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  1. https://canadianphysicians.org/ Please sign the Declaration do Canadian Physicians for Science and Truth. You don’t have to be a doctor to sign. Time to fight against medical tyranny.
    “We are a broad and diverse group of Canadian physicians from across Canada who are sending out this urgent declaration to the Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons of our various Provinces and Territories and to the Public at large, whom we serve.

    On April 30, 2021, Ontario’s physician licensing body, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO), issued a statement forbidding physicians from questioning or debating any or all of the official measures imposed in response to COVID-19. “

    1. Signed. I like the bit about informed consent. Nowadays, in 2021, I’m betting a request for real data to make an informed decision would be denied based on IP rights.

      1. Thank you, BonnieBikerChic.
        Signed and circulated.
        The BC college issued the same kind of gag order as the Ontario college did.
        I wonder if Bonnie Henry will sign this?

    1. Good one, Colonialista. However, you might be interested to know that – back in the day – the Brits legislated women out of coal mines on morals reasons. Seems the women pulled the ore wagons, and if a woman rejected the advances of her superiors, she got the wagon with the square tires.

    1. https://nationalpost.com/opinion/vaccines-will-get-us-back-to-normal-why-is-canada-pretending-otherwise

      When are Canadian Health Bastard-fuckers going to be told to stand down or you’re fired? Think Fatty Ford, Asshole Horgan, Queer Kenney and the rest will issue a similar order to the Tam-like cadre of pricks?
      34% of the population has been given one shot and that number is climbing quickly. If you add the confirmed case numbers or even better, the presumptive cases, the country should be fast approaching freedom.

  2. CTV news is reporting that MP Diane Finley is resigning her seat effective immediately. This may not seem like much, but she was the liaison between the MPs and the CPC national office. One wonders.

    1. She was an MP for seventeen years. Lost her husband after a long cancer battle. She herself has been dealing with serious health issues (Grave’s Disease) for many years. She doesn’t need the aggravation. Time for some new blood.

      1. please check her affiliations, even now as she claims to be a conservative, check what boards she sits on

  3. And now your Canadians are racist bastards story for today. Blackie’s CBC website explains that white Christians on the prairies are racist bastards. Story that churches are to white and must be decolonized and dewhited.

  4. https://spectator.org/nancy-pelosis-father-thomas-dalesandro-racism/

    “Nancy Pelosi’s place at the head of the mob intent on correcting the wrongs of past generations has been endangered. She has been waving the bloody shirt about past generations’ complicity in racism, and now her role at the head of the mob is in question. It has been discovered that her father was mayor of Baltimore in the 1940s and 1950s, and now the woke brethren want her to denounce him.”

    “So how is Speaker Pelosi going to wiggle out of her present pickle? ……..(she could) do what we might call the Honorable Democratic Thing. That would be to throw him under the bus.”

    1. Hopefully the Western Producers of Wealth go UDI and they can all go back to trading seal flippers and maple syrup.

    2. The referendum on equalization is Kenney’s only chance to redeem himself and his party. BUT, he has to do it very soon. Not in October. He is toast right now. He has ,likely, the lowest approval rating of any Alberta Premier. I think that he should strike while the iron is hot, get this equalization information out there and have a referendum vote. Immediately!!

  5. Breaking this morning on the business TV news channels: the U.S. CPI inflation rate came in at 4.2%, vs. the 3.1% percent expected. The stock markets have just taken a dive, the U.S. 10-year interest rate has spike up. An important moment in world inflation history: official notice of bad inflation times ahead. Even the corrupt media complex cannot cover this up.

    Lots of surprised faces on business TV, amongst the punditry.

  6. https://www.jpost.com/middle-east/iran-news/is-massive-hamas-attack-on-israel-the-assault-iran-warned-of-analysis-667888

    Is Iran conducting a little adventure in Israel this week?

    “The massive rocket fire launched on May 11, an unprecedented series of barrages targeting Ashkelon, attempting to test the abilities of Israel’s multi-layered air defenses, appear to be part of an Iranian-inspired plan. This is because Islamic Jihad, an Iranian proxy, is involved in the rocket fire and because Hamas is backed by Iran.”

    Let’s not forget that Sleepy Joe wants to double down on Obama’s historical Iranian Nuclear Deal mistake. All apparently because Orange-Man-Bad.

  7. LINE 5 Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. It warms the cockles of the heart to see the bottom feeders like Trudeau, and voters in the east quiver in fear over line 5.
    I guess from their statements their world will collapse without FOSSIL FUELS.
    Quebec gets 66% of its fuel from Line 5, Ontario gets 50%. And snivel, whine all that Propane. Gasp and the Luddites will be forced to scramble amid shortages of jet fuel, gasoline, diesel and propane and be forced to pay extortionist prices for FOSSIL FUEL.
    And all the damned trucks that will choke the roads and the dangerous trucks and scary trains. Even the “GET” of old Fidel is fighting for Pipelines.
    WE Meaning the Eastern Bastards are demanding that LINE 5 Can not be shut down, no matter what Gittmer and Michigan say.
    Their support for Gaiiiiia, Turtle Island and the Great Gittttcheeegooooomeee turned out to be very thin when Michigan said buy shoes and walk you fat pricks.

    Plus the Dangers of Political Ideology. Oh Dear.

    1. Today’s the day, I had it marked on my calendar. What’s Ottawa going to do, any predictions? Rescind the Paris Accord, ah hahaha?
      BTW- Your article is a thing of beauty, Watcher!

