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  1. So the NYPD (or whoever guards prisons there) is as good at suicide watch as the Cowards from Broward are at stopping school shootings :)….. this must have cleaned out the petty cash drawer at the Clinton Foundation. 🙂

    1. It is a Federal jail. Not city or state.
      Yes he had, supposedly, tried before, while he shared the cell with a corrupt, cocaine dealing cop who killed and buried in his back yard 4 buisness associates, but the murdering Cop saw nothing, heard nothing.
      So then then Jeffery was put on suicide watch, which I guess they did watch.

      You got to love gooberment. High tax, high cost, slow and poor deliver of low quality services. Soviets with pensions.

    2. Arkencide is a powerful motivator for self-strangulation, from behind, after knocking oneself unconcious, no doubt.

      A whole bunch, a gaggle of gangsters, lovers of young girls, /victims of balckmail (that was Epstein’s profession I believe) breath a sigh of relief today 🙂

    1. Arkancide! ha.
      121 and still counting.

      When the Clintons move to China I figure Americas death rates will drop.

    2. Yup, I’m sure the term ‘Arkancide’ will immediately pop into a few million minds upon first hearing this.

      Didn’t that term trend on social media just a few weeks ago the first time ‘they’ tried to kill him?

      Anyways, however he went, I hope the lowlife scumbag suffered immensely before his lights finally went out.

    3. Yup. As with all arkancides, the “assisted” is silent.

      Or should that be “is the silencer”?

  2. Witness protection. Knows too much and everyone wants him dead. After all, if he was really dead, all his “dead man switches” would trip and all his knowledge would be released to the public. Since that has not happened “yet” we can safely assume he is still alive.

    1. Assuming he did put such switches in place. He was a traditional blackmailer, probably occassionally enlisted by the CIA & FBI for “special jobs”. Thus he was allowed to run free because of his “usefulness”.

  3. Hello Mr Epstein, we’re your new court appointed attorneys, just slip this rope around your neck and we’ll get started on the defense.

  4. How many bullets to the back of the head, bullets delivered from more than 5 feet away, were the cause of this apparent suicide?

    You know he had a plan for this though. There is some failsafe somewhere, and I expect that it will be actual videos of all the people who failed to protect him.

      1. That is a good question. Those guards probably should not be making any long term plans. Live every day of your life as if it was the last one, who knows it might just be.

  5. Committed suicide by tying a sheet around his neck and hanging himself.

    The only problem is,
    He was on suicide watch and was not allowed to have any SHEETS.

    They must have forgotten to check the back pocket where he carries his Billfold.

    1. They must have forgotten to check the back pocket where he carries his Billfold.

      Accidentally on purpose, of course.

      1. ‘dead men tell no tales.’

        Now all those handwritten notes and children names are just hearsay in a court of his perverts/sorry, peers.

        The witness is being bound and burned over before trial.

    2. Yes, FL, there will be much to answer for here. You don’t get prisoners much more high profile than Epstein plus he was a proven ‘suicide’ risk. I would have assumed he would be video monitored continuously, just for starters. Be it incompetence or conspiracy, something stinks to high heaven.

      Ha, I deny virtually every conspiracy theory there is out there, but with Seth Rich, and subsequently the ease with which many predicted this, I find it wise to keep a very open mind.

    3. fearless, he was off sewerside watch, and the area cameras were not working . The most shocked person as to this suicide was epstain himself!

  6. Wow! Wonder who got rich on the inside, and how this happened? Will there be an investigation?

      1. Would not surprise me if they end up having a series of unfortunate incidents and a high suicide rate instead.

    1. I would look askance at each and every promotion and compensation package in the Jail workforce for the next 10 years. It is apparent more than Epstein was murdered. Epstein’s insurance policy must have been killed as well. It is inconceivable that Epstein didn’t have a dead man’s switch. An insurance policy. The Clinton’s, the Royal Family, et.al. must have killed the insurance policy as well.

      I predict that Epstein’s … edited … insurance policy is suddenly “discovered” in the Clinton library in about 1-year … which details all the 13yo girls Trump diddled over the years …

    2. Watch for prison guard(s) who suddenly retire early – or perhaps even do a Hoffa.

      In a special instance like this they should have had two sets of guards at the peephole – just to watch each other….

  7. How many victims now has the Arkansas flu claimed?

    It was clear from the time we heard about the details of the original grand jury that brought his one and only conviction that the fix has always been in on Jeffrey Epstein and that the people he had dirt on would make sure he never talked one way or the other.

  8. Suicide? Not a chance. Any man who lived purely for his own pleasure the way Epstein did would never take his own life.
    They’ve either faked his death and absconded with him or murdered him. I’d go with faked his death and absconded.
    Epstein was a Billionaire by blackmailing a lot of rich powerful people for decades. Why didn’t “they” get him years before?
    Because he must have had ‘Dead Man’s ‘ switches all over the place to expose them in case of his unnatural demise. That’s why.

