UK Moves To Drop Huawei 5G

Uh oh.

The UK is moving to drop Huawei as a vendor for the country’s 5G cellphone network in a major blow to Communist China over poor coronavirus transparency.
Prime Minister Boris Johnson, now recovering from COVID-19, gave the Chinese company a role in 5G infrastructure this year, squashing opposition last month by 24 votes in the 650-seat House of Commons.
But now, concern about the Chinese Communist Party’s inaccurate reporting on the coronavirus has lawmakers crafting plans for a retreat.

Background: Bains Says Canada ‘Won’t be Bullied’ on Huawei 5G

Canada is the last member of the so-called Five Eyes network of English-speaking nations that share intelligence to make a call on Huawei.

(But they can be bought).

49 Replies to “UK Moves To Drop Huawei 5G”

  1. If our allies are smart, they will suspend all further intelligence sharing with us until we get rid of our Chinese puppet pm.

    1. Nice idea.

      But TRUMP needs to make that happen in the US first, before correcting the backwater known is Canuckistan, or Chinada. Whatever.

      If TRUMP does not get re-elected, North America becomes a Chinese province. Both the Liberals and DeMarxists are smitten/bought/afraid/all of the above with the CCP. Canadians seem quite willing on the whole to accept the CCP overlords, as long as they get their Timmy’s, factory beer and hockey. Because Bad OrangeMan.

    2. Strapon, you always say these stupid things. You’v suggested USA invasion how many times in SDA now , over the last couple of months. Up your meds idiot!

  2. It was profoundly stupid to ink the deal in the first place. What is wrong with people?

  3. Navdeep Bains.

    Hes’ DEEP allright… Deep into ChiComm payoffs, like pretty mcu that entire CABINET IMO.

    WE NEED a Revolution in this country, before we are all rounded up for Re-education Kampfs….don’t even think they wouldn’t pull that shit here. These NAZI bastards just love their new found powers and are already at this time doing Full on Censorship activities at all the News orgs (comments sections), FB etc.

    I’d also urge you ALL to use a VPN 24/7.

    1. They will send us to rip the dreaded rainbow polyester from the earth at “mine kampfs”. Or is that — goolags?

  4. you know, if Trump said don’t crap in your pants…..Trudeau and his people would do it out of spite

    1. Yup and every Lib voter and quite a few cuckservatives. And media would report how good, correct and right it was.

    2. too late, he’s already done that, or is my eye sight that bad, that what I see looking at him, is supposed to be something other than a TurD’Oh

    1. That’s three guesses and the first two don’t count.

      1) Kanuckistan, 2) Kanuckistan and 3) Kanuckistan.

  5. Good on the UK, I thought they were a lost cause on this issue. I wish we would ban them too but Telus has already been installing 5G with Huawei equipment as fast as they can while everyone is stuck inside. With Trudeau and Telus working hard to get the enemies spyware into our infrastructure I don’t think Canada will be banning anything.

    1. ‘I wish we would ban them too but Telus has already been installing 5G with Huawei equipment’

      Remember all the wonderful future they promised with 5G being able to transmit Artificial Intelligence all over the world?
      Artificial Intelligence would be able move heaven and earth.

      Funny they didn’t know how, or what to do with Chinese Kung Flu Virus.

      Blowing smoke up someone’s Arse and costing billions of dollars.

    2. Wrong Patrick, you are badly uninformed.

      The Big 3 are quietly moving away from Huawei equipment. Orders have stopped, and equipment from their competitors is now being used instead on new installs.

      Existing equipment will be replaced in the next year.

      It was the Liberals that allowed Huawei to build the wireless network for Iristel (?) and Ice wireless in Nunavut. Don’t know how much we need to worry about that territory.

      1. Tank you for that info.. I am a Telus customer, and was thinking of going to Bell because of Huawai..Actually.. don’t remember seeing Huawai phones last time I looked at a new phone. Telus was offering them previously.

