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    1. And the “punters” continue to vote for this reprobate and his colleagues?

      OWN GOAL.


      The “official opposition”? Yeah, Right!

      ANY “institutional party or individual in the current body politic is “suspect”.

      The LSM is utterly corrupt and amoral, AND it is they who are primarily driving the shit-show. The “opinion shapers” have long since become “King Makers” (and King BREAKERS”).

      What the “serfs” want is of NO account to them.

      BTW, this is NOT a problem exclusive to Kanuckistan. Just look over your southern border, or to the Antipodes or Grate Britain.

      See a pattern forming?

      What to do? FIRST, accept and understand what has been done. Then ferret out ALL of the guilty bastards. After that? You’ll work it out.

  1. I’m assuming that Biden’s “incident” with Camilla was accidental. Prinz Dummkopf would not only do it on purpose, he’d go around giggling like a schoolgirl and letting everyone else know what he did.

    Absolutely no class whatsoever.

    1. In reality the only people who would have voted directly for Justin…are those in his riding (since it’s Quebec–they’re all a bunch of a-holes to begin with). It’s the idiots who voted Liberal everywhere else that should hang their heads in shame.

      1. That hair would look its windblown best on the way down if he was defenestrated. Just saying.

          1. Technically it means thrown out of a high window, but your definition works just fine in the 21st century. 🙂

  2. Shows up late, then shows his contempt.

    Yep, he forgot what “lest we forget” means.
    That or he knows, and is working to subvert the meaning of the day.

    Will his government be tabling a bill to have the Vimy Memorial torn down to atone for some perceived wrong committed years ago?

  3. We should be thankful he didn’t go to Tofino. While declaring Remembrance Day another white man/supremacist celebration and cancel it altogether. No pb, Prime Moron will do so next year, during 6th booster shot rollout and 11th complete shutdown.

      1. No, Justin’s step father, Peter-Asshole, rode around on a motorbike during the war wearing a German helmet or so I read somewhere sometime in the past. It is not something the CBC would ever mention. Let bygones be bygones is their motto.

        1. Pierre also travelled to China and was feted by the Chicoms right in the middle of their civil war (just before the Korean War broke out). The reason for this treatment “swallowed” by the MSM at the time was because Pierre shared the same nationality as Norman Bethune who was a hero to the Chicoms. My theory is that he was making relationships with people who were fellow travellers–it’s not a surprise then that Canada, under Pierre, was the first to officially recognize Communist China as the “Chinese” government when everybody else still recognized the Republic of China (Taiwan) as the official Chinese government.

  4. I didn’t think it was possible for him of him to be any bigger of an asshole that he already was, but well, here we are.

    1. To channel Einstein, “The only difference between genius and assholia is that genius has limits”


      1. Osumashi, “He is trying to out-@$$hole himself all the time.”

        It’s the ONLY thing he’s any good at!

  5. Yeah he’s a piece of shit. So are those assholes getting their pictures taken with him. And so is everyone else there who stood by and watched and said nothing.

    Those men died in vain. I served for 17 years and my kids will never serve this country.

    1. Precisely.

      Justin is a reflection of Canada as it stands now: greedy, self-important, boorish, tactless, thoughtless and unskilled in anything other than self-agrrandisement.

    2. JImmy

      Agreed…we can thank the Fking Communists that literally own our provincial Education Curricullae…..
      ZERO emphasis nor ANY Appreciation on/of History, etc etc etc…

      As to those bystanders..?? am with ya my friend – no better than the Train going Chicago assholes video taping a Rape…

    1. Outside masking is a sign of real stupidity., or possibly extreme virtue signaling, or both.

      I’m a teacher in the lower 48, and when I taught my US History charges about the world wars, I made sure to include the fact that the Canadians punched way above their weight in both conflicts. Heck, I even mentioned Arnold’s disastrous invasion of Quebec, and Lundy’s Lane!
      Canada’s long and honorable martial traditions are being trashed by the likes of Prime Minister Zoolander. ( and as for his father…) Justin may be even more loathsome than our own Dementia Joe- Joe at least can’t help it.

      As an aside, do you think Trudeau knows who The Princess Pats are? I do, and I’m a Yank, for God’s sake. Although I am still bitter about Americans being kept out of the NHL prior to the 70’s, John Mariucci, Tommy Williams, and Frankie Brimsek notwithstanding.

      1. Ganderson, Canadians have turned in to mind numb flakes and cowards. I have nothing positive to say about people who have thrown away their heritage and their freedom.

      2. The Canada that punched way above its weight was an English speaking nation with a Common law and a different flag ( Red Ensign ).
        That Canada is long gone, annihilated by french language supremacists and known communists… ( Pearson, Turdhole. etc. )

        french ruled Canada ( Turdholeland ) is a pale comparison to the original English nation and its builders. Turdholeland is a french speaking country where only a small minority actually speak the horse french that is mandatory for any important Government appointment or position, essentially handing the power of the federal Government to the french speakers of Queerbak.
        Turdholeland is like any other french colonial shithole, corrupt, racist, institutionally bigoted and irrelevant.

