And How’s Your Day Going?

Update: it’s always in the last place you look.

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  1. Stolen? Thunderball style by a Russian spy? Something is fishy in Denmark or on Market Street in Charleston.

  2. The F-35 engine parts are outsourced to Honeywell…which, in turn, gets said parts from China. Just saying.

      1. The Defense Contract Management Agency notified the F-35 Joint Program Office at the Pentagon on Aug. 19 that an alloy used in magnets contained in the F-35’s turbomachine pumps came from China.

        Which, btw, is forbidden.

    1. They’re very specific about the sourcing. At one point there was one small non electronic part that came from China to be machined in the US. That was a huge deal.

      1. Given that the titanium for the SR-71 came from the Soviet Union, I’m not too worried about a part or two from China.

        1. Titanium was just raw material. Parts are manufactured products, and why don’t we in the USA have the ability to manufacture the parts for our only new fighter jet ourselves?

  3. Haven’t won a war since they dropped a couple of nukes. Just saying. It’s not an equipment or technological problem.

  4. I checked Google maps … Charleston Co. is not so remote and unpopulated as to not immediately have reported a jet crash and explosion. And what of the story that this jet was on autopilot when the pilot punched out ? How little fuel do these jets carry?

    But why has the identity of the pilot not been identified? Are the pilots kept secret too? Was this a “transgender” pilot who had a … *ahem* … medical episode? In the “new” Marine Corps.

    1. What’s not explained is why the other flyer didn’t continue to fly with the now pilotless F35B instead of returning to base?

      It’s been suggested that the search area is about 1200nm in radius, so it’s probably in a swamp somewhere.

  5. Damn.

    Woulda been a better story if aliens were involved.

    ( not the illegal ones…the ET ones)

  6. @disclosetv
    JUST IN – Missing F-35 fighter jet found, crashed in Williamsburg County, South Carolina.

    Insider Paper @TheInsiderPaper
    It’s official: Debris from a F-35 fighter jet that went missing Sunday has been located in Williamsburg County, South Carolina.

    Insider Paper @TheInsiderPaper
    BREAKING: Missing F-35 jet crashed in Williamsburg County, north of Charleston, debris field located, according to officials

  7. Re the pilot; other than his command structure and his family, why is his identity anyone else’s business, he’s supposedly OK?

    1. dannknee
      they usually go over board with personal info on most similar situations, so why are they mute this time?


  8. There have been three major Marine Corps aircraft accidents and too many deaths in the last month.

    If it takes a two day stand down to stop the dying, it is worth it. Maybe if they concentrated on the important things like how to fight, how to fly, and how to survive; and not on pronouns, equity, and whether they met their metrics for woke sloganeering, so the colonel can make general and get a staff in Pentagon DC. Maybe then the dying will stop?

    If war does come, the troops will pay the price for this unpreparedness.

  9. The Aliens kidnapped it!!!

    Only Slim Whitman can save us now.

    Has anyone seen Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones lately?

  10. Here is one allegation floating around.
    On Mon. 18 Sept. we avoided a False Flag when the pilot who was supposed to attack an American and a certain city, refused orders and ejected. The jet was auto piloted by an unknown source to finally crash in North Carolina. Marines were ordered to ground all jets worldwide over the incident.

  11. The mind really boggles at the inanity of the comments contained herein. It seems that the majority of post pubescent readers of this blog relocated to planet Earth yesterday. History is an unknown word to such mental midgets. At one point in the mid 50’s, Canada, yes that country, Canada, had 656, yes 656 advanced jet trainers ( all built in Canada) all over the country and were losing, i.e. crashing and with loss of life as well one jet a week. The loss of so many aircraft was of such prominence that it even came up for comment in that august chamber known as The House of Commons. You have no idea.

  12. If one puts away all the speculation for a moment one is left with one conclusion. The F35 (design by committee) coming up with a Swiss Army Knife of fighters (does almost anything you want if you want it done poorly) is a turkey. This isn’t the first crash of the F35. Pilots training standard reduced or bad machine. My bet is on the bad machine.