21 Replies to “It Begins”

  1. It is high time for real taxpayers to push back.Both the IRS and CRA need to start charging taxes on all non-profits and severely auditing all charities.

  2. I guess they are trying to stay away from the Federal Courthouse in Portland tonight?

    Their problem is the Antifa are not in a friendly area, with friendly mayors, prosecutors, and neutered police.


    L, the name you should be researching is George Soros. He has financed the campaigns for these radical, criminal friendly prosecutors, and radical mayors.

    He supports chaos, because he makes millions, sometimes billions from chaos, like when he took down the British Pound.

    1. Rumour has it that Georgy Porgy was behind the sequential collapse of SE Asian economies in the late 1990s, making some decent money in the process.

    2. No, Soros saw the trend whose premise was false and bet against it.
      A minor investor can’t ‘take down the £’.
      Govts create exchange rate vulnerability when they deliberately borrow to give you stuff to get reelected.
      Hint, hint.

  3. It is high time that real taxpayers respond to some of these crazy events, preferably calling those in charge to take action. Call in the IRS and CRA to fully audit whomever is funding this nonsense.

    1. And if the backers are the Drug Cartels protected by the Corrupt Ninth Circuit…..Calling the IRS won’t do much Good…..Pelosi & California are trashing their own Cities to get Taxpayer money… Think of all those Hotels in SF that are full of the Homeless…..(They Flat lined tourism for a decade)….No easy solution and most of the Homeless have Drug & Mental issues…..They won’t leave as long as the free drugs keep coming…..When your City is out of Money the Mayors don’t care if it’s burnt down ( The low rent BLACK areas go first) The BLM leadership are WHITE Communists and they may want to hurt the real Black Americans….


  4. Thanks for sharing that link. Doesn’t look as if that many people held off BLM. Background would be very interesting.

  5. Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland and Seattle are now officially classified as shitholes. Tourism to those areas is finished, and all at their own hand. Looks good on them

  6. It’s time to tell the police to back off…and take care of their families–their days may be numbered. They were very obvious in their inaction to the rioters…and were also very obvious on how they pounced on law-abiding citizens for failing to wear masks, going to parks, attending church or opening their businesses.

  7. Shocked as hell no doubt that people are standing up to them. There seems to be some gathering momentum across the country to beat these fools back.

  8. This is where Trump needs to keep his nose out of this business – let the cities that welcome BLM get a full dose of BLM, the suburbs can take care of their own. Trump seems to think it will make him look strong to put down this insurrection but the insurrectionists don’t want it put down and they were never going to vote for Trump anyways. All he’s doing is giving them the opportunity to turn the narrative, that all these peaceful protestors were just peacefully protesting until Trump sent in the goon squads to stir up violence. He’s playing right into their hands because, like it or not, a lot of people still get their news from the MSM and won’t know they’re being lied to about these “peaceful protestors”. Please, Mr. Trump, stop being a fat-headed know-it-all for once who’s gotta spout off about everything and just sit back and watch these cities self-destruct, you’re not going to be appreciated for saving people from themselves when they don’t want to be saved.

    1. It doesn’t matter what he does. It will be spun to make him look bad. If he intervenes, he’s a tyrant. If he stays out, he sat on his ass.

  9. “They should have gave us what to do here.”
    Who should have ‘gave us what to do here’?
    The DNC?

    “It turned into a riot like it was in Portland”
    Wait, there were riots in Portland?
    That’s just a right wing lie, isn’t it?

  10. “Do your job.” That would entail cracking your skull with a night-stick you stupid white liberal bitch.

  11. The Dem’s have agreed to let the riots run loose and provide “peaceful protest” cover for them so long as they target federal buildings. In the beginning, the Dem’s/rioters made the mistake of not targeting federal buildings and Dem’s thought they could just ask for endless Federal dollars to repair the damage afterwards. Once they learned Trump was willing to say “No” to bailouts though, the rioters suddenly switched to targeting federal courthouses. Trump can’t move those buildings and it’s the fed’s job to protect them. It’s not the courthouse walking around, looking for “peaceful protestors” to antagonize. An honest media would expose the coordination between the Democratic party and these domestic terrorists.

  12. Antifa is the armed wing of the Democratic Party. The Blue Church consists of DAMAS – Democrats, Academia, Media, with Antifa as their street enforcers and Silicon Valley as their censorship engine. Recently we’ve seen the addition of additional divisions to the DNC’s shock troops. 1st Division Antifa “Soi Bois” 2nd Division “Obama’s Sons” and 3rd Division DNC Foreign Legion “Ted Kennedy’s Own”

  13. For those not aware, Springfield/Eugene Oregon is one of the hotbeds of the Black Bloc aka Antifa. Expect a backlash against the local law-abiding residents in the coming days.