54 Replies to “Put Your Trust In The Experts”

  1. You bring all those papers … because they’re props. They create the illusion of studious, intelligent, objective, thoughtful reporting. Nothing but props. For the monkeys to shuffle.

  2. What a lousy cavalier attitude. Bytch. The entire friggin economy gets shut down because of what you say. She should thrown outside with the trash.

  3. I doubt even the libs are surprised a bureaucrat does what his liberal minders tell him/her to. So unfortunately, it’s a non story, just like everything the left says out loud when they shouldn’t…. “oh what, you didn’t know? Silly plebe… moving on!”

    1. They … are the men with silverware names … Ding, Dong, Ting, Tang

      Was that too in-Sen-si-tive of me?

    2. “They” are the one’s who write the cheques from government accounts that are paid for by McDonalds workers. By the way, for all Americans, and Bill Gates, who do not understand the English language, a cheque for money is not the same a check mark.

  4. What a catch!

    Tells pretty much how things are done in healthcare/political complex.

    Watch for the media cartel to report on it.

    re you still waiting?
    Better give up.
    Never gonna happen.

    Must add though that it matters not, the plebeians will vote for the same corrupt politicians, as a matter of fact.

    Well …. waddya expect?

  5. It appears somebody needs to get crushed by a dumpster. Just another in a VERY long list, that grows daily.

  6. Don’t be surprised when Trudeau makes these vaccinations mandatory as the majority of Canadians do not want this rush job vaccine that may not work on the new mutations that have occurred.
    This is Trudeau baby and it is a huge screw up as per anything he touches.

    1. I wonder how they will make it mandatory for someone like me who really cannot take it. no shit, I can’t take it. Do I get a yellow star?

      1. Like they did in Chinah, back in the early days of WuFlu….weld your condo doors shut and wire mesh the outside of the building, so you can’t escape.

    1. Has she ‘apologized’ for getting caught? With some mealy-mouth Nancy-Pelosi-esque claim that she was “set-up” … by some crazed right winger?

  7. Another example of so-called health edicts disseminated from on high and spewed out to the gullible and unquestioning public by people who don’t actually believe one word of what they are saying.

    Control at all costs.

    Over to you Dougie.

  8. L- That is so funny. It made my day. The *truth is out there, but only in whispers.

    (“Science is the belief in the ignorance of the experts !” – Richard Feynman, an actual scientist)

  9. Cash the cheque and back up to their second residence mansion cottages.
    Life is great for these scum who never miss a pay cheque and have a lead pipe retirement lock guaranteed while lecturing us about how noble they are as they ride their marshal law, specially trained in Iraq people stomping police horse state over us all.

    Fuck them!

    1. so far richfisher all we have done is kiss their arses, no f–king going on, only we are getting f–ked and not in the carnal sense of the word. I wait for someone anyone to actually do something.

  10. Here comes that boring, repetitive nasty s word. Canadians are STUPID. When will Canadians get their heads out of their collective arses.

      1. Let me correct your response, Osumashi Kinyobe.

        Instead of “probably never’ it should read…”never”.

    1. vowg, If you start hearing loud popping sounds followed by shrieks, you’ll know they’ve started withdrawing their heads, but I wouldn’t bother investing in ear muff stocks, they won’t be needed.

  11. It amazes and amuses me that I once thought “Yes, Minister” was a comedy, not a documentary.

  12. More Emmy Award winning experts. Disgusting.

    “Karen” wants the government to clamp down harder on her neighbours, so that’s what these people are going with. “Karen” needs to be put in her place.

  13. If they’re reading what their political masters write down what the hell are we paying them for?

    My operating rule is: you have an MD.
    If you are currently practicing medicine, you are a doctor and due the Dr. honorific (though I don’t like that honorific).
    If you are not currently practicing medicine, you are not currently a doctor. No honorific for you.

    I’m non-partisan on this: It’s Ron Paul, not Dr. Paul. And no academic PhD should receive the Dr. honorific.

    SO, she’s TOP DOG (not top doc) in the provincial government health bureaucracy. No top doc goes into government. PERIOD.

    1. No kidding! I know a guy who somehow managed to get a PhD in of all things “leisure studies”. Should he be able to put “Doctor” on front of his name? Ehhhh…I’m kind of leaning towards not really.

