Stand Firm, Warrior Gretchen!

Hold fast the mortal sword!

The state of Michigan has told a Canadian energy company it must shut down a controversial oil and gas pipeline by Wednesday amid growing fears that a spill would be catastrophic to the region, in a feud which threatens to strain relations between Canada and the United States.

The company’s refusal to comply with the order, and swift support from top Canadian officials, highlights the politicized nature of pipelines, which campaigners have used as a target in the fight against climate change.

For nearly 67 years, Enbridge has moved oil and natural gas from western Canada through Michigan and the Great Lakes to refineries in the province of Ontario.

But Michigan says the one section to the pipeline – Line 5 – is too risky to continue operating.

More, from the Great Reset sampler plate: Gas stations along the U.S. East Coast are beginning to run out of fuel as North America’s biggest petroleum pipeline races to recover from a paralyzing cyberattack that has kept it shut for days.

54 Replies to “Stand Firm, Warrior Gretchen!”

  1. That was the plan. Shut down building of new ones, so that the old ones also have to be shut down because now they are too risky to keep operating, which would have been the point of building new ones to replace them. See how leftist circular logic works? Don’t find a solution, just keep creating problems which can only be alleviated by creating more problems.

    1. “See how leftist circular logic works? Don’t find a solution, just keep creating problems which can only be alleviated by creating more problems.”

      Indeed, grok.

      It’s like the classic dialog between a conservative and a liberal.

      conservative: “Leave me alone!”

      liberal: “no!”

  2. Re: the “paralyzing cyberattack”, I wonder how long it will be until BM notices that pretty much the whole world is using the Biden Administration as a punching bag.

  3. Please, please, please Lord; let there be an eco-warrior already on their way with an improvised explosive device.

    We already know, the best way to prove that pipelines are dangerous and cause oil spills, is to go bomb one and cause an oil spill. Where are you when we need you, Weather Underground?

    We have already seen eco warriors installing shunting devices on rail lines. We know they are training for it. Lac Megantic could have been their work (seems increasingly likely, observing the radicalism).

    1. As for all the blue states now experiencing fuel shortages? No sympathy, rub it in.

      “The return of the Hoover Cart; thank you, governor Cuomo! Continue to vote Democrat, for more. To complain about shortages at your local bread line(s), walk down to the French Laundry to yell at your mayor/Congress Critter/Attorney General from behind the barricades protecting their limousines.”

  4. Not mentioned in that article but apparently Enbridge will keep pumping until a court order tells them to stop?

    Will that take minutes or years?

    As appointed politicians, “judges” seem to work on a sliding scale timeline depending on who has real power behind the scenes where voters aren’t allowed to see. Infuriating.

    1. Phil…

      Given the state is Democrat and has been for a while, I’m betting the Judges all follow suit. .. no.? As far as i know, in the US, (most levels), Judges are ELECTED….not appointed.?

      I’m with the majority here. SHUT IT DOWN. ! Gonna make for a most interesting Summer..!!

      1. This is a US Federal Judge (appointed), not a Michigan State Judge (elected). Not sure who appointed this particular judge. Could be a Democrat, could be a Republican. The case is in ordered mediation, so nothing much will happen for a little while yet.

  5. Oh! … and if the pipeline is not shut-down? I predict there will be … an accident … very soon. “proving” the “growing fears” were justified. How do I know this? See: CA wildfires.

    1. The “Big Inch” pipeline, almost 3,000 km. long (built in 10 months) in 1943 from Texas to New York is still operating today, 78 years later, and without any incidents. Surprised it has not been targeted. And which “experts” are claiming #5 is unsafe to operate. How I wish we had a Government that had our best interests at heart who would open up the vast resources of Canada. It would be like the 60`s all over again when we were the third wealthiest country in the world.

  6. Line 5 supplies half the oil that Quebec and Ontario uses. Maybe they are beginning to think they shouldn’t have opposed the Trans Canada pipeline that was proposed a few years ago that was to run around the north side of Lake Superior (and which Blackie proudly announced “was dead”). Vengeance will be sweet.

