Justin Trudeau: Now All Canadians are Racist!

Anyone who has visited SDA over the years has seen numerous stories about Leftists accusing others of the negative things that they harbour within. Much like a Christian preacher who speaks a little too often about the evils of homosexuality, turns out to be gay, Canada’s “dear” prime minister isn’t very happy with the current state of Canadians.

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  1. Yup you’re a racist, I’m a racist, everyone is a racist. Rascist-rascist-rascist. Got it. Definately gonna vote Red now.

    BBC noted his departure from point Greyface shortly after the Alladin event. Was he fired?

    1. There are rumors of harassing female teachers in his past.. Probably just a rumor……yup… but could this be the school where said rumors started.. It is said he doesn’t talk about his time at this school… Tere is more to this guy than is being told. IMHO of course.

    2. He was a cokehead when he was on his practicum at WPG so maybe he continued showing up to his paid gig high. I was at UBC getting my secondary ed degree when he was there. One of my closest friends at the time was very active in the student association so knew everyone. She had been told that Justin would show up to teach while high on cocaine frequently (on his practicum). This has always appalled me as it just goes so counter to why one used to go into teaching. I wanted to get this info out in 2015 but unfortunately my former friend is likely a liberal and never would have formally passed the info on.

    3. I think it would be good if Turdoo wins the next election with a majority. Why do I think that? Because Canada has a case of the stupids and until we hit rock bottom like an alcoholic, we can’t begin to smarten up.

      We can’t win because Turdoo has the entire media, the entire educational industry, most of the stupid women vote (because he’s dreamy), all the beta-males and there are many. (because he’s dreamy) … All the immigrant vote because he’s stupid, all the LGBTUVWXYZ vote because he is a cross dresser and a closet gay boy.

      So, let’s reelect this asshole Turdoo and watch out country go down the drain so we can someday, if there are enough conservatives left in Canada, begin to fix the place, at least until the next generation of stupid leftist twits and twats take it all back down the chute. Wadda ya think?

      Scheer is a weakling and an idiot … he can’t fix it.

  2. “Justin, why did you steal something from the cookie jar?”

    “It wathn’t my fault–it’th the kitchen thtaff. They put the cookie jar where I could eathiwy get at it.”

  3. There is another colour that our prime minister not only disrespects but has shown his utter contempt for. They are the colour that does all the farming,construction,keeps the lights on and makes the country work. They are of different races but are united under one colour and that they are all rednecks.

    1. He couldn’t play-act redneck. He would have to break in a pair of work boots and touch a tool (besides little Justin).

      He is committed to his ACTING but that would be just too far.

  4. I’ve lived in the same Canada he has for 50 years and I’ve never put shoe polish on my face because of racism or white privilege or an of the other BS excuses he’s come up with for doing it.
    I guess I’m just a better man that he is.
    I’ve been able to resist the temptations that he apparently is powerless to resist.
    It is because he is weak.

    I’ll play along with his game.
    I’ll take Trudeau at his word: He’s too weak to be Prime Minister because he can’t even resist the temptation to paint his face black.

    If he truly wanted to show leadership in the fight against racism he would resign.
    But that would require strength of character.

    1. “I’ve lived in the same Canada he has for 50 years and I’ve never put shoe polish on my face because of racism or white privilege or an of the other BS excuses he’s come up with for doing it.”

      Well, yes. Blackface was already seen as dated by the end of the Sixties.

      This fool of a prime minister was born in 1971; I was in high school at that time and would never have conceived of doing blackface. Though the black population at my school was very small, I knew damned well any such stupidity as shoe-polishing my face would have gained me the wrath of the principal and the enmity of my teachers and fellow students.

      In other words, while our vacuous PM was still a mewling infant, blackface was already considered in poor taste.

  5. I’m hoping that the real reason that Trudeau was forced to resign from West Point Grey Academy comes out.
    It has nothing to do with black face.

      1. If you look at the photo, he’s holding hands with the young lady with his other hand. Behind her, wrapped around her, possessive touching across the collarbone, and she’s happily grinning – they were boinking.