        Two totally different nations that should never be confused.

        Canada as an English nation officially ended in 1982, but the rot began when the Liberal Party imposed french as an “official language ” 1969 and when they unilaterally changed the flag of Canada to the Liberal Party logo, the bland contrivance of the Maple Leaf Flag.

        1. I also like to mention that Rocket Richard scored his 50 goals in 50 games in 1944-45.
          I wonder what many of the English speaking players were doing that season…

          And, excuse my Yank ignorance, but is the Ontario provincial flag identical to the Red Ensign?

          1. “And excuse my ignorance, but is the Ontario flag identical to the Red Ensign.” … sort of…

            The flags of Ontario and Manitoba do look very much like the real Canadian flag, the Red Ensign… purposefully so, but with different crests.
            The Red Ensign crest represent the founding people, English, Scottish, Irish, french, and 3 maple leafs at the bottom of the crest.
            A beautiful flag for a beautiful country.

            Flags of Ontario and Manitoba were brought in in solidarity and with respect for the Canadian flag the Red Ensign that the Liberal Party and some french language supremacists unilaterally and without consent from Canadians, abolished .

            The Red Ensign was lowered on a rainy February day in 1963 and the Liberal Party Maple Leaf flag was raised, briefly… it was a terribly sad day… a day in which former PM John Diefenbacker turned his back on the raising of the Liberal Party flag.
            Canadians of the day protested this communist distortion of history, but were kept away from the ceremony by the Liberal Government who closed down the streets and kept Canadians away from Parliament Hill.

            Nothing says unity like having a secret invite only flag lowering ceremony while imposing another flag at the same time banning the public from view.

            Yes, Pearson was a well known commie… he was a star in the Soviet Union, they considered Pearson a “real Prize”.

            The Maple Leaf flag that was raised on that rainy day was quickly lowered as the rain fell, the flag was then packed up by Liberals and shipped over to a secret location in France. The Liberal Party Maple Leaf flag stayed in France until the 90″s I believe, that was when the Liberal Party under criminal Jean Crouton “donated” their Maple Leaf flag to the Canadian history Museum.
            The unilateral changing of the symbol of the nation was the beginning of the end of a great nation.

            The Red Ensign that was raised by Canadian soldiers after their hard fought victory on Vimy Ridge can be seen at the Imperial War Museum, an astonishing sight that I admit brought tears to my eyes when I saw it, it is stained with blood it is torn and war ravaged. The Canadians cheered as their flag, the Red Ensign was raised on Vimy.

            french language supremacists still complain that the Red Ensign should not be flown over the Vimy Ridge War Memorial, they whine about it to this day. They hate being reminded that Queerbek and Canada were built by English speakers and that they are nothing but carpet bagging bigots and NAZI sympathizers. They have zero respect for those Canadian men who died simply because they are English speakers.

            These facts may go a long way in understanding why Turdholeland is such a pathetic nation and has such bad Karma.
            When a revolution or a hostile coup has occurred in a country, one of the first things the revolutionaries do is change the flag, unfortunately Canada suffered the same fate.

            Canadians defeated the NAZI’s in Europe, but couldn’t recognize or defeat the NAZI’s from Queerbek.

        2. Sean – some francophones also served bravely. The “Van-Doos” were a good regiment. And francophone relatives on spouse’s side also signed up and did good service.

          1. You are correct Frances. There were a minority of “francophones” that fought bravely for the English Canadian military.
            I have no beef with them… Frankly,
            its too bad the french speakers that fought for Canada didn’t become the leaders of the Liberal Party and the future leaders of Canada.
            Instead we got the mentally deranged draft dodging commie POS, Peeair the Turdhole.
            Turdholes malevolence and hatred towards Canada was as well known as his bigotry, his rabid anti Semitism along with his absolute obsession with french language supremacy as a tool of division and conquest.
            Imposing “bilingualism” ( french ) and then imposing multicult were just two of Turdhole #1s vandalisms, both of these social engineering schemes were born of his malevolence for Canada as an English nation.
            Both schemes were meant to be unjust unequal unfair coercive and corrosive and they were and still are.

            Canada has some wonderful people of french speaking ancestry, I’ve known many in my life, some of them I’ve known my whole life and still do. Regardless…
            Canada was once an English speaking nation, a country with one “official language” and then it was forcefully and maliciously divided into many nations, cast adrift by a french language supremacist commie from Quebek.
            There is Canada pre Pearson, pre Turdhole and then there is the warped amnesic multi ethnic national socialist State that was imposed after the Pearson/Turdhole reign of terror. Thats all…
            Theres Canada and then there is Turdholeland, two very different countries.

            I’ve always maintained that the only thing that Pearson and Turdhole preserved and protected, the only thing that survived their Liberal reign of historical and institutional sabotage , the only thing they didn’t change about Canada was the name itself, Canada.
            The differences in the two countries with the name “Canada” are stark and obvious.
            I have no malice toward french speakers as people, couldn’t give a shit really, you are who you are, but I loathe and detest the very divisive coercive corrosive clandestine and insidious nature of the french language racket imposed by a increasingly belligerent and isolated Government class.