    It should also be noted that Enbridge has tried for decades to build a replacement line under the Mackinaw Straits which would be a tunnel under the lake-bed with the pipeline inside the tunnel where it could be monitored. But Michigan wouldn’t issue them the permit.

  7. Stealing Kates Line….Dear Sweet Saint of San Andreas please Hear Our Prayer. We most humbly beseech you to guide AOC and Joe Biden to assist Gretchen in immediately shutting down Line 5. Give Biden the juice to ignore the “Get” of Fidel the Evil One, Justin and do what is right for Mother Gaiiia and Turtle Island and the GimmmeeeeGoocheee. Shut down Line 5 permanently.

  8. Let’s shut it all down so the ecotards can get their way.
    They’ll cavort and preen, brag and cheer, sing and dance in the empty streets of impending doom.
    Don’t kid yourself these people are that stupid.
    And in about seven to ten days there will be Pop-up Barbeques selling Long Pig because the markets are empty and most people have SFA supplies in the pantry.

      1. It’s what became of captives of some cannibalistic tribes in the South Pacific. The Chiefs got to eat the brains.

  9. With regard to Enbridge Line 5 , where are the shut-off valves located?

    If they are on Canadian soil there is not much Dear Leader Gretchen can do about it except pound sand on Mackinac Island.

    1. There are likely isolation valves and various manifolds/pumping stations on both sides.

    2. Line 5 runs from Superior, Wisconsin through to Michigan, across the Straits of Mackinaw, down through Michigan, and across the border at Sarnia, Ontario. There are a variety of pumping stations and compressors all across the Upper and Lower Peninsulas of Michigan. Plenty of places for Gretchen to shut down.

      Line 3 runs from Alberta to Superior, Wisconsin. It is being upgraded and enlarged this summer, unless it too gets shut down.

  10. Ain’t this irony sweet?
    For the eco warriors Whitmer and Trudeau to retain their credibility they have to let this pipeline get shutdown.
    But by doing so will cause a great deal of pain in democrat held communities and liberal held ridings.

    1. One day at the meetings of countries.
      “We need someone to slit Canada’s throat”.
      Canada: “OOH OOH I’L DO IT”……….

    2. Don’t worry. They will just blame Trump. And all the people, who have been voting Democrat their entire lives, will believe them. And continue to vote Democrat. No matter how much worse things get. No matter how fast they get worse. No matter how many new problems pop up.

      The Democrat base, the Liberal Party base, hell, most people on the planet, are not capable of admitting even the possibility, that they could have been in error (or could ever hypothetically be wrong). This is why pointing out that someone has been lied to, always gets them angry at you, not the liars. It is what keeps people voting for that party with “Conservative” in the name, even though the debt never stopped growing.

      1. Line 5 provides half of Michigan’s propane.
        Unfortunately, the vast majority of propane customers are rural residents and small businesses, ie. Republican voters. Gretchen and Biden ain’t losing many voters with this.

  11. Can someone explain why leftists moan on and on about pipelines but never, and I mean NEVER complain about oil being transported over vast distances by rail and truck? Even after trains carrying hundreds of oil cars derail?

      1. Greenies have stated that they have no problem when people die, but don’t you hurt their beloved gaia (small g, false gods get small letters).

          1. And, according to the Club of Rome, Earth has a cancer and that cancer is man.

        1. I have posted this before, but it bears repeating. I had some NDP/Liberal clients who were “wanking on” about the overpopulation of the earth. They were not great clients (took forever to pay their bills), so once they were paid up, I suggested that they do their part for mother Earth, and “off” their daughter, son-in-law, their 2 granddaughters and themselves to “lighten the load” on the planet. They were shocked – I have never heard from them since.

      2. Quebec somehow drew the conclusion from that disaster not that pipelines were safer for transporting oil west-to-east, but that all such oil must instead be opposed to the death and be prevented from ever leaving the west.

