11 Replies to “Brain Fever Detected”

  1. “The end goal is for Trump, Barr, the Republican Party and the conservative movement more generally to have their own secret police.”

    Obvious to those who have been paying attention, it was Obama who was developing an American police state directed at Republicans and President Trump.

    1. Yes, Don. Once again, the facts get in the way of a perfectly good Dem conspiracy theory.

      In virtually everything they accuse the right of, they are guilty as sin of themselves…. overt racism, lying, corruption, Antisemitism, treason, totalitarianism,… hell… it’s too long a list to complete here.

    2. He actually did develop such a state. The state police was called the FBI.
      The liberals always project, and fear the opposition of actually doing the same things that they themselves are doing already.

    3. Are you quite certain it was obummer who was developing the police state? May we not yet find that the police state created, developed, promoted obummer?

  2. The Liberal/Democrat cabal has created a diversity monster for crass political gain.

    Your children’s children will reflexively recoil and snarl at the mere mention of the word Liberal, as they deal with the real consequences of the current insanity.

    In fact, I suspect the only thing stopping the mass incarceration of Liberals is the knowledge that 15 to 20 percent of the population deals with mental health issues; and really, how would you tell the difference?