Republican observers.
    If they cant certify all the states with the recounts and lawsuits then no one gets to 270 electoral college votes.
    If they go past Safe Harbor deadline on December 8 the electors dont go to the state capitals to certify the votes.
    Then the state legislatures decide and send their choice to the Capital. Nancy Pelosi will hold the gavel and have to count votes.

    1. Almost right.
      Once at the state legislature, they have the choice to select Electors, based on the vote for POTUS….or, most importantly, NOT to select at all. That’s the situation where if enough states decide to not finalize any Electors, it goes to Congress to vote, at one vote per state with the GOP holds the majority in the new Congress, 28-20.
      This is probably the nuclear option for TRUMP. Although perfectly legit, the left HATES Constitutional decisions, and would go ballistic, previous rioting would be but a warmup
      Anyways, it looks instead that the first choice is to force recounts and audits of ballots, by hand. Though time consuming, it would reveal and dismiss all the fake ballots, and more importantly, show the machine totals were completely whacked by IT fckery. Georgia is already in that category, Pennsylvania has already defied the SC, Alito’s order, and puts those results in doubt very much.
      They’re already working on Michigan, which has many documented cases of abuse and observer prevention, and Wisconsin.
      This route of recounts and invalidations will probably be the best outcome for all, except for Dementia Joe and his Harridan running mates, the wife and the HO.

  5. The fwench have locked down – again.

    A group of Canadian doctors are promoting the same. Many healthcare officials are advising their governments to follow suit.

    I will not be locked down.

    1. no matter how many times these idiots are told the truth they refuse to believe what they see with their own eyes, masks and lockdowns do not work. get up, get out, get over it. If someone is sick, even if it just a cold, stay the fuck home, now how simple is that.

      1. – And further – let’s take a page from Singapore’s playbook. Singapore was close to the epicentre, and COVID showed-up there early; before they had any PPE. They beat COVID nonetheless, having one of the lowest death rates on the planet. How?

        Well first, everybody entering Singapore undergoes a mandatory 14-day isolation in a facility put-aside for that, at the passenger’s expense; limited permits are given for people to isolate at home. This has torpedoed their air travel by ~95%; they were the launch customer for the A380, and they’re getting rid of a third of their fleet.

        The BIG thing they instituted was hand-washing. All the time. You touch something? – wash your hands. You touch someone? – wash your hands. Enter a room, leave a room, wash your hands.

        Sounds inconvenient, but there’s no denying it has worked-out spectacularly well. Far better than stay-at-home and masks, anyways; and if applied to old people and the people looking after them, it could significantly lower the death toll – gotta’ be better than keeping COVID cases in nursing homes, right Governor Cuomo?

        1. Y, as a one time restaurant owner washing hands has been a routine at our house for decades. You come in from anywhere outside the house you wash your hands before doing anything else. I did not and do not need some moron from a government agency telling me how to stay healthy. If they continue the insanity of masks and lockdowns they will succeed in killing far more people that the whu who flu will. Now if they keep counting fatalities for the next two years they will eventually get to the 2018 flu fatalities.

    2. Bloody stupid. It didn’t work the first time, why should it a second time. And during the Flu season, there won’t be an y flu but there will be the dreaded THIRD WAVE I bet.

    1. The insanity and fraud in this election has proven to be as bad as that surrounding the whu who flu. I wonder is there a mass insanity occurring that will wipe us all out like in a sci-fi movie.

    2. “… and after they corrected it, a Republican won.”

      Yeah, but reading the article, Connecticut has an “automatic-recount” provision if a candidate wins by less than half-a-percent. The guy’s opponent won by a hundred votes, which was less than half-a-percent, so a recount was triggered, giving this guy the victory by a mere 12 votes.

      This is also less than half-a-percent, so the recount has been triggered again and is being done today. This could take awhile……

      Life can be very funny at times!

    1. Ah yes, the more things change the more they remain the same. The followers of islam have been flying under the radar lately what with the world wide obsession with a flu virus. Still out there though, killing in the name of BigMo.

  6. Blacklock reports that China’s ambassador to Canada is warning Canadians to stop being disrespectful to China.

    Dear Mr. Ambassador,

    Fuck off!

    -Ontario John

  7. Angry Adolf is on a virtual election tour today. He will be holding a number of virtual meetings across Ontario to explain how wonderful he is. And after ranting to provinces about the China virus, he has his loyal bought and paid for media ramping up stories this morning that Canada needs to go into total lock down.

