46 Replies to “Your Moral And Intellectual Superiors”

  1. 1. Armstrong, not Glenn.
    2. Moon isn’t a planet.
    3. Armstrong said “One small step for man”, not “a man”.

    Impressive for a 45-word tweet.

    1. 4. McCain was known as “Songbird” and generally hated by US vets of his era.
      5. McCain was photographed with ISIS leaders in Syria that he wanted MORE funding for.
      6. Kubrick faked it all. So say the Zero Hedgers.

      1. I’ve said to those among the “moon landing is fake/earth is flat” crowd, that if Kubrick had filmed this it would have been in color.

        I get’s me some blank looks I tell’s ya’ …

    2. Actually, Armstrong DID say “a man” but the message was garbled.

      One would think that the fifty year old fact of Neil Armstrong walking on the Earth’s lunar satellite would be so well known by the vaunted popular press.

      I guess not.

      1. I’ve heard the broadcast many times. Didn’t sound garbled to me. Armstrong simply misspoke.

      2. The man lands a bucket on the moon for the first time in history, and people are nitpicking over whether they heard “a”.

    3. It was supposed to be “a man” but came out “man” because the sentence doesn’t make sense otherwise as he is just repeating the second part of the sentence. I was out for a run one day listening to the radio when they were interviewing Armstrong on NPR, many years ago, and he confirmed this by saying that the transmission was garbled which caused it to be misheard.

    4. One small step for man. The walk back to a man would occur decades later

      1. Actually, Armstrong explained that he did say “a man” soon after the mission was over and that’s how NASA officially records it.

        As a ham, I know how easy it is for a microphone to cut out. Even with my station, if I don’t speak loudly enough, my rig won’t transmit and that’s just for a test transmission. One way I can reduce the possibility of that happening is to adjust the gain.

        I’m usually on satellites and, often, I hear an erratic signal. It could be the other station is having the same situation with its microphone or, maybe, the spacecraft is wobbling a bit, so its antenna might be slightly misaligned. It wasn’t until I started on satellites that I understood what Armstrong meant in his explanation.

    5. Yeah, well, too bad about the misquote but at least it was made by a guy that wasn’t there.

    6. 3. Studies of the recordings since 1969 have indicated he might actually have uttered “a” in there, but between his excitement, nervousness and transmission dropout and recording errors, it doesn’t get heard. Or something like that.

      Or so I have read at some point.


  2. I wonder if the quote is even included in the Federal ‘Common Core’ curriculum. After all … it wasn’t uttered by a gender-bent person of color.

    I expect Oliver Stone and other Hollywooden fantasy freaks to revise history … not our vaunted “Institutions”

    1. Re “institutions”

      Find yourself a copy of Flying July 1989 and read “Moonstruck” by Gordon Baxter, who worked as a reporter assigned to NASA at the time of the launch.

      Punch line is that when he rang Johnson Space Centre to enquire of Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins they were unrecognised by the public relations department (page 42)

    2. Well Neil Armstrong was white which means he was racist and probably owned slaves or something.

  3. It was a giant leap for mankind too…

    But we’re peoplekind now, you want a pipeline? No. You want to build another Empire State Building in 400 days? No. A new highway? No. A deepwater port? No.

    Lots of talk about walking on the moon again or going to Mars, lots of talk. We’re a sad bunch of losers now…

    1. “Talk” is all we get now, isn’t it. “Talk” of building pipelines. “Talk” of fighting Trudeau’s agenda. Precious little to zero action. “Talk” of protecting farmers, trade, oil, separation, rights, etc. …

      1. That’s because we’re busy having “conversations” but not really doing anything.

      2. People “talking” hire other talkers and the children of talkers and they hire other talkers and they all tell us how busy they are talking about how much better their talking is going to make our lives. Then they tell “us” they don’t like our talking and we had better quit talking differently than how the people employed to talk are talking or our lives are going to get worse.

        Guess we don’t employ enough talkers yet.

  4. 100 years from now, michael stipes will have been the first musician to make a video on the moon immortalising the the moment with the words, “andy you is goofing on elvis!”

  5. Just curious. Did … “a man” … plant … “a flag” … on the moon?

    Feel free to envision “a Maple Leaf” on the moon.

  6. Wow…Gross Journalistic stupidity on display much..?
    “but, but I learnt it in school”…

    Yea, me too and Tom Hanks is an astronaut & Appollo 13 (movie), was a Documentary.

    1. Admittedly, the movie took a few artistic liberties, otherwise most people in the audiences would have been bored. In his commentary on the DVD, Jim Lovell points out some of the inaccuracies.

  7. The person who wrote that tweet almost certainly has a university degree, maybe more than one.

    1. That level of misinformation requires multiple advanced degrees in all the right flavours. Women’s studies, intersectionalism, and just plain old killing common sense were the obvious majors.

      I’d bet on at least 7-8 years education after high school.

  8. I wonder if fifty years from now, people will look back in awe at the way we fought ‘climate change’.

    The Appollo and Manhattan projects of our time.

    /sarc (in case you need it)

  9. Fake News?
    we don’t do no fake news.
    Orange MAN Bad.
    Seeing as how all the moon walking was years before the “Professional journalist” was born,I am surprised by John Glenn,everybody knows it was Micheal Jackson.

  10. “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” i’ve heard a lot of media talking heads f*ck this up…imagine one of the most memorable quotes of all time and they are too ignorant to even look it up

    1. It’s surprising that they got the nationality correct. Then again, the Soviet Union claimed it was never interested in going to the moon in the first place.

  11. a?
    did sumbuddy sumwhere hack the recording?

    do I hear the words come out as onesmallstepforman ie NO room for the gap *between* words, AND the word ‘a’? iow
    so wtf am I missing???? ’twas static. ya, ya, thats it, ’twas static’.
    hellOOOOOO !!! even STATIC takes TIME to happen.
    there is no TIME in the recording for ‘static’ to bury the word ‘A’.

    is this all related to the ‘apollo 11 fake’ thing?

    1. The imdb entry mentions it was featured in FOX 25th Anniversary Special (2012) (TV Special) (clips). The wild claim dates back to the 1970s, well before Fox.

  12. John Glen? I thought it was Our Minister of Defence who was the first man on the Moon.