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  1. When I was teaching, the senior administration of the institution kept telling the staff that there was less money to spend and that it should look for ways to cut corners. For some reason, though, there was always enough cash on hand each year for things like new carpeting for the executives or a new alumni wall.

    1. Yes, an artificial turf for the football field, a rock-climbing wall in the student union, more coaches and more raises for those coaches.

      Education is the least of it, but then, The People (bless their hearts) want diversions, not knowledge.

      1. Even after paying for that artificial turf and the scholarships for the football team, the university still ends up well in the black compared to what they would have WITHOUT that football team.

      2. Nearly 30 years ago, I watched a documentary on PBS (back when it was still worth watching) about Kent State University. It showed what had become of that institution some 20 years after the shootings.

        One thing that astonished me was that part of the Students Union building resembled a food court, much like what one can see in just about any shopping centre. Shortly after that, I started on my second master’s degree and it didn’t take long for the SU building on campus to undergo renovations to get–wait for it!–a food court of its own. (That food court replaced the record listening room and the small art gallery that were originally there when the building first opened about 50 years ago.)

        Even the place where I used to teach had the same thing happen in the late 1990s. The student cafeteria on the main campus used to be run by the institution and it employed some of the culinary students. (Yup, I was eating someone’s homework!) That also went through a renovation and the cafeteria, while still in its original location, had been replaced by a series of commercial fast food outlets. The irony of that was that the main building was located across the street from a major shopping centre, which had its own food court, only a few minutes walk from campus.

        One reason that was done was that the institution wanted to cut its internal payroll. The cashiers that used to work there were support staff employees and they were all canned. I imagine the people who worked in those on-campus fast food outlets weren’t necessarily associated with the institution and were probably paid whatever the minimum wage was back then. (The senior administration did the same thing with the janitorial staff, booting out the internal employees and farming the work out to contractors. It didn’t take long for the place to start looking decidedly grubby after that.)

        Meanwhile, the senior administration was doing quite well, thank you very much and those of us still remaining on the payroll had to make do with whatever it decided to pay us.

        1. re: ‘PBS worth watching’
          for me that is now limited to NOVA, Frontline and the occasional pep rally for rock and roll oldies.

  2. Universities in the U.S. and Canada have been subject to 40 years of empire building by bureaucrats. They offset the growing monies they grab for themselves by two devious methods:

    1. By raising the tuition so much that most graduates are impoverished by student loans for years. This causes them to have to delay being able to afford a home, marriage and/or children until fertility and vigor have begun to diminish. This in the one or two offspring produced in their mid to late 30s, even early 40s.

    2. By dumming down much of the course content so that 20 percent or more admitted are not intelectually qualified for university, but are thus able to attend and graduate. No fail promotion fraud going upscale. Grade inflation is another term for this.

    The infiltration of Cult. Marxism into the humanities, social sciences and as much of the STEM as they can manage so far, facilitates this. As one can become an “expert” in anti-colonialism, anti-racism, anti-white(anti-West. Civilization) in a week or so. Intellectual rigor and challenging course content is labelled discriminatory. Something formerly indicating high standards, but now is viewed as oppressive as was once used to justify the Soviet/Maoist purges of scholars and high levels of competency.

    A corollary is that so many university graduates are turned out, the value of a(4 year) Bachelor’s degree in the marketplace is now often less than that of a two year technology/trades course. Indentured servants paying off student loans over a decade or more on low wages is sold by the equating them with a value a degree had in 1960-70s. Employers now realize a Bachelor’s degree no longer indicates an ability to think critically, to problem solve, nor even a level of competency in reading/writing/speaking. Also, hiring a Social Justice Warrior in the private sector is a liability to solvency and reputation.

    Only those with STEM and post-grad professional degrees can afford marriage and children. Though many of those children for the first 5 years of life think they are Philippina or Mexican children. More recently, some of their caregivers not even that may divide their care of infants/children with doting on their smart phone.

    Neither provincial, nor state governments have the huztpah to clean out the empire, nor will they until debt service loads or a recession crisis forces them to. The smaller private online university staffed by truly inspiring scholars envisioned by Prof. Jordan Peterson and colleagues will be a fait acompli within 1-2 decades.

    1. Even if one got an engineering degree, it’s no guarantee of a job.

      Much of the work is being farmed out now to overseas outfits, thanks to e-mail and the Internet. Why hire someone in Canada for, say, $80,000 a year to produce and check a set of drawings when someone in Coleslawvania can do it for a tenth of that? Why hire someone in Canada for that salary when someone from Coleslawvania can come over on a temporary visa and do the same work? (I know of one engineering firm with a local branch that did just that because I used to live down the hall from one of those foreign workers.)