  8. Blacklock reports that 35% of people who voted in the last federal election were mystery voters. These included dead people and foreigners. And read about a poll from Blackie on whether he should have a climate budget went terribly wrong.

    1. MOAR GUN LAWS! – that will fix it, for sure. And if they don’t? – MOAR MOAR GUN LAWS!

      /sarc, in case it needs to be said…

    2. Thanks for the post. I checked the respective web pages of CBC News and the Globe and Mail, and our guardians of Correct Thought have carefully hidden the news of a murdered 12-year-old boy in their “Toronto News” sections. Mustn’t disturb the feelings of organized crime gangs.

      1. The Globe now has a story on the murder and even mentions the names of the two men that have been arrested for the crime. No pictures of the two however, nor any mention of the race of the accused, which is something that left-wingers have been pushing for since they feel that this information will be evidence of systemic racism in police forces. So Globe, what is there race?

        “Jahwayne Smart, 25, is now facing 30 charges, including one count of first-degree murder. Rashawn Chambers, 24, now faces 29 charges, including first-degree murder.”


    3. The Toronto Sun published an excellent article two weeks ago on a major gang bust in Toronto.


      Even the Toronto Star and the CBC covered the story. But I guess it has to be such a major story to get coverage. Just some shots fired is too common an occurrence to warrant a report, besides frequent reporting would suggest that Toronto has a major problem with street gangs, and residents would start asking the obvious questions: who are these street gangs and who are their members? That, of course, is a prohibited topic in our politically correct society. #BLM

  9. Mr. Infrastructure Barbie has said some bad (but true) things about the Dear Leader.

    “Why are we doing so badly? You don’t need a room full of epidemiologists to puzzle this out. Our Prime Minister mostly side-stepped responsibility and decided 10 different provincial premiers should manage a national pandemic. They in turn passed on responsibility to mayors and local health authorities. The result has been incompetence, chaos and death, with a Prime Minister who has decided it’s all someone else’s problem.”


    What price will Mr. I.B. pay for this transgression? I think P!nk has the answer:



      Really? Prinz Dummkopf, et. al., will die off?

  10. Bad news for conservative radio. National Post Radio (NPR ha) is finishing it’s run on XM tomorrow.

    Anthony Furey has been the host the past 4 years. Apparently the split between NP and XM has been amicable.

    Too bad because Furey is a clear thinker.

  11. On November 12, 1980, the planetary probe Voyager 1 made its closest approach to Saturn. In the days leading up to the event, the spacecraft took observations which changed textbooks.

    The ring system of Saturn was originally believed to consist of a number of distinct structures separated by empty space. Voyager showed that those gaps were filled with narrower, darker rings, confirming data collected by its predecessor Pioneer 11 just over 14 months earlier.

    One feature which baffled scientists was what looked like radial spokes in the rings. One subsequent explanation was that those were clouds of material just above the ring plane.

    One curious feature received a lot of attention. At least one ring had a curious structure, having the appearance of being braided. It appears now that the shape was caused by co-orbiting shepherding moons near that ring which, when one passed by the other, caused the ring materials to be disturbed and displaced. Those shepherding moons were also a discovery, partly because they were so small that they couldn’t have been seen with ground-based telescopes, but also because they existed inside the ring system.

    Until Voyager and Pioneer, nobody knew just how thick the rings were. It’s now believed that they could be up to a few hundred metres thick in places.

    A number of moons were observed, but, because of the limited time during the encounter, details were scarce. But, until Voyager’s flyby, Saturn was believed to have 10 moons. That number increased significantly, mainly because most of the ones that were discovered were only a few kilometres in size.

    After its flyby was completed, Voyager continued collecting data, but that was the its last planetary encounter. Its trajectory would take it out of the solar system.

    Back then, that was headline news and I remember seeing the pictures of the ring spokes printed on the front page of The Edmonton Journal. Just over 9 months later, Voyager 2 would make its flyby.

  12. Good luck all you thinkers out there because you are outnumbered about 1million to 1.

    1. “Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is the probable reason why so few engage in it.”
      -Henry Ford 1928

      I was sweating just trying to remember the quote.


  13. How soon until John Tory admits that the various levels of government and Toronto police are in fact resigned to “an acceptable level of violence” so long as it is carried out in parts of Toronto where they don’t live? (N.B. The phrase is from U.K. Home Secretary Reginald Maudling in 1971 discussing the Provisional I.R.A.)