        To which Alberta should have responded by turning off the taps completely and seeing how much Quebec liked it. But she hasn’t and she won’t because, for all the moaning & whining she does, she’s a whipped b*tch in this pathetic country.

        1. Quebec can get all the oil it needs from supertankers (ie Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Nigeria, Norway)

    1. I am always reminded of the WORST chemical spill in the history of California, when an SP train derailed in Dunsmuir, CA … killing a long stretch of the Upper Sacramento River … DEAD. Ruining a wonderful trout stream.

      Yet … as bad as it was … the River was essentially fully recovered in 3-4 years. This is something the eco-hysterics always forget … that nature is STRONG! Nature is NOT a whiney, pantie-waist, limo-wrested, urban eco-moaner. Nope. Nature is self-Healing, self-regulating, and eternally vibrant.

      However, I prefer not wrecking things. And it is only logical that pipelines are far safer than transport. See also: Captain Hazelwood.

    2. Certain billionaires own large stakes in rail companies. Pipelines cut into those profits, therefore, no pipelines. Those same billionaires own a large number of politicians in BOTH parties in the USA. In Kanaduh, our government is owned by a different billionaire – George Soros, the worst of the bunch. I hope that explains some of the confusion.

  12. I sent my letter of support to Comrade Gretchen a long time ago. The bad thing is I am now on her mailing list. Yech.

  13. The chickens will come home to roost.

    The anti-oil fanaticism, the “green” energy that doesn’t work, the bleeding and crippling of Alberta, the pretend friendship both American and Canadian liberals pretend to have with each other – it’s all coming to a head.

    Just sit back and watch it all unfold. When the average Canadian furrows in vain his Cro-Magnon brow and wonders why sparkly lights don’t come and the radiator fire does not warm his cave, will he know who to blame? Himself, maybe?

    1. Himself … for not having sacrificed a few unbelievers to the god gaia. He will then set about doing that, possibly aided by others of his belief in a storm of “peaceful protests”.

        1. Osumashi, Actually you can fix stupid, but it’s laborious, and must be done one stupid at a time! Usually, a little lead pill will work, and they only cost about 20 cents each.
          They used to be 10 cents each, until inflation got to them, but they do work.

  14. When the realisation of what is going to happen sets in, I will have only one response. “Let the Eastern bastards freeze in the dark.”

    1. “Let the Eastern bastards freeze in the dark.”
      That’s a fitting statement, especially so as a Turd is PM again. We’re full circle.

  15. The lady doth protest too much methinks. Yeah, I get it, there’s a risk of anchor strikes which has already occurred twice but the benefit of the line far exceeds the risks. Besides, if Michigan hadn’t dilly dallied, stalled, protested and let everybody’s brother and Indian bands who claimed the strait is sacred waters ( Yeah, everything is sacred to you effers except your front and back yards apparently) and petition the courts, the proposed replacement lines which are supposed to be under the lake bed as I understand it, all this would be a moot point or at the very least bought some time.

    1. I’ve sailed the Great Lakes, on oil tankers no less. What reason would any ship, barge, contraption have need to “drag their anchor” on the bottom of Lake Michigan? Buehler?

      1. The Mackinac Straits are 3.5 miles wide and 295 feet deep. What reason is given for dragging your anchor in the shipping channel, which most likely is the deeper part, spanned by the Mackinac Bridge? Buehler?

      2. From what I know…a barge lost it’s anchor while sailing through the strait and dragged it for some time until a sailor noticed the chain rubbing on the side of the vessel.

  16. It would be I interesting to see what companies the good Governor has invested in lately. Never let a good crisis go to waste.

  17. We all know what this is… what the retards running Michigan are doing: They are sending signals to their eco terrorists, ‘Line 5 Line 5 Line 5. Go get it.’

  18. “In her budget message to the state legislature, (Whitmer) put forward a proposal to provide propane security and part of that propane security was to build a rail line from one part of the state to the other.”

    Has nobody in my government (MI) ever googled “Train propane accident”??? Don’t answer, I already know….