12 Replies to “When The FBI Does It, That Means That It’s Not Illegal”

  1. On the advice of the lawyers’ cabal, no doubt. When asked an embarrassing question, fake amnesia.

    A tactic that works wonders in countries where law enforcement is unable to interrogate criminals properly, using techniques that force crooks to stop insulting decent people’s intelligence.

  2. It’s all part of ‘A higher loyalty” . To whom I am not certain- but it is not the rule of law. However it’s not newsworthy. The main problem is the Proud Boys. They are nearly as racist as United we roll. It’s sick , really sick. And oh , today should be a stat. I am so glad I no longer employ individuals. CTV is as bad as CBC.

    1. You give him too much credit. He’s only loyal to himself. He serves the globalists because he gets things from them he could not get honestly. (One day we’ll find out if it was just money or included the opportunity to commit sex crimes that would get you and me sent to prison for a long time.)

      When they can no longer do that, he will squeal like a pig to save his own neck. I doubt he cares to be the last to die for globalism.

      1. I believe your assessment of Jimmies loyalty is correct. There are however people he must protect if he is to avoid exposure,,, incarceration,,, arkancide. Some might mistake such protections for loyalty.

    2. Jeez Concerned! “CTV is as bad as CBC”, you only just noticed???

      I would suggest then, that you are not really that concerned.

  3. I’m liking Ted these days.
    I think that Trump winning by NOT playing Mr. Nice Guy has encouraged him to nurture his inner honey badger.

    1. first timer – Cruze was an American debate champion at one time. He’s always been a pitbull. I saw him chew up and spit out the head of the Sierra Club in 2015. “Is it correct that there has been no significant warming according to satellite data, over the last 18 years?” Ans: “No”. “How is it incorrect?”. And then Ted launches a Cruze missile…

      Cruze was my pick back in 2015. I had a Democrat colleague leave the bar we were at in Calgary back then just because I said I liked Cruze.

  4. Ain’t it something to see the smart, detailed, knowledgeable, forthright and opinionated former head of the FBI all of a sudden get a case of the I DUNNOs and the I DONT RECALLs?????

    Panic in DC