32 Replies to “Tell the CRTC what the CBC means to you and Canada!”

  1. The CRTC has long regarded Canadians who don’t live in large cities near the U. S. border as deplorables.

    I grew up in NE B. C. and all we had was one TV channel, a CBC affiliate. For years, people in the area appealed to Ottawa to give us a second one but that fell on deaf ears. Eventually, some clever person put a repeater on a nearby microwave tower and we were able to watch CFRN out of Edmonton through its Channel 2 service in Grande Prairie. The picture wasn’t great and the signal often unstable, but it was better than what we had.

    Later, someone set up a satellite receiver close to town and we got to watch uninterrupted movies on the channel that it picked up. That lasted about a year when the RCMP came and towed it away. One needs to remember that PET declared such devices to be illegal as they would have “threatened” or “diluted” Canadian culture. (Uh-huh…..)

    It wasn’t until after Mulroney was elected that the ban on satellite receivers was lifted. The area of B. C. I referred to eventually got multi-channel cable TV service.

    But even before that, the so-called cable TV services consisted of picking up American stations directly from across the border. That often meant that the signals could drop out because of propagation conditions. The CRTC stubbornly refused to allow cable companies to receive those signals via satellite.

    I wouldn’t weep if the CRTC was abolished.

    1. Back then Francis Fox was the minister in charge of the CRTC and behind all of the arrests. Fox the most righteous forged a woman’s husband’s signature on a hospital release form. He needed her to abort his kid. Corruption at the Liberal Party knows no boundaries.

      1. Satellite TV became a popular form of civil disobedience before Mulroney permitted it. I remember when a B. C. provincial minister (Pat McGeer, as I recall) set up a receiver on the grounds of the legislature in Victoria nearly 40 years ago to, if nothing else, thumb his nose at PET.

        The whole premise of protecting Canadian culture was malarkey. Cities such as Toronto and Vancouver could directly receive American TV signals from stations just across the border. During the summer, with suitable propagation conditions, it was possible to receive American TV signals on the lower channels, even where I grew up in NE B. C. (That was something I never understood until after I became a ham.) Even radio signals made their way across the border, particularly in the evenings.

        I think PET simply wanted the deplorables to remain ignorant of a world outside of Canada. Fortunately, the laws of physics didn’t recognize ideology or political policy.

  2. I was curious and looked up how much advertising revenue the CBC generates, vs government subsidy. (Spoiler: 250M ads and 1.21B govt in non-Olympic years).

    But check out this graph in their annual report, and look at the y axis. Note how they conveniently removed a *billion* dollars from the axis in order to make it look less dramatic:


    1. That is unbelievable. The whole point of a chart like that is to provide a visual comparison between parameters. I guess putting it on a log scale to show the magnitude of subsidy would have raised eyebrows.

  3. Done.

    The CBC does not meet its mandate. It may have prior to the 60’s or 70’s, I don’t know, but it certainly does not now. Revoke their license.

    CRTC is another wholly-owned subsidiary of the Liberal party, like Elections Canada, the CRA, CSA, etc. So they will never do the right thing.

    Maybe one day they can be forced to do the right thing, but how badly will they screw this country before we get there? Will there be anything left worth saving?

    Imported savages from the uncivilized world will have no interest in rebuilding the institutions that made Canada great, so we’ll end up being a northern Venezuela or Brazil. Yippee….

    1. CRTC is another wholly-owned subsidiary of the Liberal party, like Elections Canada, the CRA, CSA, etc.

      I think the first time I heard about the CRTC was in connection with PET’s phony-baloney Cancon rules nearly 50 years ago. Apparently, Canadian culture, such as it was back then, was threatened by the U. S. and the CRTC was there to safeguard it. Now that his son said we no longer have a core identity, why does it still exist?

      The only useful function the CRTC ever had was as the agency for licensing broadcasters and allocating frequencies or channels for them. I’m sure that a handful of its current staff could look after that or it could be farmed out to a private body, much like what’s done for amateur radio.

  4. Haven’t watched or listened to the cbc in decades. Why would you?

    There are many news outlets available today that have made a government news outlet irrelevant.

    Give it up. You’ll feel better.

    1. Why would you?
      It is useful to know what your enemy wants you to think and what the sheeple have been fed. I try to catch CBC radio news at meal times, 12 and 6 … it often ruins my appetite and I eat less, helping to keep my weight under control. If CBC we’re defunded and sold to private enterprise. I would dance a jig and praise the lord.
      I get my news here. Thanks for your help with that.

