When The FBI Does It, That Means That It’s Not Illegal

A highlight from this morning’s Sussmann trial coverage.

@HansMahnckeIt may seem like a small thing but Sussmann going over to Staples and using Clinton funds to buy flash drives for the fake Alfa data is the kind of story that resonates with juries.

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  1. Here’s the whole thread rendered as a Thread-Reader page:

    BTW, here’s the final tweet of the series:

    Clinton, through Sussmann, paid for the flash drives from Staples used to bring the Alfa info to the FBI.

    Nobody thought to use a gift card or cash? Nobody wanted to eat $30 to protect the conspiracy?

    These clowns were in fear of NOTHING.


    1. Andy, you echoed my thoughts. Not using tree branches to cover over their tracks reeks of a group of people devoid of any morals; how else to explain such behavior? Reminds me of the chapter in Hayek’s Road to Serfdom: why the worst get on top.

    1. Jim
      An article that was quickly scrubbed from the net said, we are under attack by far left MARXIAN Jews, it was ans article written by a christian Jew
      butt in here they are loath to admit to the truth!

  2. Hillary Clinton has never been prosecuted for anything. What would she possibly fear?

    The Clinton crime family was the obvious precursor to the Crime Family leader now residing in the White House. Note all the non-prosecutions of Hunter Biden.

  3. But the data wasn’t fake, and the Clinton campaign did nothing extraordinary or undue here.

    1. Not easy to be that ridiculously out of line, no doubt playing semantic weasel games the “data wasn’t fake,” but you pulled it off.
      More mental masturbation from you. It was fabricated, wrong, not accurate at all, but apparently it wasn’t fake.
      What’s fake is your so-called thought process. Hillary is obviously an unethical criminal, but proving that is another thing.
      Many Republicans are calling on Durham to use the same slimy tactics as Mueller but what would that prove? Light of day is enough.
      I know this is beyond your comprehension, but maybe Durham is using this trial to draw in more actors with sworn evidence?
      DC is full of fools like Unthought, so obfuscation and threatening with obstruction for defending innocence is their/your schtick.
      Honesty and fairness is an afterthought to Unsentient and his deluded ilk who can’t get past the fact DJT is way smarter than they.
      Admittedly a very low bar, but there you are, not doubt claiming to incite triggered responses when the impulse at work is masochism.