“Organic” Is The Latin Word For “Grown In Pig Shit”

Oh noes!

Organic plants are worse for the environment than conventionally farmed foods, new research from Sweden suggests.


A lack of chemical fertilisers means more land is used to grow crops and as a result 70 per cent more carbon is emitted…

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  1. There is another aspect of “organic” not covered in the article, and that has to do with herbicides. There is a large organic dairy farm near us that does not use Round-up (or another herbicide) for weeds in corn fields – they use diesel fuel instead.

    How can that be, you ask? The answer is that instead of one trip over their large fields to spray before cultivating and planting, they cultivate only. Then when the corn is a few inches high they, cultivate again. When it is a foot or so high, they cultivate again, and then at least once more before the corn is too high for the machinery.

    In summary, this farmer uses at least 3 and maybe as much as 5 times more diesel fuel for that field (depending on how bad the weeds are) as would be the case if it was a non-organic farm. This aspect, of course, is not widely publicized or understood or factored into the calculations of the overall benefits of organic milk.

    /sarc: But of course it will all be solved when they start using electric tractors.

    1. Furthermore, while additional cultivation operations in corn crops works because corn is grown in rows, grain crops are grown in a row spacing generally of 4 to 6 inches more or less and impossible to cultivate after emergence. If no chemicals are used to eliminate weeds the weeds grow quite well and almost all organic grain crops have a greatly reduced yield due to weed competition. I have seen as bad as over fifty percent loss. As well, all this unchecked weed growth leads to more weed seeds being scattered on the ground to plague future crop plantings.

      The “organic” fraud is as bad as the “anti-vaxer” fraud.

    2. If they wanted to be truly “organic”, wouldn’t they be using draft animals or are they afraid of PETA?

      1. The Doukhobors used women to pull their plows, so PETA must be happy with that. No fossil fuels were used at all. Feminists must love it as well as those women were as strong as any man, AND they took their clothes off at the drop of a hat, just like Femin. Women are so going to love the 19th century tech we are fast returning to.

    3. That’s also a good case against the green crusade to halt clear cutting in favour of selective harvesting of timber. Most native species (all west coast species) prefer full sunlight but ignoring that, selective logging involves multiple entries on the land which means that instead of using heavy equipment (horses are actually worse and more dangerous) once every 60 to 100 years, depending on rotation age, it occurs potentially every 10 years. Each entry involves increased soil compaction and degradation, drainage issues, and collateral damage to standing and regenerated trees making them more receptive to diseases.

    4. Here’s a post by a no-till farmer on a forum years ago:

      sailor said: ↑
      Excuse the newbie question: What does zero-till mean please?

      TC’s reply:
      It means that we no longer plough or cultivate the soil. The soil is left as is, weeds are sprayed with roundup, and the next crop is drilled straight into the old crop residue with minimal disturbance.

      It is what has led to the big yield gains grain growing has had in Australia. Ploughing the soil just dries it out so much. All the moisture is lost. The soil turns to fine dust and blows away. It is why the big dust storms of twenty years ago are no longer. Drive through most grain growing areas and you now travel past vast stubble paddocks, not bare ploughed paddocks.

      It has increased yields, and decreased labour. I can spray 400 hectares in a 8 hour day, using not much diesel. 20 years ago it was a 14 hour day to plough 40 hectares and burn massive amounts of diesel.

      The stubble on the surface provides shade and decreases evaporation. It reduces soil erosion. Soil microbes thrive in the undisturbed soil. Organic matter is increased.

      One disadvantage is that you need much more expensive planting gear to get through the stubble, and in winter, even the best gear can’t plant at night, as everything gets blocked up with trash. That photo of me planting, see the stubble? 20 years ago it was bare soil.

      Australia is a world leader in zero till because we are so dry. Every bit of moisture saved means a lot. A lot of Australias old soil is prone to wind.

      Some farming areas are almost all zero till, and others aren’t. Where I am, we are.

  2. It’s always been religion, never science; Environmentology is a secular religion designed to replace Christianity and control the masses.

    So any report anyone does, simply does not matter. No argument matters when it is not science. Environmentology is 100% unfalsifiable.

  3. I saw a similar article elsewhere, and hopefully this exposure begins to unravel the religious fraud.

    Costco is offering more and more “organic” food products at a higher price and we personally buy less and less food there. You see the duped filling their carts with this crap. We also walk by their aisle organic food sample booths.

    You also see creative advertising on some products by some vendors to suggest a level of “organic” or “free range”. We saw this suggestive “free range” labeling nonsense on a frozen turkey yesterday. Turkeys have almost always been raised in a loose barn.

    Using acres that can produce human food to produce corn for ethanol is also a crime as this essentially raises the price of food. You can’t blame the producer as he or she makes more money this way.

  4. Organic…eh.??.
    So Non-Organic implies its made with silica – pulverized granite – wood fibre…??
    TOTAL BULLSHIT on all accounts. SCAM designed for the Climatistas and other “earthy” Gaeai Lovers.

    We dont buy it – never will. We be just fine with normally priced fresh goods.
    I’d say the bigest issue with food toay is what’s known as “Processed Food” ..something which my wife and I simply do not EAT. Nothing but variously coloured slop mixed with SUGAR and lots of it.

  5. Few things are more satisfying than watching dedicated leftards hoisting themselves by their own petards.

    As the article hinted however, the warmists will ultimately help protect their progressive ‘brothers in arms’ from any real criticism.

  6. I’m looking forward to my organic turkey this Christmas. At least I think my farmer buddy’s axe is organic.

    Free range right into the oven; the gravy is to die for. Yes, I know Christmas is murder on turkeys, PETA told me.

  7. At least I think my farmer buddy’s axe is organic.

    I saw a sacrilege earlier this week. I was waiting in a lineup in a Canadian Tire store when the person in front of me bought an axe. The axe wasn’t the issue, but its handle was–it was plastic.

    Plastic? Come on! Axe handles need to be hickory! If it’s good enough for Clint Eastwood in the movie Pale Rider….

  8. Having watched and farmed by organic grain farms I would say the majority wouldn’t grow enough food to feed a 120lb left wing university student.Full weeds and not much product.There could be good producing organic grain farms but I’ve yet to see one

    1. Exactly. I was talking in my comments above from experience in watching some organic grain farmers and their crops in our area.

  9. The reason so many more people – 100’s of millions more – are better fed is due to nitrogen fertilizers and all the different ‘cides’ that are used on a modern farm.

  10. all food is organic no matter how or where you grow it, it all however, is not always edible.

  11. All of the above but just ask an ‘organic’ grower or consumer about the contradictions and inconsistencies in their thinking and invariably you get ‘it just seems better/right to me’.
    Kate has satirized these people with ‘we need a famine’ but sometimes I wonder if that isn’t their aim. Making food production more complicated and unpredictable is not a bug it’s a feature.

  12. if my backyard garden is any indicator, 1st, I dont use herbicides, some pesticides.
    the weeds grow prolifically (very good soil) left alone they will crowd out all veggies. I know this from past years.
    sans pesticides its good bye to the asparagus patch Ive been expanding some time now.
    I do it for fun and the delight of having beans with my steak 1/2 hour after picking them.
    it is assuredly, NOT a viable long term large scale approach.
    in a couple more years Im gonna dump another pickup truck load of horse manure on it and skip a crop that year.

    leftist mindset and thought process are much in evidence with ‘organic’ label.