      1. Yes, he should, whenever you get the chance to bring it to anyone’s attention that it’s a PhD in “Leisure Studies.”

  15. I’ve never really paid attention, but next time I’m in a government building you can bet I’ll be checking to see how many of the “experts” are wearing velcro shoes.

    The best cure for covid is to start firing government employees and bureaucrats. 10% per week until covid has disappeared from Canada. How many weeks until there isn’t a single case?

  16. Think a Freedom of Information request asking who “they” are and who writes their scripts would go anywhere?

    Ha ha ha ha, I crack myself up. Of course it wouldn’t.

  17. Actually this is great,in the tenth month of Covid Theatre,the bureaucrats accidentally tell the truth.
    Just as that poor CBC activist,who whined about people picking on him,when all he does is copy and paste other peoples news reports.

    Every thing government touches turns to shit.
    This plandemic reveals how clueless and useless they be.
    It has been obvious from week two just how frightened and spineless our self appointed helpers really are.
    Now the bureaucrats are not even trying to hide their incompetence..cause we have “moved on” to vaccines for all,the totally Pravda like propaganda on CBC ,CTV ect,is blatant,heavy-handed and suspect.

    Consider our wonderful “free healthcare system”..working so well that in the event of an emergency,we restrict access.

    We have no surplus capacity and rather than ramp up the number of Intensive care Units and bring more medical people on line..we do what?
    Imprison the taxpayers.
    Cut all Non Covid health services.
    Impose whole new bureaus of compliance.
    Refuse the public access.

    I guess mall cops cost less than Real nurses.

    Government has once again breached a contract that they insisted was sacred.
    The holy grail of politics,the great sacred cow free healthcare that costs more than your can legally earn.

  18. To me, this is expected, not surprising.

    When I worked for both the Feds and the province of Alberta, many, many years ago, the one constant was that senior bureaucrats who had to make any kind of public/media presentation virtually never wrote their own copy.   There were many reasons for this, but chief amongst them were (i) those bureaucrats were too busy (that’s the most generous reason), (ii) they were almost uniformly terrible at writing or speaking, and (iii) they typically did not have anywhere near the expertise needed to actually write with any authority about the subject they were supposed to talk about.

    Nothing’s changed.   Your typical MOH knows effectively zero about epidemiology, infectious diseases or statistics.   They never studied any of those things when they were “on the path” to becoming a career bureaucrat.   I’d be willing to bet real money that most of them have been receiving crash courses in these three things since the start of the panicdemic, and yet have never studied “Hacker’s Syllogism” to identify the uselessness of most of their preferred actions:


    That we’re shocked by this only reveals that most of us are still labouring under the sad delusion that there must be experts in the government who have nothing but our best interests at heart.   Most of the time, said “experts” don’t even exist in the government until the crisis has passed and the HR department finally puts out a call to the private sector to hire knowledgeable people to staff newly-created departments whose sole purpose is to respond to the last crisis.

    Or, for the TL;DR crowd: we’re screwed.

    1. Trust me, it’s not just those two that need to be fired. The country would be infinitely richer if we just put 80% of government drones on welfare.

  19. Dr. Yaffe: “I just say whatever they write down for me.”

    Dr. Williams: “Yeah, same.”

    Justin Trudeau: “ditto”

  20. The man on the radio that tells me what to think told me how people who protests mask laws are racists.
    So it must be true.

    Who is the ‘they’ in “I just say whatever they write down for me.”?
    Bugs Bunny?
    Daffy Duck?

    1. BC’s Bonnie Henry says sternly, elementary school teacher-like, I have no patience for people who question masks.

  21. Dr Barbara Yaffe – 2019 – $241,800 a raise of 13.3% from the previous year
    Dr David Williams – 2019 – $413,776

    the best “experts” that money can buy

  22. Reminds me of an old joke:

    What do they call the person with the lowest passing grade in Med School?


    1. One thing I concluded while I was finishing my doctorate was that if intelligence, talent, and hard work had anything to do with getting a Ph. D., a lot of universities would have to close because they can’t find enough faculty.

  23. These and other that support the propaganda should really get the Wuhan virus.
    Don’t let them die though.
    Let them suffer in the long term care centres.

    I know this is very, very bad.

    Considering what are they doing to othere people, have no sympathy.