    1. Perfect, Epstein and the clients he was holding out for ransom payments have reached an agreement.
      Epstein, instead of collecting payments from clients, now pays them big, instead.
      They get paid huge amounts of money and divvy up his assets, while he gets to live incognito in some obscure place, without his wealth(maybe somewhere young girls aren’t valued).

      The release of Bill Richardson’s name yesterday, or was it the day before, was too close to home for the Clintons. He was a very good friend of theirs’.

  9. Oh no ….. Boom …. And that’s that. No f****g joke. Let’s eat, I’m f****g hungry. Problem solved.
    Rumour mill, via Paul Watson, already alleging a “camera malfunction.” FBI is investigating his apparent suicide.
    Maybe he died of natural causes. I’m sure he was under a lot of stress. Were his suicide watchers watching his suicide?
    Nevertheless, many oversexed elitists are heaving sighs of relief as we speak. Kind of like Tony Soprano when his mother died.
    And just as creepy as an indictment of the darkest aspects of human sexuality and power tripping.
    Conspiracy theories will be on this one for decades. I think the world has been spared the disgusting spectacle of his trial.

    1. “I think the world has been spared the disgusting spectacle of his trial.”

      There is a huge wealthy powerful international Pedophile Sex Ring out there, Sham.
      When does the ring get broken, kiddies become safer, and we get the disgusting spectacle of their trials?
      Epstein dead or alive, seems to me the Pedophile Sex Ring gets a mulligan.

  10. How long before the conspiracy talk gets twisted to point at President Trump? This is not a time for him to “let the system do its job”. He needs to be sure that the right investigators are on the job. The ones that are ready to keep their oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

    1. The day isn’t over yet, is it? TDS media will chime in with their latest wild fantasies in 3, 2, 1….

  11. Bad news. The pro-Democrat media cartel are already planning to say Trump had Epstein murdered. One can predict CNN and CBC News will have a field day fabricating a narrative of this.

    1. Funny how uninterested DEMedia are in tracking down all the abused-as-tweens victims of Epstein and getting the low down on who Epstein shopped them out to. BJ Clinton and Hillary would be fit to be tied, eh?
      Bet they can’t show an intersection of one of those tweens and Donald Trump in the same place at the same time.
      Kinda like how that sorta thing blew up in their collective faces with Kavanaugh.

  12. Suicide or not, who ever has access to Epstein’s records and videos now has an insane amount of power and control over very powerful people – politicians and royal families from numerous countries, journalists, scientists, lawyers, wall street financial captains, wealthy businessmen, judges, Hollywood, etc.

    If it’s now controlled by Republicans then you may see some their opponents making odd statements of support or suddenly getting very quiet. The reverse if Democrats have the incriminating records. Anyway, the evidence may go missing but I doubt it’ll be destroyed since the blackmailing opportunities are too lucrative

    1. “blackmailing opportunities are too lucrative”

      Sure, that was Epstein’s once-upon-a-time successful business model and look what happened to him. Kablooie! Fun times are over.
      I’d think Epstein would have had a number of fail-safes in existence and possessing one of these blackmail caches are a death sentence.
      A different way to get rich would be to do what Epstein wanted done; expose the cabal, get rich on the talk circuit, and live longer.
      Some secrets are safer if made public. Epstein, dead or alive, is a object lesson about sitting on a timebomb. Get OFF while you can.

      1. I’m merely curious if the socialite pedophiles are now free or find themselves beholden to new master(s).

      2. They’ll always be slaves to their Demon, they’ve likely got new Kiddie Peddlers since Epstein has been benched for awhile now.

      3. He had a business “partner”. Wonder what delicious, salacious, blackmail she has in her control……..could she be the next victim of Arkancide?

  13. He’d already made one botched attempt. No. The Clintons only kill nobodies whose deaths they can be certain will be a nine-day wonder. They didn’t do this. They didn’t have to. The globalists didn’t slip Göring a cyanide pill either.

    They’ll spread rumours far and wide pinning this on Trump, of course. Simply put, though, Jeff was a coward who had nobody left to protect him from what men like him fear most in this world—a fair trial. Because he did not believe in God, he figured he had nothing left to lose.

    Of course, all that’s happened is that his case has been referred to a much higher Court—one where the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth is spoken.

    Burn in hell, Jeffrey Epstein. May the Clintons soon join you—among many others.

    Moral: nobody ever gets away with anything.

    1. hey A$$ Canadian, could you please post the e-mail, or voice recording, were god designates you as judge, jury, and executioner . You are so kristian , you are!!!

  14. “No. The Clintons only kill nobodies whose deaths they can be certain will be a nine-day wonder.”

    Yeah. Nobodies like Vince Foster. Sure.

    1. Nobody had ever heard of Vince Foster or Seth Rich before the Clintons murdered them for knowing too much. Like it or not, only we “conspiracy theorists” keep their memory alive.

      Jeff Epstein is someone else again. Making him disappear from the front pages won’t be nearly as easy.

