7 Replies to “I, For One, Welcome Our New Self-Driving Overlords”

  1. AI systems need to have a database of “this is correct” to guide their discussions. wattsupwiththat.com has shown a few examples of trying to talk the bots into not believing false information about an individual or a topic. The bots seem to always revert to what they were told is correct, ignoring things like “Greenland cannot melt at an average temperature of -18C” in favor of “there is an overwhelming consensus that global warming is an existential threat to humanity.”

    So long as the ideologies that have lead to the biggest mass murders are the ideologies that the AI systems are taught, expect future mass murders on the basis of ideology. “Because this time we’ll get it right, because this time the Right People are making the decisions.” (see – also “Liberal Party of Canada”) Being a leftist means never having to say “I learned something today.”

  2. Hell I’ve been telling those looneys that for years. For the good of the planet don’tchaknow.

    1. The sad part about that story is that the majority of those who did vote were in favour of it, but there weren’t enough total votes to achieve the equivalent of a quorum.