Eat Da Bugz

Utah teacher, Kim Cutler, had her students eat bugs:

Student: “How come we can’t state our opinion and write that we shouldn’t be eating bugs?”

Cutler: “Because we don’t have any evidence to support it. It’s kind of weird that I gave you a topic where there is only one right answer. We don’t want to eat bugs and it’s gross. But should we be eating bugs? Yeah, because we’re killing the world by raising cows and animals. So we need to, not get rid of cows, but like, try to balance our diet so that not so much of our land is being used to raise cows, cause it’s killing the ozone layer.”

Student: “What if you wanted to – ”

Cutler: “You don’t have any evidence to support it. There’s only one right answer to this essay. And it’s that Americans should be eating bugs. Everyone in the world is eating them, it’s healthy for the environment and there’s just, there’s only one right answer.”

The next time someone tells you that their decisions are based on data & science, either walk in the either direction or call the police.

Incidentally, Ms. Cutler was on her school’s website last year:

But no longer.

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      1. I know several people who are Jewish. However, I would split them into 2 categories: Actually Jewish, as in practicing conservative Jews. All of these people seem very based. The ones who were born Jewish but are now somewhat to extremely left-leaning have, in my opinion, shed their Jewish faith and instead adopted their new religion. Some call it “progressive”. Others call it “wokeness”. I call it “disturbing cult like behaviour”.

        These former Jews, who now kneel at the altar of Far-Left Woke Cultism, are no different than those born Christian who subscribe to the same ideology.

        1. None of which matters to gym, who spews his Jew-hatred every chance he gets.

          Lowers the tone of this place considerably.

          1. “Lowers the tone of this place considerably.”
            It doesn’t actually.
            Many non-profits and legalitarians rely on such comments for their lifeblood,
            without which they’d simply find another horse to flog for donations,
            driving down page views here.

    1. This may help:

      Cutler History, Family Crest & Coats of Arms
      Early Origins of the Cutler family. The surname Cutler was first found in London, where the Hundredorum Rolls of 1273 listed Saleman le Cotiler as holding lands at that time. The same rolls listed Matilda la Cutiller, Lincolnshire.

  1. This school has 6 science teachers, 6 math teachers, about a dozen english teachers, and a hell of a lot of admin. I see at least 40 positions that could easily be cut and NOT impact what the kids are learning.

    WTF? No wonder the schools have no money.

    1. Why does a middle school need 4 people for “college and career awarness” on top of the half dozen counselors?

      1. I graduated high school in 1970 – 53 years ago. Sadly, the guidance counsellors were just “not good”. One was actively recruiting students to become Mormon. I wanted to go into interior design, there was nothing in the guidance office about it. I had to research it on my own (and this was before the internet). If you were a girl, even an Honours student as I was, there were only a few acceptable jobs for you – secretary, school teacher of small children, nurse (not doctor) and of course wife/mother. My graduating class had many capable young women who went on to become architects, psychiatrists, general practioners and one interior designer (me if you are still wondering).
        So I am not surprised at the need for 4 + 6 guidance counselors who probably could not find their asses with their hands even if they were given a map.

        1. Guidance counselor is no better these days. In 2001 it was just printing out a few pages of job listing from Craigslist.

        2. My youngest son’s guidance counselor, when he was a Freshman in HS in 2003, was a woman who told him he wasn’t the kind of student who should ask to work on the yearbook committee. They were looking for students with higher gpa’s (his gpa was plenty high). She was making a totally “political” and highly biased judgement against my son. And she treated him as though he were a totally inferior student.

          We transferred him to another HS … where he was awarded student athlete of the year in his senior year (soccer) after starting on the Varsity team all 4-years … oh … and graduated from UCLA with a degree in Applied Math. That IDIOT counselor made her School dumber and weaker because of her bias.

    2. I counted 14 men in a total staff of 100. Time for some Affirmative Action to get the balance to be 50/50.

      1. What man would inflict that nightmare on himself? Ten Karens to one guy? He would be pecked to death in hours.

        They’re not women. They’re Karen. Vengeful, entitled, unionized public employees. I’d sooner take my chances with harpies.

      2. A ratio that holds true for just about every Elementary and Middle school in Canada and US.
        This leads to the policy of “indulge the girls, drug the boys”.

    3. I remember when I was in high school, one of the English teachers was also a guidance councilor.

  2. Making students to write essays with one opinion is actually indoctrination + training the kids to be robots.
    Should be reason for firing on the spot. Nowadays we have tools like ChatGPT for writing one-way stuff.

    This problem is bigger here in Canada but
    1) everyone tries to navigate around as best as they can
    2) we don’t see it (so officially doesn’t exist) because Canadian msmedia never reports on such things.

    1. A good teacher… heck, even a decent teacher would have encouraged all opinions, and debate.

      “There is only one truth” is true zealotry.

      1. I’m pretty sure that this tumour of indoctrination and zealotry is way bigger than expected, in both US and Canada. Because it’s quite probable that every school and high school in N America has at least 1 teacher of “English/Lang Arts” who thinks that this one-opinion-essay is “militant art”. And subjects can be many, not just “eat za bugs”. For ex: trans/drag queen stuff is freedom of expression/gender affirmative, pro-BLM stuff and all whites are evil, defund the Police, Islam is great, planet will end in < 10yrs, abortion = reproduction freedom, Socialism is great, whoever dares to think different than Dems/Liberals/NDP is far/alt-right which is of course by default evil etc.

