Ban All The Things!


New York state lawmakers are poised to enact the nation’s first legislative ban on gas and fossil fuel appliances in most new buildings, including single-family homes.

Despite outcry from Republicans nationwide about states and the federal government looking to ban gas stoves, New York appears set to move forward with the proposal in the state budget due March 31.

The reason a deal looks imminent is because Gov. Kathy Hochul and fellow Democrats in both chambers of the state Legislature have endorsed proposals to prohibit fossil fuel furnaces, water heaters, clothes dryers and gas stoves in most new construction.

New York would be the first to take this step through legislative action; California and Washington have done so through building codes. An agreement has not been finalized to ensure passage, but the new restrictions are included in all three plans being discussed in Albany.

Supporters see the potential law as a national model that they hope can spur similar action by other states and the federal government to limit fossil fuel use in buildings, which are a major source of greenhouse gas emissions contributing to climate change.

41 Replies to “Ban All The Things!”

  1. Does that mean Antifa and its Burn Back Better plan can be banned also ?
    Asking for my Black Bloc friend.

  2. So what happens to all the folks who work in the forced air gas heat industry and that is a huge number.

    Also the gas stove industry … every restaurant on earth uses gas. A chef rebellion might help.

    This madness must be stopped.

    1. That’s what the grandfather clause is for all old construction , until you learn to build solar panels or something electric.
      All hail our magnificent Overlords, we are not worthy to lick your boots clean.

    2. So where is this abundant new source of electrical power to supply this fossil fuel-less panacea to come from and how is it going to get there? How are the raw materials and labour for the necessary strengthening of the electrical system supposed to get there?

      Even alternative sources of heating and cooling still require power to run the pumps and valves and compressors, etc, you are just shifting the needs around, not eliminating them altogether and making the reliance on power even greater.

      I guess they could switch to bio-mass as an alternative. They want an end to carbon, n’est pas? I suggest using THEIRS! For once a politician or green activist may have an actual use, besides a useless eater, they can become a useful HEATER!!

    3. “So what happens to all the folks who work in the forced air gas heat industry and that is a huge number.”

      And they’re worried about laying off 300,000 people in the US if a flat tax is employed…

  3. “Despite outcry from Republicans nationwide”

    Yeah, according to those so-called journalists at Politico, I guess it’s just “Republicans” who are pissed off. What a laugh.

    Howie Carr had some listeners calling in last week talking about how their power was out due to a big nor’easter snow storm pounding New England and that their gas stoves were their soul means of heating their homes. Personally, I’ll be having a hearty laugh at the expense of brainwashed Vermont progressives freezing to death in the coming years because of some loud mouth autistic teenager from Sweden.

  4. You can implement geothermal heating / cooling in new apartment construction without much of a cost difference. I prefer gas stoves when cooking but you can get away with electric and nobody will starve. So I don’t see this as a big deal. The main problem will be retrofitting older buildings. I’m not sure if they could be upgraded to geothermal or converted to electric heat (which I feel would cost a fortune). Retrofitting will crush the electricity supply as the morons running the electric grid in New York estimate a maximum 25% increase in load to convert away from fossil fuel. It’s probably closer to 225% unless you admit a massive reduction in energy use is on the way. Then explain why you are assuming that.

      1. My condo had 250 people in it and a well-working geothermal system. At what point does geothermal not work? The condo was 11 stories. Is there a height limit?

        1. “My condo had 250 people in it and a well-working geothermal system.”

          Are you talking about heat pumps, or did the developers actually drill into the earth’s core? 🙂

          1. They drilled into the Earth. Not quite the core, maybe the upper mantle. 🙂

  5. Good. I’m on bird with fossil fuels but I don’t need these emissions in my own home.

      1. We had an old propane stove on the farm w/ no range hood. I’m [twitch] normal…

  6. Hochill wants gas stove only for the elites. I.e. only elites who are bankrolled by the taxpayers can afford them.

    1. It is the chefs and cooks of the elites who insist on keeping the gas stove option because electricity is NOT reliable, gas is. Gas is far better to cook with, If you don’t cook or know anything about it, I can’t explain it to you.

      Elites do not cook their own food. Too plebeian.

