Communications Upgrade

You may have noticed a truck in front of the parliament buildings in Ottawa that has a wooden shack on it. It has kind of a Beverly Hillbillies vibe to it. The other day they built a deck on the roof of that shack and installed one of Elon Musk’s Starlink satellite dishes. They are now livestreaming from the location and there is no way anyone can block them from doing so or shut them down via cell towers. Its totally self contained.

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  1. For a bunch of supposedly unsophisticated rubes, they sure seem to be one step ahead of all the “smart” people.

  2. It would be great if Musk with his massive wealth help the ones that would/will be attacked financially by el führer’s regime.

    Thank you for the dish (No idea if it came from Elon but anyway very great full for all your support)…

  3. I didn’t mention it above but the other thing this does is enable them to have an independent wifi hotspot in the area should the need arise.

    1. More than just a hotspot, they can set up what is called a LORAWAN, a long range wireless wide area network, that extends a couple hundred yards or more in radius. Add extenders into the mix, and they can blanket the entire area. Also, if they have smart-phones, they can use free wifi telephony apps like Fongo or TextNow instead of cell service.

      1. If they can find appropriate sites, they can bridge kilometers. The cost of these things is now in the hundreds, not thousands of dollars. “Ignorant farmers” use them to connect distant outbuildings with home base.

        City people don’t know that the first people to adopt modern “home” computer technology after accountants were farmers.

          1. Their side is able to talk, chatter, make pie graphs, use the latest Woke labels, and host symposiums.
            Our side can actually do things.
            The class war has been ongoing for more than 40 years. Wonder who has the advantage in the long run?

        1. Theoretically, people’s devices can work hike a mesh network until the mesh finds a connection out to the intertubes.

  4. I’ve been wondering when they were going to do that. They can be blocked, but the more they harden their network and the more avenues of connection they have, the more disruptive to the entire city it would be.

  5. There’s a bimbo on youtube who does astronomy/astrophysics vids.
    She whines about Starlink making it harder to use ground-based telescopes.
    In the same breath, she’s fine with Hawaiian volcano worshipers halting the construction of a huge ground-based telescope.

    Starlink will change the world.

    1. As an amateur astronomer, I had this concern as well. But there’s plenty of space – literally – between the satellites, and serious astronomers can utilize apps that can track potential satellite crossings that could interfere with astrophotography or astronomical measurements. The biggest threat is to radio telescopes, with their large diameter apertures.

    1. At this point I’ve come to the opinion that the government should give Musk all of the money.
      He obviously makes better use of it than they do.
      I used to be a bit cross about his taking government money but I’ve done a 180 on that.

  6. I hope the truckers also know that YouTube isn’t going to voluntarily be their friend. Expect Twitter, Google, YouTube, Facebook to line up with the government sooner rather than later.

      1. Thanks Guys! Fixed those two. And will put full blame for the mistakes on the public education system that didn’t do its job.

    1. It’s on a truck so it can drive away. They ought to have a couple more on standby out in the periphery.

  7. Single point of failure. What they need is mesh networking with multiple satellite uplinks that they don’t advertise publicly (and perhaps they already have this; presenting the Stasi with an obvious honeypot has propaganda value).

    1. There exist mesh network apps for android phones. I’m sure the some of the truckers have already installed them. Also, they can use a mesh network to take advantage of local business’ wifi networks: any meshed phone connected to a local wifi becomes an uplink, plus a few more Starlink antennae, and you have a pretty robust comm. infrastructure.
      If Ottawa thinks its “inconvenienced” now, wait till the feds try to shut down all the local wifi hotspots, be they on Telus, Bell, or a reseller, and even then, all they need is one starlink uplink on the mesh…

    2. The revolution will not be televised-gil scott heron
      The emporer has no clothes
      High River
      October crisis

  8. I chatted with the lady who is one of the “hosts” of the “live from the shack” programs. It was the day before they went live. I was proud of that perky and positive young lady, out there cheerfully doing what so many of her peers have been conditioned not to.
    Didn’t realize they had that sophisticated level of transmission. The “shack” belies what it’s true capabilities are.

    1. Over just the past five years or so networking equipment has soared in capability while plummeting in size, difficulty of configuration and price. What used to be only available to large businesses for tens of thousands of dollars and required an IT staff to run can now be ordered from Amazon or Newegg for a few hundreds and set up in an hour or so.

      I can walk around a with a fairly sophisticated component network, including a server and multiple desktop computers, in a doctor’s bag.

      1. Someone should build the “Protester Pi”, with wifi and bluetooth mesh networking, a camera and mike, and some local storage.

        1. And some Pi dead drops might prove useful as well. I wish they could get the 4A out. That would be awesome.

  9. Another thing they should try is to use some of the same off-shore banks as our corrupt leaders use to hide their ill-gotten gains to convert the trucker’s crypto to fiat. Then watch them squirm when the FOI demands start rolling in if they try to freeze accounts in the same institutions they use.
    The political class are the fleas on the dog, and the dog is now waking up to scratch them away.

    1. Believe it or not, “freezing accounts” isn’t all or nothing. The leaders accounts will work just fine.

  10. Watched the live feed for a few minutes. They aren’t making any friends with that constant honking.

    YouTube? YouTube has been rather actively censoring factual information related to COVID. I wouldn’t count on them.

  11. The Canadian military could task an electronic warfare aircraft to circle the city and jam the Ku/Ka-Band downlink signal from the Starlink constellation. This of course would be very expensive proposition. Jamming the uplink would create an international incident, so I doubt that will happen.

  12. You can also connect a miniature cell “tower” to the Starlink and enable regular phone calls from even “dumb” flip phones:

    I didn’t realize they were working on a Starlink fix when I posted this:

    I was musing about the ability to connect a T-Mobile “femto-cell” to it. A device that gives about 16 phone call capacity to a 30 foot radius area.

    My reading of their description makes it sound almost free. A $25 deposit is all it takes, I think.

    So turn on WiFi for all the VOIP clients and put up an actual cell service for folks with flip phones and such.

    Oh, and “dittos” on the mesh network build out. Make every truck a node and you have a city spanning mobile mesh that can’t be shut down or depowered. Put a WiFi router on some of them and you get blanket area coverage. Watts required are trivial and the trucks are running their engines / alternators anyway.

    One other point: A whole lot of Trucks are driven by Telco Service guys… This isn’t just about food and gas delivery trucks… They have their own IT Fleet available, I’m sure.

  13. ” . . . put up an actual cell service for folks with flip phones . . .”

    Bought a flip phone at Walmart a little over a year ago. 30 bucks.
    It’s got an ARM quad core running a Linux kernel. YouTube, Google search, Google maps and browser apps preinstalled. WiFi, Bluetooth and AGPS.
    Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter and Reddit clients available from the store.
    All 4G flip phones are like this now, even $20 burners. Anyplace that has taken down 3G service, dumb phones are dead.

    You will be assimilated.