27 Replies to “Y2Kyoto: Last Gasps”

  1. The AGW folks have Windmills to unload on gullible Canadians… They come with a matching hammer & a huge backup generator….Quebec is buying using future equalization funds

    1. Swindlemills. That’s what they are.

      “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.” – H. L. Mencken

      1. Yes joey, they modeled after the religious bullshit, which worked for 2000 years, they just didn’t get their GOD name catchy enough

    2. Why should Quebec worry for a second about CO2? It’s electricity is all hydro and virtually CO2 free plus they export lots of it, displacing fossil fuels in other regions. Quebec also goes to great efforts to keep its economy in a backward state. They don’t need any method to reduce CO2. Their embrace of socialism and extreme taxation has taken care of it.

    1. I was at a party the other day,
      where everyone was feeling pretty Merry, then Merry got up and left and they all jumped for Joy!

  2. Rex neglects to mention that if you point out any genuine threat to civilization (as opposed to the ones invented or wildly exaggerated by our masters for profit and propaganda purposes), you will be denounced and shunned as a racist, a bigot, or both.

    1. A$$ kanadian, why don’t you list these ignored “threats”, unDork has been absent, and the entertainment missing

    2. What…? you mean….. ISLAM perhaps….hmm…or abject in yer FACE Global Marxism Perhaps…? or unfetterred illegal Migration of Sub Sharan LOW LIFE…?

      Those bona Fide Threats to Westrn Civilization..?

  3. None of this should really be surprising. Even the New Testament predicted false prophets and false messiahs.

    1. yup BA, the git outa BS jail, religions has the most hi powered and fastest moving goal posts, evah. After being wrong for 2000 years, don’t cha think it’s time to give it up???

      1. NME666:

        Is it all religions that cause you to be this way, or all religions other than the head-lopping, FGM-ing, slave-trading and livestock-fancying one?

        1. bruce, religion, an emotional event, shuts down the rational/logical portion of the brain. Is witch burning any less sinful that head lopping. Is only one of the 3 Abrahamic religions on your “radar”. To me ALL religions are equally ridicules. And all strong belief systems are destructive forces. Get over yer kristian is different BS! Kristians started preaching the END is near 2000 years ago, and they have not stopped failing with their preDICKshuns.

          1. NME…I dont buy your attempt at MORAL Equivalence…at all.

            Yea Chritianity has a storied and brutal History…but it did go through a reformation/enlightenment. Ya can’t equate the Old Testament to today – simply NOT relevant.

            On the other hand, the ever Violence prone POLITICAL Ideology aka ISLAM is and continues to be a Direct threat to Civilization.

            Christians aren’t kicking my door down (so to speak), to repent and “bring Christ into my life”. …Nor am I requesting that any time soon. On the other hand, there are 3 million Islamics in Canada and I damned well know very well that EACH & EVERY one of them listens to his IMAN saying the Jews are pigs and Infidels must Convert or Die….

            As an aside, I’ve yet to see a massed DEMONSTRATION Anywhere on this Planet, of Islamics/Muslims marching to protest Terrorism….fkn EVER. Why.??BECAUSE they believe every Word in the Qu’aran, Hadiths and Sunnah…every word.

            2 very different things my friend…IMO.

    2. Yet it then ended with Revelation, an entire chapter dedicated to the end of the world. “I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end”. Humans are suckers for an ending, even a bad one.

  4. One has to wonder what happened to a proposal made many years ago when the AGW bandwagon was getting started that would credit Canada for having a huge Boreal forest that acts as a huge carbon dioxide sink?
    As I recall, that proposal would have put North America on the plus side of the leger and substantially leave us on the side of the angels.
    Have to wonder why that was dropped with so little resistance by that so-called wily scrappy lil guy from Sawinigan?
    Perhaps its time for that proposal to get dusted off as a response to “so whats your plan” from the disciples of Gaia.

    1. One also has to wonder how Ontario got itself into the position of paying California $400 million for carbon credits. Where did California get carbon credits? They bought them with bitcoin?

  5. these Wind Turbines maiming the same birds that are under the protection of the Bird Migration Protection Treaty and the Greens simply turn their backs to it all a oil well blows and spills oil and messes up the birds their demanding the oil executives be hanged because Greens are a mentaly disturbed bunch of wanks

  6. Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming,since called Climate Change(the manmade version) is an intelligence test.
    Sadly most of the products of our government run “education system” fail this test miserably.
    The comprehension gap is almost as laughable as “free healthcare” that consumes upward of 50% of taxes collected.
    But it is free. And 97% of the consensus of concerned scientists( 52?activists) agree.
    Respect my authority.,
    The cure for mass stupidity is hard times,these same conditions are usually brought on by said mass stupidity.
    Remember every Zimbabwe resident is a Zillionare.
    So rich that they cannot buy anything.
    I wonder..what brand of toilet paper will be Canada’s new currency?

  7. They get away with apocalyptic predictions because of a failure to put CO2 warming in perspective and by glossing over some basic information.
    -warming is significantly greater at the poles than the equator. Mid-latitudes like us have moderate warming.
    -it is predominantly warmer nights, not hotter daytime temps.
    -the models produce warmer, shorter winters rather than apocalypticly hot summers.

    These are all good things because cold in winter kills more than heat in summer. Warmer temperate zones with longer summers and more frost free nights increases the growing season and food production. Bonus: More CO2 increases plant growth. Equatorial regions aren’t heavily affected by climate change temps.

    -the CO2 warming is about .12C per*decade* or .012 per year.
    To put that in perspective, plants and animals in the northern prairies experience annual temperature fluctuations of over 60C and daily changes of 20C or more. A spring day, when young plants and animals are the most vulnerable, it can be +10C today and -10C tomorrow. Yet, they shrug off these temperature fluctuations. An average annual climate change increase of .012C has near zero affect. As will 1.2C increase in 100 years.

    So, doomsday hysterics around global warming are nothing more than a manipulation of human’s threat response and religious reflex.

  8. The world will come to an end, of course. When the Sun runs out of fuel to do the H/He reaction, the Sun will die and so will all life on Earth. My Doomsday prediction is that The End is Nigh in about 4 billion years.

  9. If Trudeau were serious about our “carbon footprint” he would be sending Syrian refugees to Somalia and Sudan. In 5 years, 250,000 Syrian refugees add about 15 million more mt of CO2 than if they had stayed in Syria.

    Per Capital Annual CO2 (mt)
    Canada 13.5
    Syria 1.9
    Sudan 0.3
    Somalia 0.1

  10. Well said steakman @ 11:24.

    And, the feel good all creeds are equal milquetoasts in our society are ignoring the real peril to our civilization, and it is not AGW.

  11. my strong hunch is the religionists are WAAAAAAAAAYYYYY ahead on the tally of ‘end is near’.

    they seem to selectively forget there is only One Who knows the exact date and time. I likewise suspect His Son maybe hasnt been informed either.

    but, the sneakered koolaid quaffers can fill in the gaps eh?

    ‘people believe what the want to believe’ way up there in very apt descriptions.