            Long post… geez, my apologies. Don’t drink and post.

  6. My local legion demanded proof of vaccine at the door for Remembrance Day attendees. Opted out for the first time in 15 years.
    I guess when you receive federal funding it makes you lose your brains.
    What a disgrace.

    1. As one poster here said, If you present your papers to get into a legion then you have already forgotten what men fought and died for. . “Lest we forget”.

  7. Eastern Canada keeps electing this fool and it would appear Eastern Canadians see nothing wrong with taking part in disrespecting a Remembrance Day event so long as they get their photo taken with Prime Minister Potato. Yes, I know. Not ALL Eastern Canadians – just most of them.

    1. “Eastern Canada keeps electing this fool…..”

      Well in my part of Eastern Canada, Toronto, its nothing but #1)immigrants, #2)women ,#3)soyboi’s, #4)LGBTQ2SMOUSE,and #5)convicted criminals, in that order,that vote for Justin’s liberals

      1. This morning at 2:40 AM one of my neighbors set off a barrage of fireworks. That’s the average Canadian voter in a nutshell: stupid, selfish, drunk (and stoned), and contemptuous of everyone but themselves.

  8. We should be thankful that he didn’t show up dressed in his dad’s Birkenstocks and buckskins but who here would expect more of the Spawn? What was worse than this loss of solemn behavior was his GG who was disruptive and late. He and his following should be in the background while leaving the conduct of the ceremonies to serving military and veterans (who represent the nation rather than the deranged 20% of the electorate). He shouldn’t even be allowed to present a wreath until after the closing hymn along with the public.

  9. Reminds me of when he attended the funeral of Jim Flaherty (long-serving Finance minister under Harper). The Dear Leader also took selfies there.

    Arrogant, hypocritical, incompetent, lying, self-righteous, self-centered, virtue-signaling POS.

  10. At what point I wonder will people realize that Trudeau isn’t this bumbling oaf but rather a cold, calculating globalist apparatchik.
    For the love of God!!! He’s a member of the United Nations Parliamentary Association whose manifesto is totally antithetical to a sovereign Canada. All this huffing and puffing about living and breathing this country “in his bones” is theatrical bullshit for stupid people.
    Freeland is another one…but more on her later.

    1. Burton, sir, you assign to him a sort of malice that engineers global three-dimensional chess.

      Does that moron above look like he can tie his shoes without assistance?

      He is like Kim Jong-Un, an autocrat lording over an unimportant fiefdom thanks to China.

  11. Should have posted this here.

    Trudeau and the GG’s behavior and lack of respect at the Remembrance Day service was a disgrace.

    Would anyone know the ridings where military base’s are located how they voted?

    If liberal they should be embarrassed.


    1. Being a liberal means never having to be embarrassed, as they are beneath embarrassment or contempt.


  12. It was a disgraceful display showing the utmost disrespect.
    Trudeau is more enamoured with himself than showing respect for our veterans on the solemn occasion. Those who requested a selfie are equally ignorant but Trudeau was far out of line.

  13. So, nothing about the so-called “bomb threat” this morning in the MSM excuse for Justin and the GG’s motorcades being disrespectfully late to the service and effing up the 2-Minutes Silence, not that I saw at least. [Of course, it’s not the Silver Cross Mother’s fault for her motorcade’s late arrival.]

  14. Disgusting, as usual. The weirdest thing, to me, is that they are all wearing masks. Who the heck wants a family shot of that nature?

  15. In Flanders fields the poppies blow
    Between the crosses, row on row,
    That mark our place; and in the sky
    The larks, still bravely singing, fly
    Scarce heard amid the guns below.

    We are the Dead. Short days ago
    We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
    Loved and were loved, and now we lie,
    In Flanders fields.

    Take up our quarrel with the foe:
    To you from failing hands we throw
    The torch; be yours to hold it high.
    If ye break faith with us who die
    We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
    In Flanders fields.
    John McCRae

    I have to wonder if all those men who died defending freedom would have thought of Trudeau as our friend or foe?

  16. The brain dead sheeple will always proclaim that excrement as a dreamy dreamboat. Pointing out his faults throws them into rage – my actual experience with these idiots.

    TurdHole is completely full of himself. An adult would have suggested to his cult members that selfies in this context are inappropriate. But not dear leader. His adoring cultists would fellate him on the spot if he had anything between his legs.

  17. ” A picture is worth a thousand words ” comes to mind . This is a true reflection of what Canada has become thanks to our bogus education system . We owe our veterans an insurmountable debt of gratitude , something that is totally lost on the idiots in that image .

  18. Just a little warning to the MSM. When you start making excuses for Trudeau’s actions in showing up late for the ceremony by saying he was delayed because of a security threat, remember this, if there was a security threat then there isn’t a security force anywhere in the world protecting a head of state that would have allowed said head of state to dawdle around after the event to take selfies. But then this is Canada, security(?), the only thing in this country that is secure is that Little Tater Head is secure knowing brain dead and jabbed Canadians will keep voting for him.