  6. Analyzing the words of the Spawn’s scripted damage control and trying to connect their meaning to the person acting them out is a fools game. The Spawn is likely a sociopath who is fed his talking points that he then applies “acting skills” to deliver with little to no introspection. His writing staff have decided to deflect back to the nation as the guilty party while his job is to attach the appropriate emotion. Rather than seek forgiveness, he spreads his guilt the way he wants to share your wealth. The reasons for the incredulousness of the poster is the same reason I can’t stand to listen to any of the Spawn’s performances.

    1. You really think he has the gear/inclination to do that?I can’t stand to listen to his phony concerned /sincere voice. He is such a cornball actor..

  7. He isn’t happy with the state of Canadians. Well, I got news for you Mr. Trudeau. Canadians aren’t too happy with the state of their PM and his party.

    So, do us all a favour and quit while your ahead!!

    1. We only wish. He has one again, and decisively brought disrepute, and dishonour to the highest office of the land, now by his own hypocrisy in overt racism, one of his SJW tenets to talk down to those western rednecks consistently. Now, he has no bonafides to EVER discuss racism again.
      In a previous generation, he would have to resign, no question.
      Now, it’s power for powers sake! His own supporters don’t know the word resignation, but they know the word sorry, turn the page, carry on, carrying on.
      Dishonour and disrepute! Scumbag! Yet, at least 30% of current voters are AOK with Trudles, because, TRUDLES! These people make me sick with their stupidity!

  8. ?
    does that include me?
    my adorable and very successful daughter (who makes at last count some oh, 3 to 4 times what I did at my best,
    which, was enough to buy our first place, (a modest stucco) at 27 yrs of age, so that she would have a secure home
    and all the stuff that brings) AND is, get this *MIXED RACE*
    annnn whut race be day hb?
    standard response: it doesn’t matter !!!!!
    so again mr prime minister vaudeville, WHO exactly are you referring to? hmmmm?

    you offend me trudeau. yer whole family offends me. yer old man, yer grandfather, the lot of you.

    1. hb – I second that emotion. Trudeau has a lot of nerve, casting aspersions on “Canadians” because he is an exhibitionist and lacks character.

  9. As I posted on another thread, Justin roped in all Canadians, saying “we can all do better”, in his presser regarding the Kokanee Grope, used the same excuse, didn’t take responsibility and essentially entangled other Canadians in his wrong deed.

  10. The word “racialized” is being used by Canadians of non-Caucasian ethnicity to self-identify.

    Kay at the National Post tripped over this 5 years ago.

    Per Kay, the word is being used to remind the rest of us just how racist Whiteys are.

    Most Whiteys can’t tell a South Asian from a mid-Easterner from a Mediterranean from a Latin American. But people from these groups themselves make a point of self-identifying to differentiate themselves from others. Some bring their ethnic & tribal rivalries with them to Canada. Some form gangs along ethnic lines. Some even go to the length of blowing planes out of the sky, e.g., resulting in the greatest mass killing of Canadians in Canadian history because they self-identify and seek to fulfill their aspirations per their self-identity.

    Any bystander can’t help but notice how those of varied ethnicity are going about creating these social divides.
    But the narrative being spun blames Whitey for “racializing” others.

    1. Raymond, I agree. On a purely tactical level, Trudeau and Butts want to tack leftward, in this Blackface scandal, in order to win some favour with the corporate media. In his second press conference, Trudeau spewed pc phrases like “racialized minorities” and “white privilege” and other such drivel.

  11. An idiot does not cover it.
    Guess, he got his talking points from the butt man.
    To save his skin he is blaming everyone else of his own shortcomings.
    He is shifting blame for his behaviour on every other citizen of Canada, except perhaps other shades than whitey.
    He goes on talking such bullshit, its hard to listen to.
    Canadians, Canadians, Canadians.
    A bloody demagogue.
    Somebody with a mouthpiece should tell the guy to go to hell, hide under a rock and never show his damn face again.
    No we don’t have a lot of work to do, not every single one, just he, his bloody self.

