8 Replies to “Comedy In The Woke Era”

  1. Forget about comedy. We are in tragedy mode, full stop.
    Enough sarcasm and cynicism and whiny woke comedy club horse manure.
    Let loose the dogs of war.
    Sarc off.
    Really, I have listened to so called comedians these days. First, there are way too many of them, and most are mediocre and unfunny in a politically correct way. Second, things are beyond funny. Third, the so called comedians need to get jobs rather than using their mental issues as an excuse to be unfunny on the CBC and other stupid Canadian venues.

      1. The late Clyde Gilmour used to play a bit of comedy on his CBC show Gilmour’s Albums, including a number of stand-up sketches by Bob Newhart. Here’s an example of his style of humour:


        He relies on the audience’s imaginations to fill in details.

  2. Comedy requires self awareness.
    The current culture needs no humour,these idiots are beyond parody.
    When ignorance is absolute,parody is impossible.
    Our “highly educated” citizens are not even conscious of what they have thrown away and surrendered.
    Humour means the ability to laugh at yourself,when you are completely wrapped up in yourself,there is nothing funny about you…Or so you believe.
    Of course if the current Cancel Culture,Wokeness and Witch Trials do not have you laughing your ass off,you might lack any sense of humour.
    Karma,in living colour.

  3. My current favourite: Brian Regan

    He’s Seinfeld’s favourite too.
    He’s unhip. Square even.
    Non-edgy. Not “brave”. 100% apolitical.
    Looks more like an amateur athlete than a comedian.
    He’s squeaky clean (category: dry bar comedy). Children can watch.
    Subject: Conversational one-upmanship narcissism.