  5. CBC is important to me in the sense that an uncaged pack of wolves is important to me. I have little to no faith in the CBC to represent my belief system and values. And I am conflicted at the repeated attempts to suggest that my belief system is flawed.
    For years I have witnessed this behaviour and have totally lost faith in the CBC as a reliable un-biased source for information. In this era of shifting values it is most unsettling to perceive that our countries national media entity constantly take sides (with a heavy bias) on all issues. There is no display of balance and objectivity. And yet there is a constant barrage of self-effacing dialogue supporting the very opposite.
    Having watched the periphery of the CBC Empire slowly wither and the corporation become more centered in the East it is no surprise the attitudes expressed seem to support the central Bias.
    That unto itself isn’t the problem in my mind; the problem is the seeming lack of empathy for the local vibe.

  6. The irony of Friends of CBC is their mission statement says they support an independent CBC.
    They keep using the word independent but I don’t think they really know what it means.
    The CRTC and CBC have violated their mandate.
    They are interfering in the competitive market and they have abandoned those area’s that have little to no service. When a government agency goes rogue it should be disbanded.

  7. I have had the CRTC telling me what I could or could not see on tv for decades, they are intellectual communist midgets and need to be disposed of.

  8. Growing up in Windsor, ON (right across from Detroit, Mich)…we just never watched the CBC except for Reach for the Top (once a week–then they got rid of it) when I was kid in the 70s. It was 99.99% US content for us–we even watched Detroit news.

  9. I love queries and surveys like this – “Hi, we’re the CRTC! We’re putting-out this survey so we look like we care, so feel free to tell us how much you love and appreciate our CBC’s fair and unbiased coverage of news and views important to Canadians! But you don’t have to if you don’t want; we KNOW you love them, and what we know we don’t have to ask, right?”

    They’ll get back five surveys from people who really love the CBC, and all the thousands of surveys from people who don’t, will “accidentally” get saved to file 13 – and see? They conducted a survey – they’re doing their job – and all the replies were fantastically positive!

    Literally, SSDD (-_-)

  10. Well, they do not even attempt to determine what people really think about the CBC. Your statement starts with “The CBC is important because. . .” I am sure negative comments will be filtered out — not included in their report. Now I understand that Friends is a lobby group, but as such they also should be attempting to find out what people are unhappy about and use that as feedback to the CBC. It is not acceptable to just pretend the CBC is relevant.

    1. Why? The CBC is already perfect, it can’t be improved-upon – just ask them. Any opinion not as fabulously in love with them as they are with themselves, is obviously from some multiply-inbred unibrow out in the sticks – or worse, some Trump supporter somewhere – and hardly even merits contemptuous dismissal.

      Dunning-Krueger in effect; nobody is so hard to convince as he who knows it all already. I’m talking about you, CBC – look in the mirror sometimes, won’t’cha? I mean, you obviously spend hours a day gazing lovingly into a mirror, a la Narcissus, but try one lit-up by the glaring light of day sometime.

  11. Here’s what I wrote.
    “I think the CBC is so important that we should make all other broadcasters illegal.”

    In Classical Rhetoric this is known as begging the question. And politically as priming the pump.

    Burn it to the ground and salt the earth.

  13. How government works in Canada:
    To comment on a government entity (CBC) to another government entity (CRTC) you need proof that you sent a copy of your comments to the first government entity (CBC) if the second government entity (CRTC) asks for the proof. You now go to a third government entity (Canada Post) for a registered letter for proof that you sent a copy of your comments about the CBC to the CRTC.
    In the end all that happens is the government gets about $11 for your trouble, the cost of the registered letter.

  14. The friends of the CBC site feels like where you sign up so they know where to send the bus to pick you up for the Gulag Express…….

  15. cbc productions have and now ALWAYS have an ‘amateurish’ look and sound about them.
    which is why all the cbc channels are excluded from my satellite receiver guide.

  16. After a recent episode of Murdoch Mysteries and the latest advertisements for Schitt’s Creek, the CBC’s new theme song should now be “Gays to the left of me, queers to my right, here I am……………………”

  17. Pierre Juno – not sure if he was the first commissioner or the CRTC or not – said Canada would never become like the Soviet Union and arrest people for receiving foreign broadcasts.

    That sure changed when the CBC and other crony capitalists ran to Pierre and Francis Fox and demanded the Broadcasting Act.

    1. I believe that Juneau was the first head of the CRTC and, as I recall, he announced the ridiculous Cancon rules for what we could see on TV and hear on the radio. He later became the president of the CBC.

  18. If I had to choose, I would prefer the demise of the CRTC over the CBC by far. Case in point, it costs me over $30 a month to be able to have Fox News on my TV. The CRTC regs will only permit receiving the signal via cable and only as an add on. It is the most expensive add on Shaw offers and in order to get it I MUST also pay for “skinny basic”. I never watch any of the channels but it doesn’t matter, I must be punished for not fawning over leftist media.

  19. “The CBC is important because” thousands of second rate radio and television staff need a secure job with a cushy defined benefit pension.