      1. Like how I deliberately misspell Gaia….Ha Ha Ha. Read a comment on one of the MSM articles, the MSM all seem to be supporting Pipelines suddenly. But anyway some Envirofascist wrote how as he rode a bicycle anyway he was all for the shutdown, then some wag suggested without the dreaded Fossil Fuels, his stores full of food, grown by fossil fuel and stocked and replenished by trucks using Fossil Fuels might become a little bare very fast, he had no reply….
        Kenney should stand in Solidarity with Gretchen he is a Commie/Fascist anyway may as well go full Stalinist and order Line 5 down. All for safety reasons, and Mother Gaiiiiaia.

  8. Tucker Carlson on top form. This is obviously describing the US situation, but it can equally apply up here:

    CARLSON: A lot of unprecedented things happening, but honestly, not all of them are shocking. For example, it probably shouldn’t surprise you that once they got their hands on real power, the same lunatics who don’t believe in Human Biology immediately made a serious mess of our economy, it took them less than six months to do it.

    First, they acted like the U.S. dollar had no value. They spent money like they just printed it for the occasion, which needless to say they had. And predictably, we wound up with frightening levels of inflation, which for the record, they still deny exists.

    But inflation does exist as you know, well, if you live here. Corn prices to name just one example of a staple commodity that is now out of control have risen by 50 percent just since January.

    But that wasn’t bad enough, the lunatics then decided to make it even worse than that. So they paid millions of Americans more than they make at work just to stay home and do nothing. To justify doing this, they used the word COVID quite a bit, but it had nothing to do with the pandemic, they just wanted to break the system and so they did.

    And the rest of us immediately wound up with a bewildering combination of rising unemployment in the middle of a severe labor shortage. So at the very same time we found ourselves with too many workers and also too few workers. That doesn’t even make sense. But thanks to their policies, that’s now exactly what we have.

    And then finally, in case 2021 didn’t remind you enough of a grimmer version of the 1970s, we now have serious gas shortages in a country that was recently energy independent.

    All along the East Coast of the country today, people couldn’t fill up their cars. Take a look at the footage. It looks like Venezuela.

    Read the whole article here: https://www.breitbart.com/clips/2021/05/12/fncs-carlson-on-gas-commodity-price-increases-its-not-a-natural-cycle-somebody-did-this-to-us-on-purpose/

    1. Mark — Tucker Carlson’s precision on the topic of inflation was spot on. I posted the above link at 11:06 am without seeing yours first, my apologies.

  9. Infrastructure Barbie just announced election money for diverse Toronto to buy more garbage street cars from Thunder Bay. She started off of course by stating that she is on land owned by Indians. All politicians have to say that. The announcement should buy a lot of votes in Toronto and Thunder Bay. I wonder if Toronto has settled its lawsuit against the company for the last batch of junk street cars they bought.

  10. I have a question and would appreciate your input.
    Do the current Covid vaccines prevent transmission? So far there does not seem to be a definitive answer on this — just media pieces hinting that “we think so.” Nothing peer reviewed, and I think even how the question has been studied is questionable. In Israel, for example we know that incidence of the virus has gone down post-vaccination, and we also know that viruses are always up and down on a curve — cases peaking and then going down. In other studies of the question, I do not think the data has been robust enough to draw conclusions. I get the impression that this is something our “experts” are tip-toeing around, with nothing clear at the moment. Is that correct, or can someone point to a good study that confirms a reduction in transmission?

  11. Rex Murphy at the National Post, writes about how the woke crowd are coming for the Conservatives of colour.

    1. People in Alberta are sending UCP MLA’s pictures of their contribution forms with very nasty stuff written across them, and definitely no funds etc.
      People need to put them all on notice. Fire every Mayor, Councilors and School Board Trustee in every Municipal Election. Because just like Nazi Guards in the camps none of them defended the tax payers or spoke against lock downs but they drew our pay and were Happy Little Nazi Camp Guards for Kenney. So vote them all out even the so called good ones all stayed silent and went along.

  12. Today’s Ottawa Citizen provides yet more evidence of Canada’s dysfunctional (and dangerous-to-citizens) criminal justice system. Ottawa Police are seeking the public’s help in locating a criminal “convicted of sexual assault, kidnapping, forcible confinement, and break and enter”. For these crimes, she was sentenced to, wait for it, a total of 2 years and 3 months (she would have actually served much less than that, of course, because of our lax parole system). And guess what – she was not kept in jail after she was convicted, and then failed to show up for her sentencing hearing in Feb. 2020. So now, over 14 months later, the police are asking for help in finding her, thoughtfully advising that she may have travelled to Texas (no doubt Canadians will now be scouring Texas for her).

    What a country.


  13. Media reports that muslims will be protesting in Toronto this weekend against Israel. I wonder if police will be issuing tickets for gathering in a group.

    1. HAHAHAHA! Yeah, sure. Cart them off like certain Alberta preachers while they’re at it. For their own good. Fencing off mosques.
      I just added popcorn to my shopping list. Bets REBEL NEWS will be there. Maybe John Tory can show up to soothe the muzz feathers. Buy ’em a basketball court, or two.

    2. I drive by a large mosque in Mississauga several times a day. Although the parking lot isn’t jammed with cars, there are dozens of vehicles there at any given time. Christian places of worship are closed but apparently Muslim’s can still pray in small numbers. Oh…no police presence either…I guess that would be racist.