Wuhan Flu: State Of Psychosis

AustraliaSydney locals lined up to 8 hours for COVID tests as new testing rules take effect that all essential workers are now required to get tested every 3 days and prove they have a negative result. Once the first 3 days are done, they will have to line up and do it all again.

The country has only 877 active cases.

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  1. It’s like a certain percentage of the population have been hypnotized. I am pretty cynical when it comes to the intelligence of the average citizen but this is beyond the pale. Either I’m way too generous in my already low expectations of modern human intelligence in the general public or there is something else going on beyond politicians being overly paranoid about a weak ass pandemic that has largely been conquered.

    Of course, one supposition does not necessarily exclude the other I reckon. The more I think about it, they likely go hand in hand.

    Interesting times!!

    1. Johnboy, I am far more than cynical, the stupid outnumber the intelligent a 100 to 1.

      1. Australia is known Globally for raising sheep.
        And Canadians are not far behind. Canadians love Voluntary Servitude and being subservient to the State.
        If the Government said shit on a pie plate and eat hot shit they would.
        Disgusting Bleating Sheep. Fascist Bastard’s.
        Remember the Pathetic “I Am Canadian Beer Commercials”

        And You Suck Cock Joe.

        1. When the time comes, and it will, the Brits, the Aussies and wee Canadians will all be fighting over who gets to hold the crematorium doors.

          How in the name of the Cowardly Lion did Britain ever rule the World?

          1. In ye old times, England believed in God , Country and Rule of Law.
            When you take out any of those 3 your descent into oblivion starts.

          2. England controlled India with only 100,000 troops.
            Mostly because of the sheeple mentality.
            Each Indian Maharaji thought he was up against 100,000 well armed Brit troops
            Not realizing that if all the Maharaji’s acted in Unison, the Brits were way outnumbered
            The same way in the west, and in Canada, 20 coppers on bicycles wade into a crowd of thousands to arrest
            one individual by circling the bikes, the crowd if acting in unison could very well over power the 20 coppers
            but the sheeple mentality keeps them at bay.

          3. (Candida chats about British India)

            Not sure I completely agree. The Maharaji ruled India and Britain ruled the Maharaji.
            So basically they told the Maharaji that if any other Maharaji moved against them then 100,000 troops would turn up to support them. There was no point in overthrowing the British because they would still be a Maharaji. The way to more power was to make a rival Maharaji your vassal, but the British, who wanted a stable India, wouldn’t allow that.

            So… yes and no..

            Of course what the non Majaraji type Indians actually wanted out of life… yeah…

            Despite what our Educated Elites want us to think India wasn’t all about nasty British being nasty. A few years back I started reading a book on the British East India Company. It was an adventure. Ruling elite living in luxury, oppressed masses, extreme violence (sometimes religion based) and entire cities getting looted. “Great Stuff!” I thought, “But I am 150 pages in, where do the British turn up?”.

        2. Essential..?? my ASS.
          TROUGH FEEDING human garbage is more like it.

          This FASCIST shit, like Political Correctness, the Wokeratti, Critical Race Theory, Wuhan Flu, BLM, AntiFA, Democrat garbage…..all of it, MARXIST Inspired Bullshit…..and where did those ideas and manifestations germinate. and spread??

          So, ONCE AGAIN….Proving beyond any shadow of doubt that Allowing Public Servants to Organize and Unionize was the beginning of the end for our WESTERN HEMISPHERE Civilization.

          As has been noted, there is no stopping the juggernaut of that marxist scourge short of mass line ups against a wall with a 5.56 calibre Machine gone on auto.

      2. Well not quite 100 to 1, but we do have the bell curve, plus ill-informed liberal grads plus disinterested/busy smart people plus a whole lot of enclaved immigrants who mostly use their entry languages. Actually, I am now thinking that your estimate may be an under-estimate, so maybe 300 to 1.

    2. The Chinese and local health authorities are collecting DNA samples of every citizen of the world. They are profiling each person.

      I believe they have seen what gain of function can do and they will now work on genetic specific “viruses” which will eliminate specific people groups.

      1. Yes, this virus affected A blood type a bit more, and China has mostly B. A blood type is most common in Western Europeans and the Blackfoot Confederacy.

  2. JFC.

    WTF happened to the Aussies of Mad Max fame.
    Descendants of England’s worst convicts.
    Frick’in sheep lining up for the next phase, their slaughter.

