30 Replies to “Why don’t you watch CBC?”

  1. Simu Liu (not at all Korean or particular to Korean voices, as South Koreans would certainly point out) might have his most recent effort banned in China:


    See what “basic admiration for dictatorships” can get you?

    White people imagining how those quaint “racialised” groups behave? I’m shocked!

    It’s fun watching the BIPOC crowd eat each other up.

  2. That’s not the main reason I don’t watch the CBC but I can certainly add that to the many other reasons. The main reason is, aside from it being unwatchable propaganda instrument of the institutional left, it shouldn’t exist and it would therefore be somewhat hypocritical of me to try to watch it.

  3. Whoever pays good money for cable is an idiot. Good lord, can you not find something better to do?

    1. Good films on Turner Classic Movies. I discovered many of my favourite flicks courtesy of that channel. Others than that, I hardly watch TV any more.

  4. CBC makes me sick for all the obvious reasons. Knowing it’s a racist organization doesn’t make it any more or less watchable. Stephen Harper really should have unloaded that anachronism when he had the chance.

    1. The Harper government was the last chance for a decent and fiscally responsible Canada. It’s never coming back. Maybe after a collapse of western civilization. Canada is left to, and in the hands of the Brigette DePapes of the world now. (anyone remember the reference?)

      1. Yeah, where is that clown these days? Bets she’s dying her hair for grey by now.

  5. Who watches the CBC? Seriously? That’s a serious question. My innocence, interest and respect for them left decades and decades ago. Same for the radio version.

    1. The only CBC TV show I have in my collection is The Arrow and that’s because I’m what’s sometimes referred to as an Arrowhead (i. e., fan of the Avro Arrow).

      I also have some CBC radio documentaries in my collection as well.

      Aside from that, I can easily do without that network.

  6. CBC.

    Never in the history of broadcasting have so many paid so much for so little.

  7. This guy seems like he was complaining for a bunch of woke reasons. He wanted to help write the series with his “lived experiences” and was turned down. Yeah, dude, you were paid to act, not write. My husband and daughter like the show; don’t know how they watch it, as we live in the US.

    1. I read through all the bitching in the article and I found that every single complaint could be answered effectively with “it’s just a sitcom.”

    2. It’s on Netflix.
      Narcissitic actor throws a tantrum because he wants more money and a writing credit. Throws the “race” card around when he doesn’t get it. Boo-hoo. Bruno Gerussi must be rolling in his grave (CBC did almost the same thing to him. It’s what broadcasters that are run by government employees do.)

  8. hahaha… woketards are going after the Commie Broadcasting Commune ?

    shit.. wish i liked popcorn.

  9. I had a look at the linked article and the point that amused me the most was the assumption that staring in an upcoming Marvel movie was going to make him a megastar.


    Marvel Phase Bore of the MSheU looks… well… Sorry, what were we talking about? No one really cares. Disney has been drip feeding the fans TV series. These have been getting rave reviews from the professional media while being hate watched by nearly everyone else. The ‘normies’ might like it, the geeks aren’t very impressed and if you don’t list pronouns in your Twit then you are probably going to get rubbed up the wrong way with many of the story arcs.

    Also, name a star that has truly been catapulted to the big time purely from being in the Marvel movies? There are a few actors who were moderately successful before they went MCU, but you get a cast horde of people who are basically known for being their Marvel character. The actor who plays Bucky for example; pretty sure he has a name, but stuffed if I can think of it.

    1. Sebastian Stan.

      He is pretty.

      Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston are top-notch thespians who must see these movies as vehicles for doing more rewarding Shakespearean or Chekovian work in between wearing capes.

  10. I am also curious as to why a ‘Chinese-Canadian’ feels they are qualified to play the role of a ‘Korean-Canadian’.

    Does this guy think all non-white people are the same or something?

    1. MudCrab, two things:

      The MCU is petering out. It’s golden hope now rests on Tom Hiddleston’s pretty little shoulders and his delivery of the deliciously naughty Loki. Wokism, franchise fatigue and selling out to China has wasted this bastion of CGI political correctness.

      We’ll always have “Winter Soldier”.

      Do note that professional ethnic persons are keen on brotherhood as long as it is against XYZ group. When that group disappears, it’s back to the bigotry and elitism that should have been left behind in the Old Country in lieu of more tolerant notions in the New World. The Han Chinese despise the Koreans (I don’t know why) but are keen to latch on if they think they are important enough (SEE: Kim’s Convenience – a show no one watched).

  11. CBC and the actors keep up with the claim that “Kim’s Convenience” was a “huge hit”, yet when I searched for the show’s ratings I could not find a single instance when it was in the Top Thirty shows for the week. Only ONE CBC show made it into the top 30, and that was a news show the name of which I can’t remember.
    Same as the CBC’s other “huge hit” show, “Little Mosque”,I couldn’t find a single instance of it cracking the top ten shows in any week it aired.

    Does CBC and the Canadian media just lie about the popularity of these show to make Canadian TV production look good?

    1. Um … yes. I believe most people would happily watch a re-run of Seinfeld for the 100th time than either of those two “hits”. Me? I watched about two minutes of each of them (just to be in the know) before grabbing the remote.

      1. Well, “hit” is an elastic term. If I were to put out a record, I’d declare it a hit if one radio station play listed it for a week – especially if I lived in the broadcast area. If you were to put out a record, I’d want to see 50,000 sales certified before I’d tolerate the term. When the CBC says they have a hit, I think they mean this show actually attracts some viewers on a regular basis, unlike the rest of them.

  12. What is this CBC you speak of?

    Is it the latest variant of the Hu Flung Foo?

  13. Oh Oh!! Trouble at the CBC!! Racism?? Naw, that can’t be!!

    I left the CBC decades ago. I worked hand in hand with the CBC on many stories when I was with a newspaper back in the 90’s.

    The CBC has one goal in mind. Keep the Liberals ahead in the polls.

  14. Truthfully, I have only ever seen the trailer ads for both the Kim and Mosque shows, and have never even seen anything of the mentioned Schitts Creek one. I did see the Brent Butt thing (Corner Gas) a few times. The main reason I didn’t watch the Kim show was due to it being on CBC. It did look like it might be amusing, but I refuse to support or watch CBC, period. The Mosque show I would not watch because of religious content that I object too. The Butt show was a little stupid. I’m not sure how many of the above were on CBC, but I don’t feel I have missed anything. Apart from a deliberate boycott of CBC on my part, and the Religion of peace objection, when I watch TV, I want to be entertained, if I’m not, I don’t watch. Real simple really.