  12. remember halloween when we burned a cork and made a fake beard?
    thats the closest I ever got to ‘blackface’.
    one fellow was the spittin image of castro.
    the TURDoo 2.0 would have made him cabinet minister to see that.

    you offend me mr prime minster blackface.
    I wonder if the polls are going to keep sliding once the FULL impact of this behaviour sink in.
    it isnt *just* the racist angle. it’s the GIGANTIC fcukin hypocrisy on top of it all.
    and the love of communists.
    and the contempt for the oil industry.
    and the disregard for disable veterans.
    (feel free to add offenses dear SDA)

    the fact he shot himself in the nuts like this is so telling about the vacuousness that exists under the cute hair.

    1. hb:
      and the disregard for:
      …. the law, as in JWR case…
      ….for the Navy, as in the Norman case…
      ….for the public, eg: MADAME-MADAME in QC…
      ….for women in his Cabinet, Jane Philpot…
      ….of the Gov finances, throwing away cash..
      …. wasting tax dollars for boats / Harrington Lake…
      ….for calling Peter Kent, MP Thornhill, a piece of sh!t…

      Re: The latter, Trudeau issued an apology.
      If one were to read Peter Kent’s accomplishments one would be impressed.
      For one, he is an award winning foreign correspondent and reported on the Vietnam War and others. This Trudeau pussy wouldn’t have such guts in his little toe!

      READ about Peter Kent:

  13. The guy can’t stop lying. Is the “person I am today and the leader I try to be” the same guy who insisted in public in February that the allegations in the Globe piece that set off SNC were categorically false? IIRC the Globe’s allegations turned out to be spot on.
    I think that most people with poor personal history who make their way to positions where they can help the marginalized make extensive use of their histories in their work as examples of bad behavior and actions to avoid. This great “leader” and helper didn’t do that because he was embarrassed. Right.
    His father raised him to try to defend people’s rights. Really? PET spent his youth riding through Jewish neighborhoods on a motorcycle while wearing Nazi regalia and offering the finger to people. PET was also a fellow who had an appreciation for Cuba’s basic dictatorship where millions of people are locked into a national gulag. It’s more likely that is what he taught his son. In fact PET’s son gave a glowing eulogy of Uncle Fidel after his death in 2016.
    If I spent more time on the 11 minutes of video that I watched I’m sure I could come up with at least a dozen more of these. I did learn though that Canada is a great country, the best country in the world that is chock full of privileged white supremacist bigots and racists.

  14. Justine Turdhole is a sociopathic liar, a racist, a bigot, a serial sexual assault artist and most likely a criminal (SNC intereference, blocking and RCMP investigation) but its not his fault, its ours… well Turdholians did elect the retard so maybe Turdholes blatant racist nature and “white supremacy” is our fault. Listening to Justine recite Butts/Telford scripts is a nauseating spectacle… what a complete and total waste of skin.

  15. It’s hard to watch that video and listen to this vacuous idiot without tasting my dinner all over again.

    So, JusTard, because YOU dressed in blackface not once but three times, and in one of those you crammed tube socks or a cucumber wrapped in tinfoil down the front of your pants to enhance your representation of a black man as an ape – complete with simian lurchings and dragging knuckles – this is symptomatic of Canada’s racism as a whole, and your actions are our fault as Canadians?

    Is that about it, Mr. Prime Minister?

    Words can’t describe my loathing for this creature, his double-standards and stunning hypocrisy.

    Loathing, and not hatred. There’s a difference.

    I wanted to end this with a helpful suggestion for juthtin to atone and make things right for Canada. It was originally, “Die in a fire”, but it’s more PC to channel Oliver Cromwell when he addressed the rump Parliament, “You have been sat to long here for any good you have been doing. Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!”

  16. low IQ’rs will low ball their fellow travelers just to try and raise their own profile, as they can not change their image upward, only try to drag others down

  17. So many have touched on this…it’s not so much the fool Trudeau as it is Butts. That’s the guy who has to go, as well.

  18. Got to hand it to whomever is running him though.

    By saying we are all racist not only excuses his conduct it (much) more importantly gives his die-hard supporters the talking point they need to convince other less ardent progs to vote LPC.

    I sure hope it doesn’t work but I’m not at all confident that it won’t.

  19. So, in the light of Trugroper’s travails and all too obvious hypocrisy, what does PM Bollywood do today?

    Doubles Down

    10 victims lined up behind him, 9 of them were coloured/non white stooges to parade behind him. The Liberal Party has NO shame whatsoever.

