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  1. The immigrant father reminds of Papa BADR.

    I grew up with iron discipline and old country European values. I was never in trouble with the law, I never did drugs, and I got a good education in engineering. I guess he did something right, eh?

    1. Same here, except enforcement was by my Welsh/Silesian mother, and I graduated with a degree in English/Creative Writing. Never a thought of breaking the law, as the punishment inflicted by dear sweet mom would far exceed anything the local gendarmes might propose.

      1. raoddog

        Was brought up by Parents who survived the occupation of Holland w/1 being a KRUPP Salve in a Nazi Kampf for 4+ yrs….

        Wo betide those who went against MOM..!! or worse, Dad.
        Wooden spoon on the Dinner table – not for FOOD.!

        1. Yuppers. Mama BADR often used her wooden spoon. And look how I turned out…..

    1. Fauci & company likely have thousands of those on order. With the deplorabucket.

    2. Mighta been useful during the Black Death.

      ..or, oh, Wait..!! the NEXT truly bit of Virulent BIO ENGINEERED SHIT coming down the NAZI Pipeline..??

  2. A sign of the times

    “Just a reminder to everyone that tonight’s Powerball jackpot prize is one tank of petrol, a 12 pack of TP and your power bill paid for a week”

    Via Jo Nova

    1. Freeman

      That was one of the Best Video interviews I ever watched over the past 2.6 yrs of this BULLSHIT.

      PRE-Meditated MASS MURDER of the Elderly – on Purpose – for a reason.
      PENSION $$$

      There is no other Explanation.

    1. I been asking that question for decades, it would seem the answer has always been NO.

      1. You know as well as I do that more Canadians will be volunteering to man the gas chamber doors than signing up to fight.

        Dead Country Walking.

        The only real decision left is whether to learn Chinese or Russian.

        1. Very True….as they partake in their 4th, 5th and 6th Boosters….Blatantly & Blissfully Too stupid to realize they’re on their way to their own personal oblivion…Fully Masked of course..!!

  3. In this one-sided CBC National piece, reporter Steven De Souza worries that conservative Freedom Convoy protestors have appropriated the Canadian flag:

    His missive is a solid reason why conservatives should wave the flag. Yesterday Linda remarked that few flags we seen at the establishment-propaganda events. So let’s appropriate the flag.

    1. You are both American born as per your own words. I don’t think Canadians believe in the flag as a symbol like the Americans do.

      1. Yesterday we put out our flag on our house as we do every July 1st. We take it down on labour day.

      2. Canadians have had a few of them, so not much loyalty to any of them. Quebec will always have their flag, Ontario still has the red ensign, for how long is anyone’s guess. One people embracing one culture, one people and a like minded society will embrace one flag. Canada, hahahahaha.

      3. Anonymous, you are perceptive. Born in Pittsburgh, but immigrated decades ago. Still think that the Freedom Convoy’s flag waving was effective. Anything that rattles repressive institutions like the CBC is effective.

    2. “So let’s appropriate the flag.”

      A lot of conservatives like the Canadian red ensign the liberal wackjobs consider it as Nazi was the swastika. Let’s wreck the Pearson Rag too. Anything short of the hammer and sickle is Nazi to liberals.

  4. An instructional look into the leftist mind, courtesy of Instapundit. Willfully blind virtue-signalling: “Well of COURSE I’m not doing THAT! I know SO MUCH BETTER what my baby needs than THEY do…”

    MURDER BY MALNUTRITION: Vegan mother is found guilty over death of 18-month-old son who weighed just 17lb when he died after being fed diet of only raw fruit and vegetables.
    Posted at 10:14 am by Ed Driscoll

    Three things to notice:
    (1) once the poor kid slumped into the respirational difficulties that caused his death, did she and her husband (who’s also being charged) call 911? – nope; they went to sleep. They at least, woke up.
    (2) she even had concrete evidence to-hand if she’d chosen to notice it, that her sanctimonious vegan efforts were killing her kid. They had three older kids, two of whom had yellow skin, black teeth and malnutrition. The fourth was an older daughter by a previous marriage, who was shared with her ex-husband and got to eat normally while there.
    (3) This is in Florida – odd isn’t it, how it turned-up in a UK paper and none of the news sources here so much as mentioned it…

  5. “Somebody Has To Say It” by Jim Breuer: https://youtu.be/bItcoUb5xsw
    Sadly hilarious, if you can believe. I can’t see YewToob leaving this up for long. He disses the coof, the MSM, Fauci, political correctness and much more.

  6. RIP former MP André Arthur

    He had an interesting life trying to fit in as a Québéçois:

    “His father and uncle, René and Gérard were Armenian immigrant children who came from Constantinople to Montreal in the 1910s, fleeing the Armenian genocide, with their parents and siblings, via New York City. According to Arthur, the family was mistakenly considered to be Jewish by some Montreal residents at the time, because their last name contained the name Isaac, thus being victims of antisemitism. Consequently, the family changed its name to Arthur, a French-sounding name, which was also André Arthur’s grandfather’s first name (he was alternatively known as Arthur Isakian or Arthur DerSahag, Sahag meaning Isaac in Armenian).

    Arthur’s mother was a Québécoise by the name of Tanguay, a name that originally came from Brittany to Quebec in the 17th century.”

    P.S. A reluctant Conservative? PM Stephen Harper never ran anyone against him because Arthur voted Conservative. See mini bio)

  7. Looking more and more like the “bank robbery” near Victoria this week was an acab mass police shooting. I’m sure once it’s clear that’s what happened it’ll be memoryholed.

  8. Does anyone have any idea what Faith Goldy’s doing nowadays? It looks like her website has been suspended and most of the entries that come up from an Internet search portray her as an ultra-right loonie. (The Wikipedia page about her is particularly uncomplimentary.)