20 Replies to “A Hate Trump Poll Goes Horribly Wrong”

  1. Little Liberal Pills take one in the morning and whine all day long its what all snowflakes use when they feel their real man coming out

  2. From comments I have read in the Daily Mail for months now, I find that Trump is widely supported in Britain. Two they don’t support are Clinton and Obama.

    1. True enough, Gellen. What’s more, the British don’t much like any of their current party leaders either. Theresa May has outed herself as a lying, scheming shyster with her “remain by the backdoor”, smirking all over the House about it, and which resulted in two of her cabinet ministers resigning this week. The only one with any ethical respectability is Jeremy Corbyn, but he’s an outright communist and leading a thoroughly split Labour Party.

  3. some of these stupid butthurt lobbies are always coming up with things that Trump has said and done, I hope inform Trump, so he knows what he has said and done also.

  4. Is there a single person in the western world with any business outside a prison or a lunatic asylum who DOESN’T support Trump?

  5. The comments are great,poor Twit will need therapy before his next polling attempt.
    Remember, Math is hard?
    this is a classic example.

  6. This twerp supports the notion that Leftists don’t really believe in democracy. In his case, the Brexit vote didn’t turn out the way he wanted so now he’s trying to overturn the democratic will of the majority.

    Then his own poll didn’t turn out the way he wanted, so he started making excuses about why.

    Perhaps there is a genetic predisposition to totalitarianism inside the heart & soul of every devout Leftist?

  7. While the proportion of the population (in the U.S.A. and beyond) who openly admit that they agree with what Trump says and or does, there are still many who agree but won’t talk about it so long as the establishment, especially those who control the media is telling them it’s socially unacceptable. And people don’t like being told they are socially unacceptable, and those who don’t like talking about it are probably going to vote about it. I’m not sure how the U.S. Congressional mid-term elections will turn out, but I am sure it would be at least as foolish to predict, believe, or rely on them going against President Trump as going in his favour. Likewise the next Presidential election.

    Donald Trump seems to enjoy using the First Amendment every day. It’s good for Americans to remember that’s what it’s for.

    1. Seems to me that the Dems are currently confused on which is the best way to proceed…..

      Do they first take away the 1st Amendment right to defend the 2nd Amendment or take away the 2nd Amendment right to defend the 1st Amendment?

  8. My favorite Chinese proverb: The empty drum sounds loudest.

    Lots of noise, protesters, inflatable babies, reporters, news stories, Special Investigator of Russian hacking. defiant biased FBI creep lecturing Congress, That WalMart smell …

    Noise … empty noise.

    1. The Chinese have literally thousands of sayings. I have a dictionary just of them. However, I have a lot of trouble connecting what is said in the U.S. as “Chinese sayings” with the actual Chinese sayings.

      For instance, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” The closest I have found the Chinese say is, “to hear about it a hundred times is not as good as to see it once.” (I did a clumsy translation, the original saying is only six characters.)

      Just off the top of my head, the closest I can think of to what you said is “half full bucket of water” in Cantonese slang.

      On the other hand, I am almost positive “to kill two birds with one stone” is English in origin. But its Chinese translation sounds absolutely like an original Chinese saying. It’s better than the real Chinese saying of “one arrow piercing two birds.” So much so that most Chinese now say “to kill two birds with one stone” instead.

  9. Donald Trump seems to enjoy using the First Amendment every day. It’s good for Americans to remember that’s what it’s for.

    X2 that, fellow deplorables, American or otherwise

  10. Kenji, The CBC & CTV lead their Network News with the demonstrations….HUGE and peaceful.. I guess they don’t know the population of the UK…..Later a kite flyer flew over Trumps Hotel with a banner ( Air space must be protected, where was the RAF?) most likely it was a fake news clip…They picked every error in Royal Protocol made by Trump… He was 10 minutes late because all visitors are required to be early……Every Turd they could find was found… They failed to play the Full recording of Trumps breakfast complaint over Germany.. Clipped his statement that “after Germany Closed its Nuclear & Coal plants they imported OIl/GAS Energy from Russia”
    ( a Killer of Climate Science when everyone in the EU is cheating)

    They are making a big deal of DOJ indictments, drawing on Trumps Statements during Election… One hairball American talked about treason. I guess they never read the SCOTUS ruling on the Travel Ban… The Court clearly barred any statement made by Trump or
    any supporter.. He may communicate any (Fucking) way he pleases….He was Elected President and he is an American

    Poor Canadian from BC who finances Pot Growing was stopped at Border & Banned for Life.. The SPUD needs to fix this glitch..Canadians are Canadians and Americans can’t treat us this way.. Get ready to spread you cheeks if you want to enter the USA

    YES! Canadians are like Mushrooms, keep in the dark and fed Bull Shit….Canadian News is worse than CNN or MSNBC because they believe they are just soothing the news for Canadians so they can Sleep tight


    1. That has to be funny. ha
      ‘YES! Canadians are like Mushrooms, keep in the dark and fed Bull Shit.’

      This poll with a clown attached said that thousands of votes didn’t come up until the East Coast got up.
      I bet Thousands from NEW YORK voted-I like Trump.

  11. Our anti-Brexit friend will know better next time. Since he’s limited to four poll choices, he’ll use “hate”, “despise”, “detest” and “can’t stand” – that way he’s SURE to get the desired result, just a lot fewer responders.

    “See? I KNEW IT! How did he ever get elected in the FIRST place – everybody I know HATES him! RUSSIAN INTERFERENCE!!!”


  12. Thank you, I hadn’t seen that, you saved me the trouble of voting.

    The #FBPE means Follow Back Pro EU and is supposed to identify Remainers and help them network.

    The rest of us can tell them by the “Moron” tattooed on their foreheads.

    1. The yougov polls are always distorted by
      2/300,000 ”Momentum activists, just like the abortion polls.
      Yougovs are well known for being corrupted and only a progressive spiv would post them.