  20. But now PM Blackie is going to reduce our cell phone bills by 25%!
    So you can forgive him for his racism because your cell phone will cost you less.
    I didn’t realize the connection between high cell phone bills and racism before this.

    No word on why Groper didn’t already reduce our cell phone bills.

    1. We are now going to see the Libs Triple down on their lust for power.

      No giveaway will be too large. No bribe will be too much.

      Got any of the Telcos in your portfolio or mutual fund? They are about to be sacrificed for the Liberal Lust for Power. There’s no telling how far they will go. First the Oil and Gas sector, now the Comm sector, which one is next? The Banking sector?

      PM Dunderhead is also calling for a rise in the basic exemption, rounded up to $15k even. That must have taken some fine calculations…………all the while, taking it away thru carbon taxes, and a rumoured New capital gains tax on your primary residence. There is no limit to the Liberal lust for power, and their greed for OPM! And their arrogance at bribing people with their own BORROWED money!

    2. If a 25% reduction in phone rates can reduce racism in Canada, maybe a 90% reduction could reduce racism around the world!

      Support your Canadian Media by realizing how exhausting it is to keep providing positive coverage for The Bumbler and his not ready for adulthood entourage.

      Make Canada great again by giving it back to the adults.

    1. He has such a high Canadian Media-approved opinion of himself, that I’d like to see him take the proverbial long walk off the short pier, just to see if he rises and returns in 3 days.

      Of course, the Media caterwauling, self flagellation, peals of grief and fervent prayer would be a sight to behold and possibly worth a resurrection.

  21. spiked
    29.8K subscribers
    A film about the people who had long been forgotten, but now cannot be ignored — from the Rust Belt to the Essex coast. Featuring: Salena Zito, Matthew Goodwin, Glenn Loury, Munira Mirza, Paul Embery, Brian Denny and more.


    1. His lame apology reminded me of a situation I had with a former employer many years ago.

      I knew for months that a certain computer program we were using was filled with bugs and that it didn’t run properly. I advised both my immediate supervisor and the section head about it and requested that I work with the company that managed it to fix the problems.

      I was turned down several times and when the proverbial hit the fan, I reminded the section head that I notified him that there were serious bugs in the software. His response was that it was all my fault because I “didn’t try hard enough” to convince him.

      The professional response would have been for the section head to accept personal responsibility for over-ruling me, but, no, it got dumped on my desk.

      Similarly, Prinz Dummkopf slithered his way out of his blackfacing in much the same manner. It wasn’t his fault, it was Canada and Canadian society. He blackfaced because of his exposure to we deplorables and our racist ways.

    2. Yes E T , and no one else’s fault. If Canadians continue to embrace socialism and all the so called freebies, the country will soon become another Venezuela. The people own the country, the government is there to serve at our discretion not theirs. By the way, if you are capable of working and refuse to work you should not eat. If you have voted for a job killing government then you need to rethink your vote.

  22. Trudeau is just a sanctimonious hypocrite, but Canada is burdened with “systemic discrimination” (ie unproven prejudice), and “unconscious bias,” (a logical impossibility). It’s about (some of) us, not him. This BS plays well in ON but fails in AB.

    Ah but, Mr Scheer does not support the dead issue of same sex marriage, or gay pride parades, which he eschews, and abortion.

    Seething western alienation at being simultaneously being bloodied, bled, milked and starved by oblivious ON, hypocritical Montreal and state sanctioned welfare bums in Atlantic Canada is unimportant to them.


    They think AB separation is a pipe dream. They are wrong, check out CPC support in AB, north of 50%.

    But votes are one thing, using debates et al to drive irrelevant wedge issues will end this polity’s existence.

    If the CPC is marginalized over non-issues while giving mini Pierre a pass on his hypocrisy, incompetence and mendacity …

    Confederation is dead like firewood; all that’s required is to pull the blanket over the patient, already on life support.

    AB will start the ball rolling, with plenty of support. Saskatchewan will likely join, or like Manitoba, do so later but soon.

    BC, not geographically isolated and finally frustrated with their statist starvers, will leave next.

