14 Replies to “It’s Sunday On Turtle Island”

  1. On Amazon Prime…”The Terminal List”.
    I’d recommend to watch.

    Saying no more…

    1. Couldn’t agree more … I am on episode 5 … This is a high quality production. Very tense … Chris Pratt is the man.

  2. The nations of Africa all wanted independence from the European imperialists and now they’ve brought in the Chicoms to exploit the shit out of them.
    Is that grass any greener?

      1. What do you mean by that comment? It is not clear, If I am right, you are troll.

      2. And no more slant eyes either. What is the world coming to when you can’t oppress non-whites?

  3. ‘Is that grass any greener?’
    No, it would be like the ‘ pot calling the kettle black’ …

    Oops ; off to re-education camp with me for PC infringements.

  4. Hunter Biden is absolutely everything that corporate media wanted Trump Jr. to be.

    Few things have exposed the leftarded media more than their completely opposite approaches to both men. They invented every slur and spread every innuendo imaginable to undermine an innocent Trump, but then conspire to hide truly nasty facts and truths to protect a guilty Biden.

    How sad that none of these lying fake-news whores will ever meet the justice they so deserve.

  5. UK – and their GREEN insanity…(applies to every moronic Western Hemisphere Nation that subscribes to that particular BULLSHIT.

    From the Article: “Net Zero: ..we simply cannot get there without decimating the economy, our lives and seriously rationing our energy usage..”

    Well now…the problem, is that the above result is PRECISELY the Point and the Ultimate GOAL of the GREEN Intelligentsia – BlackRock/Vanguard – Bill Gates – WEF – WHO – Holly weird – Globalists – MSM et all.

    It was Never Ever was about Climate….which from my vantage point is cooling.