14 Replies to “Margin Of Fraud”

  1. No one will ever put on a uniform to defend the USA ever again if this is allowed to continue.

    What a disgrace, our future will be to pick our favourite warlord. Disgusting.

    1. Excellent point. I’ve thought the same. Looks like they will conscript all men because war is definitely on the horizon.

  2. Seems the USA has a fundamental problem. Minnesota, all those senators and reps get to stay in Washington, they get to keep voting on bills, they keep getting paid. All their electoral college votes, still gonna count.

    The poisoned tree continues to bear fruit, and they appear to have no way to stop eating it.

    1. Kevin.

      Look who they picked for their Governor years ago. Bar bouncer/ Wrestler. Never a SEAL too

      Need I say anymore.

      1. Oh, any citizen is allowed to hold whatever office his neighbors are willing to elect him to. I got no problem with that. Being Jesse “the body” Ventura is not a crime.

        Election fraud, now THAT’S a crime. Bribery, extortion, racketeering, fraud, also crimes.

        Making a bad choice, not a crime Otherwise you would have to punish a lot of people over Carter, Obama, Pelosi, Clinton, … .

  3. Andrew Wilkow – “When we keep bringing ‘over there,’ ‘over here,’ how long before ‘over here,’ becomes ‘over there!’

  4. I am not surprised and I also think nothing will be done. Who is going to prosecute her? The FBI is corrupt. The DOJ is corrupt. One of her own is in the District Attorney for the state. The democrat party won’t expel her. Her people probably learned how to do this from them.

  5. I would ask “HOW DID SHE BECOME AN AMERICAN” Her Oath of allegiance may be found fraudulent…
    The immigration system HAS all the documentation for HER & her followers, who was her Immigration Lawyer & who was the Federal Judge????…Broken System???????

    GET it DONE

  6. Vote Harvesting Scandal Scam

    This voter fraud insider touted by Trump runs a non-existent organization
    Project Veritas taps questionable ‘whistleblower’ for ‘ballot harvesting’ video.
    Sep 29, 2020, 10:15 am* Tech Zachary Petrizzo Zachary Petrizzo

    O’Keefe alleges that Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) employed individuals to “harvest ballots” in exchange for cash in her 2020 primary.
    The video shows Snapchat footage from a man named Liban Mohamed, who is not an Omar campaign employee, gloating about having picked up over 300 ballots in one day.
    In it, he is not picking up ballots for Omar.
    And ballot harvesting, the phrase for collecting and delivering ballots for people who voted but cannot deliver them, like the elderly, is not illegal in Minnesota


    1. Attack the whistleblower because his website sucks? Okay.

      Attack the whistleblower personally because he used to do what almost everyone in that community appears to be doing? Okay.

      The whistleblower likely has his own agenda, unseat and replace Ilhan Omar or something like that, everyone gets that, but none of that takes away from the facts we can see and hear in the videos. It’s a disgrace by any measure.

  7. The Act of paying Bounties & Rewards works VERY WELL….When you catch some THEY may need Curb Stomping & Deportation….. The lawyers identified & disbarred….The FBI are useless Turds