      1. Vince Foster was a somebody. At Hope High School, he became president of the student council graduating in 1963.
        Vince attended University of Arkansas School of Law, where he was managing editor of the Law Review. Vince received his Juris Doctor in 1971, graduating 1st in his class. He scored the highest in his class on the Arkansas bar exam. Known for his extensive preparation of cases ahead of time, including the creation of decision trees, Vincent Foster developed a reputation as one of the best trial litigators in Arkansas.
        The Arkansas Bar Association gave him a number of awards and in June 1993 would name him as its Outstanding Lawyer of the Year. Vince Foster was also listed in the Best Lawyers in America book.
        Vince Foster was already a somebody when he became Deputy White House Counsel.(a High Office)

        When Foster died of a gunshot wound, he was the first White House employee to die of such since President John F. Kennedy.

  15. Someone who had dirt on powerful people managed to hang himself while on suicide watch.

    Yeah…OK. All the world’s a stage and most of us are puppets on the strings of of our lynchers hoping they don’t pull to hard or long.

  16. Somewhere the family of a convicted life serving murderer is now living “The Life of Riley” after receiving a little brown envelope with many blank cheques. The convicted murderer is sitting back saying “I din’t do nuffin”, and “nobuddy saw nuffin”. And the American public will go back to sleep after the weekend. Monday morning Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler will begin opening impeachment procedures against Trump with the additional allegation that Trump and his subordinate Barr are ultimately responsible for this dereliction of duty to protect inmates of Federal Prisons.

  17. I just caught a clip on the radio this AM with the words “Epstein” and “dead” not getting the full story. I filled in the blanks. Arkencide!

    Actually, I expect “Alotofpeoplewantedthiscide”. You’d think after the first attempt, the authorities would have been more attentive. Apparently they were :^)

    We shall her\ar no more of this sorry tale I reckon.

  18. I don’t know how it works but I am guessing a professional mental health examination is done before someone is taken off suicide watch. It would be interesting to know how convinced that examiner was that he was not a suicide risk. I’ll take it at face value that he was not a suicide risk and not blame the examiner for a mistake. So if not a suicide risk he needed to put him on the protected species list because something was stalking him and had only just missed the first time.

    1. Correct. Medical practitioner (doctor?) must sign off to come off suicide watch to then be put into the hole, the end of the line?
      Perfectly normal to take a previously suicidal person and put them into solitary confinement the most discouraging possibility?
      Oops, sorry he died. This is not seven Somali pirates who tried to take over a Russian ship but unfortunately died on their way to trial. With 15 minute and 30 minute bed checks how could have hung himself.

      Group willful negligence. Oh shit, the camera doesn’t work and I have gum stuck on my shoe, let me get rid of that, visitors this late at night, probably a perfectly reasonable explanation, so say, isn’t that Jeffrey hanging from the ceiling. At the same time those visitors came. Maybe they saw who did it. Oh, they said is was suicide.

      I understand all the investigations, looking for Epstein’s enablers, continue apace while Barr and the DOJ IG investigate.

      This is the mother of all conspiracy theorists’ dreams, their nirvana. Forget the fake moon landing, or JFK’s missing brain.

      This is so slimy it’s irresistible. Most people are nice but what a sick world we live in.

  19. So many angles on this one. A lot of speculation that this was not suicide since Epstein was not being watched, the cameras failed, there was a mystery van showing up, the guards were sent away while maintenance was being performed. However a lawyer pointed out that with Epstein’s demise comes the fact that ALL the evidence found in his home can not be suppressed since no one has standing to suppress it any longer. There can be no illegal search of a dead man’s home.

    1. “ALL the evidence found in his home can not be suppressed”

      Golly you’re right!(smacks forehead) -Guess the important stuff will just have to be disappeared like the #1 witness, Epstein himself./

      1. Having a comprehension problem today? None of what you said even remotely relates to what I said. Have a nice day.

        1. Let me draw you a picture with crayons: They have eliminated the #1 witness to the Pedophile Ring, Epstein.
          Have you never read about physical circumstantial evidence disappearing on route from a scene to the evidence lockup or from the evidence lockup itself? No?
          It happens all the time. Important cases too, like in Presidential Assassinations(JFK’s brain missing).
          Makes no difference that there is no one with standing to deny access to it in court if they can eliminate Epstein. Capiche?

  20. Kudos to John McAfee for this gem.

    “I was stunned by Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide, though probably not as much as Epstein himself.”

  21. That great wisp of air you just heard was the accumulated sigh of relief expelled by a whole lot of self indulgent rich morons .
    B J , Shrillary and a few princes come to mind .

    1. Prince Andrew couldn’t have been at Balmoral at a better time. No wonder they were smiling as they drove to Kirk this morning, or am I being too harsh?

  22. Is there anybody that is interested in the affairs of the world that did not know that the guy would die before it ever got to court?
    It was so predictable, pretty close in the same sense as the night follows the day.
    Tim Pool is taking it apart.
    “Epstein Conspiracies Go Mainstream “Clinton Body Count” And “Trump Body Count” Are Trending”

  23. I believe Epstein was offed largely to send a message to any deep state conspirators on the Steele dossier, to remind them what happens if the try to sell out their superiors to save their own skins.