  7. Do they really think NY state and NYC’s leftist “foodies” will go along? Methinks not.

  8. Nothing better than electric stoves for chinese cuisine!!! No more take out for you. Fools.

  9. About 5 years ago I converted my big, inefficient electric hot water to a tankless on-demand gas heater. It’s awesome and far superior. And water in Ottawa in the winter and spring is damn cold.
    Somebody tries to take it away – and those somebodys are Everywhere in Canada – and they’re going to be made to eat their own shit.

    How Americans are letting their politicians take away their ability to choose is beyond me.
    Don’t you fckers have property rights?
    And the “grandfathering” is a pure lie. They’ll go after the gas pipelines next.

    The thing they want to ban the most is You!

    1. “And the “grandfathering” is a pure lie.”

      So is climate change. Check every weekday morning to see the proof around the world.

    1. The #1 way it will reduce carbon emissions in New York State is because it’s going to accelerate the departure of millions of people out of the state into places that treat its residents as mature citizens and not beaten down peasants.

  10. I’m sure it will work well when they convert New York City’s steam system from petroleum products to electric. Gives them a good use for the hydro power they are getting from Quebec

  11. Related. All companies that manufacture 2-stroke gasoline power tools/implements are getting on board with this stupidity and will sell us outin an instant.

    Dolman-Sachs, which made wonderful chainsaws, was purchased by Makita. A year ago Makita announced that it would no longer produce gasoline-powered products. Husky, Stihl, etc. are pushing their electric products and will follow Makita’s lead at the snap of a green finger.

    1. When you need to cut up a tree that has downed powerlines, that ought to prove problematic. (Many many years ago, long before battery tech, I put the hardware on hydro poles with a gas powered drill.)

      1. And you hauled your ass and the poles with a diesel truck, that augered the pole hole, raised the pole into the hole. Tada!

  12. please turn off all the sources of heat in the federal buildings, starting with that one in Ottawa, then do the universities, all public buildings anywhere that politicians, breaucrats, and civil servants work, let’s start there shall we.

  13. Slow-combustion and traditional wood-fired stove sales to boom?

    How long before sales and possession of gas and fuel oil are deeply “banned”?

    Will the punters finally wake up after the first few home-owners are gunned down on a live feed, (pour encourager les autres, of course), for raising a metaphorical finger to the psychotics?

    Probably not, if previous campaigns are any indication.

  14. No real cook ever willingly uses an electric stove. Most tasty advanced and simple recipes, often include “bring to a boil for x minutes; then reduce immediately “. Or “ fry meat on high; then reduce to medium/low”. Electric stove tops are useless, as they turn off/down too slowly. Ask any chef or experienced person who has cooked for family and friends for decades.

    The only workaround for electric stoves is to have one burner on high and one on simmer, but one is missing the perfect heat for very good food, gas.

    Using extra electricity, which we all know has a big footprint, is insane.

    1. I loved my gas range in our old house. Now I use an induction cooktop which responds even faster to temperature change requirements and brings water to boil at amazingly fast speeds. Works well until the power goes out.

  15. Every 80 years,the regulatory overload,or the bureaus of busybodies,require culling.
    Human affairs cycle..
    We are at peak useless and clueless.
    So clueless they imagine they know best for everyone and that their word shall be law..
    Delusions Of Adequacy will create the other D.O.A,because productive people eventually realize they cannot carry such a parasitic load..
    One shall wither.
    Which will it be?
    The Host?
    Or the infestation?
    So do civilizations fall.

    History does repeat,read it and ..weep?
    Weep because we are so stupid?
    Or Cheer because all idiocies must and will crash?

    “We shall tell you what device is acceptable ,by us,for you to use”
    “Thou shall obey..
    Respect muh authority.
    Why are you looking at me,like that?
    What are you doing?
    I am your friend and helper,why are you drowning me?”
    “I am from the government,you can’t do this to me”.

    Cycles,round and round we go…

  16. The Overcrowded Wastelands of NYC 2030:
    Det. Thorn: The Electric Grid is dying, power plants are dying… it’s people. *Soylent ENERGY is made out of people.* They’re making our Energy out of people. Next thing they’ll be breeding us like cattle for Energy. You’ve gotta tell them. You’ve gotta tell them!

    Hatcher: I promise, Tiger. I promise. I’ll tell the Exchange.

    Det. Thorn: You tell everybody. Listen to me, Hatcher. You’ve gotta tell them! Soylent ENERGY is people! We’ve gotta stop them somehow!