    This is what happens when TPTB take away your guns and your ability to defend yourselves.

    1. WTF happened to the Aussies of Mad Max fame

      Mad Max was a not at all subtle metaphor for the gay leather boy lifestyle. I think Australia’s reputation has always been a bit mythical.

      1. Daniel…

        We lost too many of our best in two world wars.
        Probably they were good because they grew up in hard times. We’ve had one of the highest standards of living for so long that generations have grown up assuming that good times will always be there, regardless of the stupid …..

    2. Sheep are sheared and lambs are slaughtered. The vax is killing as many or more children than the disease where it is administered to them in large numbers.

      1. From .gov.au websites, the total of number of deaths in Australia from people who had recently had the jab was 355 a week ago (reports are weekly) and seems to be increasing at 15 to 20 deaths per week.

        Also there are more ‘Adverse’ reactions to the Jab than total ‘Cases’. a.k.a – the solution to the problem has made more people sick than the problem itself.

  3. If a significant percent of “essential “ workers did not get tested and did not show up for work how long before this asinine policy would hold up?

    Or if a significant amounts took a 5-7 day break.

    How would the politicians defend this?

    Effing stupid. Get in the box car already Aussie

    1. Well if that Video of Reiner Fuellmich with Dr David Martin is to be believed…and i do believe him, then the ‘vid” was not only planned…but it appears there were 72 Patents all relating to the actual viral Genome….72 of them Since 2000 & when the first “Canine” Corona Virus mRNA vaccine was made.

      He noted unequivocable Evidence (to me at least), that “they” Damned well knew exactly when the “vid” would appear, as Moderna had patented their mRNA Vaccine in November of 2019..!

      Stating: “how is it that they had a vaccine prior to the time the supposed “novel” corona virus appearing..??

      He also commented: “There has been absolutely NOTHING “NOVEL” about this bug…..nothing “NEW”, whatsoever as the 72 patents noted above would prove. 100% man MADE and altered with gain of function.

      I fully believe we will find evidence that the some in the Liberal Party & the PMO at least were also involved in this Global Crime.

      We are talking CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY here folks……Fauci, NIH, NIAID, CDC, and many many others – Ft Detrick, Winnipeg lab, U of S. Carolina to name but a few I can recall. Seems to me that Dr. Judy Mikovitz was right all along with her assertations on the “vid” and any supposed vaccine.

      now…How to best invest in the blindfold industry..??

  4. Mad Max Australia would be preferable to that!

    WTF is wrong with those people!

  5. I once had immense admiration and respect for the Australians. Today they are among the least fit to survive on earth. Shockingly pathetic.

    1. Ditto. I suspect New Zealanders are the same. Spiritually broken beyond all hope of redemption. They ought to just kneel down before the CCP and get it over with rather than carry on any pretense that they remain a free people.

      And don’t get me wrong – Canadians are not one smidgen better. Pockets of free men remain scattered in the west, but they’ll be dust soon enough.

      1. Despite having full vaccination and a negative test, if you are a native New Zealander returning home you have to book your 14 day quarantine in advance.

      2. They are worse. They have a communist for a PM who went from having to share power in a coalition to governing alone after the last election.

        Agree – Canada is as disgusting as NZ and Oz. The fact that idiot Trudeau is still PM tells one all one needs to know.

        1. What’s the alternative to Trudeau
          Diaper Head Commie NDP
          or O’fool?
          The Block PQ should not rate as a national party as they splitting the PQ vote
          and the Greens, with their 4 seats, they just a bunch of Mother Earther Pantheist Twatts.

    2. Steve

      As did I, but seems like NZ & AUS are heading down the same road as France: Macron having just declared that Vax’s are to be Mandatory countrywide……

      Seig Heil…

  6. On the bright side, all those idling cars will burn a lot of gas and supply the CO2 we need to spur plant growth. And possibly we’ll get some of the beneficial-up-to-5-degrees-C global warming that The Stern Report noted as the economics results of possible global warming (no, it wasn’t “climate change” back then). How much more could the deserts of Australia bloom if CO2 levels increased by 50%? The current Aussie government wants to find out!

    Good on ya! (pronounced more like g’donya) ((No, that isn’t Russian.))