      2. As a former English teacher, I was annoyed to see a waste of a good topic. You explain the issue, tell them to make up their own minds and everybody gets enthused about writing their opinion. But this dumbass is cutting them off. Wrong!
        And, Lord knows, some kids will claim they love them and eat a handful.

        1. Worse. She claimed the essay was NOT an opinion- piece … but eating bugs to save the planet is FACT. Cows destroying the planet is FACT.

          The teacher is a climate and PETA … fascist. FACT

  3. One of the little darlings might want to ask Ms. Cuttlefish how many dangerous diseases are spread by crickets, mealworms and assorted other “edible” insects.

    The answer is: more than she thinks.

  4. Humans are not designed to process chitin, some people can handle it, but others will have a bad reaction to it, including vomiting and diarrhea, let alone any diseases and virus that bugs carry that humans have no defence from.

    If you want to eat bugs, knock yourself out, but the rest of us cannot

  5. We are finite. We never know everything about anything. We often take positions without understanding the presuppositions or premises that underlie our own positions and we are reluctant to examine those premises. Cutler fell into that trap and, without examining other evidence, pushes one point of view to the exclusion of all others. She is in the “science is settled” camp which if she understood the scientific process (the underlying premises), she would leave as soon as possible. And it can happen to any of us if we ignore contradictory information.

    1. So true. My son took a Home Ec for Boys class in high school. In one of their first assignments, they made peanut butter sandwiches (incredibly lame in and of itself, but that’s what they did). However, they used ‘natural’ organic peanut butter and he said they were awful. Only a teacher could screw up a peanut butter sandwich!

  6. The alleged teacher is a lying lefty biatch. She claimed:

    “So we need to, not get rid of cows, but like, try to balance our diet so that not so much of our land is being used to raise cows, cause it’s killing the ozone layer.”

    But “Why the Ozone Hole Is on Track to Be Healed by Mid-Century”

    IIRC, there are other estimates that dispute that with a quicker timeline, or already near repaired. And IIRC, some say it was BS completely.

  7. “There is only one correct opinion”.
    Now that there is a real “Teacher”..
    Except the lesson she is teaching,ain’t the one she thinks..
    She will be remembered.
    And hopefully every student who suffered her “wisdom” will be just a little more resilient to indoctrination and idiocy.

  8. For the essay, students were told that they could only argue for eating bugs and against eating beef, since cow flatulence poses a dire hazard to said ozone layer and life on Mother Earth.
    Even if one were to accept the claim of cow flatulence unchallenged, the very large error made by the teacher is that the digestive system of bugs (termites, grasshoppers, crickets, roaches, etc) will produce approximately the same amount of methane per unit amount of vegetation consumed.

    1. Also consider:
      – beef is not the only meat to be consumed
      – the dietary and cultural habits of people
      – an all vegan/vegetarian diet will result in the destruction of arable land due to overuse
      – bugs are not only disgusting but are similar to shellfish in allergen concerns, carry diseases, foul liquids, ect
      – carbon is not a pollutant

      One could go on.

  9. We should ask Ms. Cutler if she is happy that the 19th century environmental disaster was averted by culling the plains bison.

    1. But, but, but … the Bison were wiped out by … Americans. I suspect she hates her fellow and ancestral Americans even more than she hates carnivores. And certainly more than she hates Bison flatulence.

  10. I think we have all had teachers like that: leftist in their ideologies, blinkered in their thinking, lacking in their prose.

    This bug-eating nonsense has ZERO to do with nutrition or survival. It is a communist method of keeping people barely fed on the least appetising things imaginable.

    Watch how many people will eat those for purity reasons.

    The Cambodian and North Korean people know that all too well.

    1. But, but, but … Americans are too FAT. And we are 6% of the worlds population but consume (pick your #) 58% of the worlds resources! You can bet those are two fundamental orthodoxies in this woman’s church of climate leftism.

      We should all slim-down like the brave, noble, loving, North Korean people … Right?

  11. The stupidity of humans pales in comparison to their hubris.
    The destruction of the planet is beyond the capacity of its puny primates.
    Keeping with the theme, like head lice or maybe crabs, we’re a bit of an itchy parasite.
    But in the grand scheme, a momentary annoyance, nothing more.

  12. “We want to continue to be partners in the education of children.”

    Sounds innocuous enough but this is where it all goes wrong in my opinion. You’re not our “partners” the same way the guy who fills potholes on my street isn’t my infrastructure partner. Just do your job.
    If you want a partner, join a Lonely Hearts club.

  13. Wow that is scary because someone with a shellfish allergy could cross react to the exoskeleton.Of course, not the only scary reason but the life threatening one.

  14. I think that if my child was in that class, I would remove that child with prejudice . Plus, if anyone were to feed or force my child to actually eat bugs, that person would have their face rearranged immediately and dramatically!

    Boy, I’m glad my child rearing days are long over!

  15. I thought that I had better check to see if they just transfered her to Food Services. Luckily the answer seems to be a big NO.