Your Moral And Intellectual Superiors

Greenwashing the News for Fun and Profit;

If a prominent media outlet takes money from liberal philanthropies to report on “climate change,” and then attributes all weather-related problems to that climate change, and never fact-checks how normal these weather phenomena actually are, what would you call that? Is it not the definition of corruption?

You’d also call it the new normal for the Associated Press – and several other outlets, all of which take funding from donors with agendas. Not surprisingly, they faithfully ascribe to “climate change” all manner of occurrence. In fact, it turns out that there are plenty of grants to go round if a media company wants to write about the climate.

17 Replies to “Your Moral And Intellectual Superiors”

  1. In ancient times, its plentiful miscast victims coined the term “assassination press”.

  2. I have been saying for a couple of years now that the media can’t even report on a stabbing in the North End without trying to make it about climate change.
    “Experts say hotter temperatures lead to hotter temperatures. Is our murder rate set to soar due to climate change!”

    Always with the ‘experts say’.

  3. The Canadian federal government is using climate change to grab more and more power.
    And they fund the media.
    Where are the checks and balances in that corrupt system?

  4. I dont think they do it because they are paid to – they are fellow travellers – the grift is just a bonus

  5. The fix is in and its best to just go along to get along.. Im 100% sure as soon as the suffering kicks in the grifters will be off in a new direction..

  6. Wait! But, but, but … what about all the money BIG OIL gives to CAGW denier (sic) blogs … like WUWT!? Ohhhhhhhhhh mommmmmmmmaaaaaaa … BIG OIL

    We need to censor and shadow ban ALL those evil denier (sic) blogs !

      1. Pretty much. The children who watched “Captain Planet” cartoons are now the Captains of industry … and they will systematically dismantle all the GREAT things built by prior generations … because THEY will “save the planet”

  7. Something about the peoplekind who pay the piper call the tune comes to mind.

    You can determine an agency’s clout by measuring the ad space in any newspaper; the federal and provincial governments win that race hands down.

    If an opinion piece or an editorial strays too far off the official line, the editor/publisher WILL get a phone call expressing disappointment and concern about the offending article.

    The message is clear.

  8. “An AP vice president is quoted as saying that they only accept money without strings attached.”

    And if they move away from the accepted narrative of Mann-Made Global Warming (of one tree in Siberia) the money will not return, will it?

  9. “Canada is already experiencing an increase in heat waves, wildfires, and heavy storms. These impacts—and the economic and health repercussions that come with them—will continue to accelerate if we do not act now.”

    These words appear in Chapter 3 of the Federal Budget, published April 7, 2022.


    None of these climes is true. Heat waves were more severe in the 1930’s, the frequency and area burned by wildfires has declined and there is no evidence of increases in heavy storms – winter or summer.

    I’ve been patiently waiting for a response to my request under the Pursuant to the Access to Information Act (ATIP).

    Incidentally, if you think your government is lying to you an ATIP request sets you back $50.00. No guarantee that they’ll give you a satisfactory response but it doesn’t cost a ton to ask!

    1. Anyone who thinks the government is not routinely lying needs to revisit “Safe and effective.”