  14. This really happened today…

    Went grocery shopping and noticed that the music on the speaker was unusually louder than normal. Got to cash-out and remarked, “nice music” and the check out lady started,
    …. “là,là làww, là,là,” then everyone around us chimed in, including, yours truly, of course, “maybe some-um day, you’ll see my face among the crowd, y-e-ah,” etc, etc, etc…

    It was a h-a-p-p-e-n-i-n-g, just like in the movies, including –with smiles all around too! Man oh man, cool chicks!

    Stevie Wonder …
    And the Women at the Superstore
    Morning of November 12, 2020

  15. Post Millennial reports that a high school in Nova Scotia will no longer be named Sir John A. Macdonald because he is a racist bastard.

  16. In sharp contrast to Canada’s Omar Khadr, who fought against his own country, which then made him a millionaire, and is now idolized in Quebec, the proud history of western civilization includes many examples of boys fighting for their countries. U.S. Navy seaman Calvin Graham won the Bronze Star for bravery in 1942 as a 13-year-old while aboard the battleship South Dakota:

    “One Japanese ship set its searchlights on the South Dakota, and the ship took 42 enemy hits, temporarily losing power. Graham was manning his gun when shrapnel tore through his jaw and mouth; another hit knocked him down, and he fell through three stories of superstructure. Still, the 13 year-old made it to his feet, dazed and bleeding, and helped pull other crew members to safety while others were thrown by the force of the explosions, their bodies aflame, into the Pacific.

    “I took belts off the dead and made tourniquets for the living and gave them cigarettes and encouraged them all night,” Graham later said. ”It was a long night. It aged me.” The shrapnel had knocked out his front teeth, and he had flash burns from the hot guns, but he was “fixed up with salve and a coupla stitches,” he recalled. “I didn’t do any complaining because half the ship was dead. It was a while before they worked on my mouth.”

    We will not see his like again.


    1. Yes I believe it was him, who after the battle, admitted his true age to his PO. He was immediately consigned to the brig, dishonorably discharged as soon as they returned to an American port, denied veterans’ benefits and shipped straight home, where he returned to the 7th grade. He was the youngest “known” combatant in WW2. Bet he had great stories to tell his classmates!

      A fascinating story 🙂 – with a much happier ending than that of the five Sullivan brothers… 🙁

      1. The story of USS South Dakota in that battle is also of interest. The U.S. had lost several destroyers and cruisers in the preceding battles in “Ironbottom Sound” (which was called that because of all the ships that were lying on the bottom), so the U.S. sent-in two modern battleships to even the odds. Which they theoretically did – USS Washington and South Dakota had radar, and radar gunlaying – both very valuable in night battles. However they did not yet have IFF – “Identification-Friend-Foe”, so a radar blip was just a radar blip; no way to tell if it was a good guy or a bad guy.

        Right as things started to get hot, somebody down in South Dakota $crewed-up bigtime, and locked-down a major circuit breaker, frying the entire electrical system. South Dakota lost everything – radar, range-finding, lights, radios, its gun directors – and became a powered hulk, blundering-around the battle. The Japanese noticed South Dakota was no longer under control, and poured everything at it – what a propaganda victory if they could sink a modern USN battleship, as they’d sunk so many other US and allied ships in night fights in the Sound before!

        One of the ships firing at USS South Dakota for all they were worth, was the IJN battleship Kirishima. Kirishima was very old by then, having been started in 1912 and rebuilt a couple times since. The ship was one of the four Kongo class, the first of which had been built in England, the others in Japan once they had Kongo to study as how to build modern capital ships. Battlecruisers at first, and seriously considered for scrapping or converting to aircraft carriers to meet the limitations of the Washington Naval Treaty, nonetheless it was a capable battleship with eight 14″ guns, all of which it turned on South Dakota as the battle progressed.

        And in the dark, nobody had spotted USS Washington. Washington’s skipper had a dilemma, in that he had two big radar contacts – and one of them was South Dakota. But soon it was evident, from the ship all the others were shooting at, which one was South Dakota – so the other big blip must be Japanese. Washington opened fire on Kirishima at 9,000 yards, practically point-blank range for battleships, and blasted it to a wreck in very short order; it sank soon after, its bow having broken-off and sunk before the rest of the ship.

        After all the trouble and expense the US and Japan had poured-into building battleships, this was one of the two battleship-vs-battleship fights in the Pacific war – and neither of them worked-out well for the Japanese. Japan had a big advantage at the start of the war, in that they’d extensively practised night battles unlike the U.S. and allies. But it didn’t take the allies long to learn the ropes, and radar gunlaying was a (literally) war-winning advantage that the Japanese did not have. But the Pacific war was all about aircraft carriers – and now all the battleships are museums, razor blades or homes for fish.