      2. I was going by what the CFO of Telus said only two months ago that they were going ahead with Huawei “very shortly” even before the government had made a decision yet. A company the size of Telus can’t turn on a dime so they had to have had equipment already for months to have been installing it already as people have been reporting new Telus 5G tower installs going up around Alberta recently. And at the beginning of April Telus donated boxes full of Huawei phones and tablets to Royal Ottawa Foundation for Mental Health. They really don’t seem to be practicing any kind of distancing with this equipment. I guess we’ll know if they do quit using Huawei since people outside and inside Telus are keeping an eye out for this equipment.

        1. The difference is what the equipment is for, and, where it exists in the network. So, if a customer wants a Huawei phone, they can have one. That’s not where the security risk is, nor is it with the cell antenna. That’s essentially a passive device, compared to *censored*.
          I can’t mention the office equipment by name and type, but the companies are now actively avoiding Huawei equipment, in the offices, that are the brains/black boxes of the cellular and wireline networks. That’s where, if there was a security back door, could cause havoc potentially. We may never know.
          For what it’s worth, I would never have a Huawei phone either. Would you trust google, iPhone, or any tech company? They all mine everyone’s data, there is little if any online privacy.
          The battle over Huawei is with the black boxes only. Did you know a Huawei alread6 has a very active presence in the US? Check it out. The company isn’t banned from business, just for the 5G equipment

  6. ah. another ‘no way whoa way’. good. GOOD.
    will canaduh and chirer wind up the only nations using the product?

    he truly admires them remember . . . . . . .

  7. Bains says “Canada won’t be bullied”. That translates that the Communist Chinese spyware is all ready to be put in place. Dear Leader will be so sad when Xi still says “no” to the security council seat.

  8. Liberals in Canada can always be bought, ALWAYS. The ways that they can be bought are in the billions.

  9. “When there is a lack of honor in government, the morals of the whole people are poisoned. There is no such thing as a no-man’s land between honesty and dishonesty. Our strength lies in spiritual concepts. It lies in public sensitiveness to evil. Our greatest danger is not from invasion by foreign armies. Our dangers are that we may commit suicide from within by complaisance with evil, or by public tolerance of scandalous behavior.”

  10. A nation is lost when treason comes from within….
    A paraphrase of what Cicero said.

    1. Stevie, “those who give up liberty for a little safety will have neither”.

    1. I dropped SaskTel years ago
      Access Communications uses Hitron gear. Made in Taiwan

      If you really value your privacy run a VPN and learn about how they work.
      Interested in going further down the road to privacy and are tech savvy then look at installing Tomato or DD-WRT firmware onto your router. Then your VPN will automatically be setup or you can choose when you want to use it. You can also customize the range of your router

      If you aren’t a techie then you can purchase a router with Tomato or DD-WRT pre installed. lookup Flashrouters, InvizBox or DD-routers.
      You will have to buy a VPN subscription for them to ship a router (I prefer European VPNs)
      I find that my searches have improved. You can also view region protected media….

      Familiarize yourselves with VPN TOR and TAILS.

  11. Sorry my friends … but the USA should stop sharing any intelligence … immediately … with Chinada. Sorry it had to come to this. PS … Sen. Dianne Feinstein has a former Chief of Staff who is available for your PM’s use

    1. I am sure those American security agents who are actually oath keepers have been quite selective about what intel is shared with Canada and what is not for some time.

      1. Stupid fucking Canadians have the nerve to say things like, “Well they didn’t tell us they were going to bomb General Soliemani.”
        No shit sherlock. Who do the dinks buy oil from?

  12. “We will make sure that we proceed in a manner that’s in our national interest,” Bains told the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. on Thursday evening. “We won’t get bullied by any other jurisdictions.”

    Translated into Chicomm: “No wollee Beijing. We still stick with yu guy wun hundled percent!”

  13. Huawei has to be banned —-
    The Liberals can’t be trusted on this file!!!! Hopefully the will listen to our 5-eyes allies!!