  7. Sheer Geniuses.

    Telling how many thousands of people they need to be tested, then they are surprised the testing facilities are overrun?

    Do non-essential workers have to get tested before they go into work, or is it just the essential workers?

    Yes, I would be taking a sick day. “Sorry Boss, I have eye trouble today. I just can’t see coming into work.”

  8. Still just a flu and it is time to say no to every government order surrounding it.

    1. NO!
      NOT A FLU!

      The Flu actually causes sickness and deaths…. EVERY YEAR.
      Covid? Can’t even remember the last ‘death’ in Australia. Have we even had any this year?

  9. Sadly, If Trudeau mandated this in Canada, the sheep would line up just as they are in OZ, only more orderly.

    1. Maybe in Eastern Canada, I have not followed a single mandate from government other than when entering a private store, requesting a mask. Since this started I have been maskless at all times everywhere at all times.
      People have come and went, at home. etc. Nothing changed except a mask for a few minutes in a store for food. At request of store owner.

  10. I always took a small measure of comfort knowing that if they’re pressed long enough, Aussies would step up to the plate and do the right thing.
    This is depressing. Who do they think they are…Canadians?

    1. Aussies and Kiwi’s have always been way more servile than Canadians.
      Read some history.
      Australia had only one armed Rebellion in it’s history in which no one was hurt.
      New Zealand had zero rebellions.
      Canada has had quite a few.

  11. For months now, we’ve been told that Australia had Covid totally under control and basically everyone was living a normal life. Not hearing that so much these days.

    1. It’s now early WINTER down under, so of course the flu is going to start kicking up again.
      Anybody want to bet on whether or not Blackie McSpendsalot does this later this year as Canada’s Fall / Winter flu numbers start growing again?

  12. Toughness is not hereditary. Every new generation needs to learn it.
    They do not learn it when a high standard of living is so universal that it is taken for granted.

    My Grandfather’s generation were some of the outstanding troops on the Western Front.
    My Father’s generation were a match for the Afrika Corp in north Africa, and handed the Imperial Japanese Army their first defeat on land in the Pacific theatre.

    Now we have children who have been taught that they cannot cope with hard truths… that they are always victims.

  13. Crikey! Put a nather bloke on the barbie!

    Davers6 is prolly bang on. In the fall the Canadian governments will test the people’s metal (mettle) with more shutdowns/limitations.

    1. Grow up….

      Comparing hand-in figures with import figures clearly shows that there were more fireaems not handed in than surrendered. Contrary to government propaganda, a very large percentage of those that were handed in, were “relic” firearms. The old, the rusty…. grandad’s guns in a family that no longer hunted and had no emotional attachment to them or desire to go jump through the hoops. There are more guns in Australia than there were prior to 1996, despite the increasing urbanisation of the population.

      You seem to have some insecurity WRT this country.

    1. People will just have to start making them pay privately, everybody has to sleep sometime, somewhere.
      That and totally ostracize all State Goon STASI Thugs.

  14. Yes, this virus affected A blood type a bit more, and China has mostly B. A blood type is most common in Western Europeans and the Blackfoot Confederacy.

  15. The failure rate (ie – “you have Covid!!!! Sucker!!!”) for tests in Australia is about 0.15%
    On the surface this suggests a lot of people NEVER HAD THE VIRUS, but when you consider that people who are not suspected of having the virus are rarely forced to take a test, we can conclude that a lot of people in Oz NEVER HAD THE VIRUS and a lot of people who were suspected of being ‘cases’ and forced to take tests… NEVER HAD THE VIRUS either.

    The big problem here is fear. Not the drones fearing getting sick, but the Ruling Elite fearing that if they don’t do ‘something’ they will be accused of doing nothing to protect the voters and kicked out at the next election.

    So they set their own KPIs and tell each other “Look at all the Tests! Look how much we are doing to help and keep people safe!”

    Then they do more tests, and keep bragging.

    The fact the 0.15% results from the tests seriously suggesting the Virus spreads like a melting block of solid granite in the afternoon sun and the massive amounts numbers of people NOT in hospital also backing up the ‘real world’ low risk of the entire thing is completely lost on them. They need to constantly do something, anything, to prove they are strong leaders or the voters will kick them.

    So… MORE TESTS! LOOK AT ALL THE TESTS!!!! (ps – vote for us! We kept you safe!)