    QC, not realizing their whipping boy sugar daddy just close the bank, will re-invigorate their crybaby separation fascists.

    Atlantic Canada may stay in the skeleton of Canada, but her failed entitlement and dependent economy will lose it’s subsidized lifestyle and could very well be absorbed into the USA, assuming enough suckers exist to take on this basket case.

    Trudeau’s legacy will thus be s the PM who oversaw and enabled the destruction of the Canadian federation.

    Pretending partisan sanctimony and social policy shaming will not cause exactly that is naïve in the extreme, iow assured.

    Canada began to die this weekend, because of ignorant people who think they are saving it by schiving it with their arrogance.

  23. https://twitter.com/nenshi/status/1175517500697530368
    The @washingtonpost asked me for my thoughts on the status of the topic of race in Canada.
    I’m Calgary’s Muslim mayor. We can learn from Trudeau’s ‘brownface’ moment.

    I guarantee you there were people at parties in Calgary and in your town this past Halloween who darkened their faces for costume. Heck, I’ve even seen pictures of people dressed as me (despite my annual public service announcement that “Sexy Mayor” is not an appropriate look). The folks dressed like me are generally fans. They’re certainly not racists.

    1. Trudeau says that the blackface gig from 2001 was racist. Nenshi says it was not. Let’s say that Nenshi who would have much more experience than Trudeau with racist incidences against him is right. I’m going to submit to you that Trudeau doesn’t believe that 2001 was racist either. Instead he’s using the opportunity to accuse all who now oppose him of being racists and bigots. He laid it on pretty thick in the 11 minutes of false grovelling I watched him perform for the press the other day (he’s pretty good at the deflecting thing and our big media helps him along as much as they can).
      Nenshi puts the lie to that, at least in his experience, when he mentions in his WP article his treatment by the Calgary public at large during his first mayoralty campaign.
      There’s another difference between Naheed Nenshi and M. Trudeau. I’ve never voted for him and I have disagreed with his positions on several things. However, he has three mandates from Calgarians to be mayor and I believe that he believes that he is helping to build our city. His religion has played no part in that. Trudeau has surrounded himself with UN Globalist zealots and aside from those aspirations I believe that his goal with respect to Alberta is to finish the job PET started — reduce Alberta to the status of New Brunswick.

  24. Look. All conservatives want—or ever wanted—was to be left in peace to enjoy the fruits of their labour. It’s the globalists who feed anybody more trouble than he’s worth as slave labour to death camps and gas chambers.

    Globalism is in nobody’s interest, save that of a few thousand already obscenely rich monsters. It is a recipe for human extinction. Our masters have already written off this planet as inadequate to their ambition. They plan to leave it behind to re-populate the galaxy in their own hideous image, leaving the meek to inherit a mass grave.

  25. “This BS plays well in ON but fails in AB.”

    Well, Shamrock at 11:06. I think it plays pretty damned well in Edmonton.

  26. Summary:
    I have worn blackface multiple times, but those of you who most likely have never done so are incorrigible racists. I am, however, willing to fix you.

    Please, Canada, tell me this narcissistic mediocre liar will not be reelected.

  27. Reread Mark Steyn’s 2005 book “America Alone”. Mark points out that islam was fading away in many areas that they had conquered and controlled for centuries. He notes that muslims were not in the majority in any country and lived off of the jizya, the tax they levied on all non-muslims. Lots of conquered people became muslims to avoid this tax and the countries were going broke as they were shut out of Europe and places to conquer with any wealth. Once oil was found just a while ago the Saudis now had the money to build mosques and muslim schools around the world and the invasion is off and running. He firmly believes islam will take over as we have lost the will to fight back. As islam produces nothing, no sports, science, medicine, architecture, literature, inventions or manufacturing it should be an interesting future.

    He compares this with our endless government largesse as they take over almost everything we used to be responsible for and the massive deficits we see are the result. This election is a perfect example as the parties promise more and more stuff, dental, child care etc. and people respond be using increasing welfare payments like our east coast with less and less children being born. Europe is the end result with Greece, Italy, Spain at 1.1 child per family and nobody working or retired at 45-50.