16 Replies to “Today In Islam”

    1. These are the animals produced by the HAMAS culture that Turdo is planning on bringing in to Canada as “refugees.” Imagine these pigs around your teenage daughters in Toronto, Winnipeg, Montreal and Calgary.

  1. We’re just going to have to rely on Moderate Muslims to save us from the radicals….

  2. “Michigan: Muslim leader says ‘we are on the road to White House, to Congress, to decision-making everywhere in US’”

    Yes, they are.

    1. This was predicted by Mark Steyn in “America Alone” , published in 2006, and everything is going according to plan at our peril.

    1. That’s because they and their coreligionists are subhuman shyte.

      1. it is clear to me their ‘allah’ is either satan himself or a very high level subordinate.
        and if that is true, everything fits especially all the lies lies lies lies lies lies. (did l get enough of them? lol)

  3. Muslim road to the White House? Been there, done that with Barrack Hussein … and it has set America on the road to ruin.

  4. Were It Up to me, the entire enclave of 2 Billion + would be glassed (YES – NUKED), off the surface of the planet.

    There is NO SUCH thing as a “MODERATE” Muslim – such is the power of their BS “religion” and that is Why THEY are the favoured folks to REPLACE us…in Canada and throughout the EU.

    I HAVE zero USE for any of them.
    DILLIGAF….I don’t.

    1. I wonder how long it will take before matt & Joey to show up and blame all this madness on Israel.