      Even if one got a graduate degree and applied for a faculty position, the game’s rigged. Why get a Ph. D. in Canada with the intention of becoming an academic when many of the new professors who are being hired nowadays are Chinese or the applicants have to meet some sort of diversity quota?

      Even going into private practice is risky. I looked into it and decided against it. A former colleague of mine started his own firm and had to struggle to pay his bills.

      Now that I’m settling my father’s estate, I’ve been dealing with a number of tradesmen to either fix something on the house or buy some of his tools from me. Depending on what their business is, many of them are doing quite well, because they paid for the stuff they bought from me with $50 or $100 bills. And this is in a part of the country that’s been hit by the government hatred of the oil industry.

      But don’t tell that to the post-secondary institutions.

      1. My colleagues wife worked as a receptionist/organizer for a cluster of close to 1,000 (could be 10,000 but don’t want to be dramatic, still lots of jobs regardless) engineers who worked out of a central office in South Calgary. Engineers from every corner of the planet were working out of that building.
        Shortly after the NDP came into office the layoffs started and those engineering offices and jobs emptied and moved into a small downtown location. That massive building on McLeod Trail has become a ghost town and repurposed , many of those foreigners went back to their lands or had to find work elsewhere. Didn’t matter how low the pay was, the jobs evaporated.

        NDP policies regarding the oil industry have had hard and lasting consequences and they are aren’t finished yet.

      2. dont fergit, this approach saves money by downloading quality ‘control’ to the end user/customer/whatever
        I became aware of this gradually, by noticing for instance, the practice of putting serial numbers on power tools went the way of the dodo bird, to save money, as they say. that must be a favorite saying in chirer these days.

    1. Diversity … how else can the State pick winners and losers? Merit is soooooooo biased (toward Asians … who USED to be a ‘protected class’) … so it has to be destroyed.

  3. Let me Chicagosplain it to you. Government is a subset of racketeering, always has been; always will be. Fake, make work jobs, cronyism, and extortion are key. Whoa, did I just describe the Mueller investigation?

  4. Makes me glad that Michigan got their ass kicked in the Peach Bowl by the Florida Gators. Although I have no doubt that UF has “staff” along these same lines as well. But at least they aren’t anywhere near as putrid as UCF, whose administration let their Communists hold an on-campus meeting training students how to attack “Nazis”. And UCF president Dean Whittaker had no problem with that. And I got no response when I asked if patriots would be permitted to have a similar meeting to train decent human beings on how to attack Communists.

  5. This is preparing them well for pretend work in the make-believe government jobs that most of them aspire to.

  6. I would be interested to know how many of those diversity officers are middle-aged white males. I estimate somewhere between 0 and zero.

    1. I’d be interested to know how many of them are MUSLIM..given it’s Michigan and all….??

    2. @Steve
      You left out a word as in “middle-aged ‘straight’ white men”.
      It would be interesting to see the job descriptions for ‘diversity officers’.
      Just as I would like to see the job descriptions for the Quebec Language Police or
      here in New Brunswick, ‘NB Language Commissioner’

      1. Your comments about NB verify what I heard from someone I’ve dealt with during the settling of my father’s estate. He’s from NB and he mentioned that not only are all the road signs bilingual, French is the one on top, even though the French-speakers are, according to him, a minority. In addition, one can’t get a government job there without being bilingual.

        1. @B.A.D.
          Your father’s comments are accurate. Yes, the French are a minority but a large minority at 33%. I am not sure about the signage with French on top, I will have to check that. Probably varies. The first time I drove into NS, I was taken aback at the only English signs but in a good way. And yes, good luck with getting a government job in NB not being bilingual though there are unilingual English employees mostly in the English dominated southern part of the province. Up where I am, I was handed a French only coupon for MacDonald’s FFS! Normally they are bilingual.

  7. This is all ponzi scheme. The collage academics generate a fake issue, build classes around that fake issue, convince the public they must solve the issue with more money and resources. The collage then hires the people who graduated from the fake program with the useless degrees. Then collages are able to market what a great program it is and has a lot of job opportunities. More students sign up and the racket starts all over again with kids spending billions on this junk and the professors and admins living in big houses and driving nice cars.

    At every step of the way they make money and cannot quantify any results or value added.

  8. I was told by two women at Christmas dinner (I didn’t invite them.) that the 50% female cabinet appointed by PM Pantsonfire was a start. I asked how would they ever know if maybe it shouldn’t have been 60 or 75%? The ladies didn’t seem to understand the question… maybe I should have asked if it would have been all right of a guarantee that 50% of cabinet must be men. I decide to just smile and nod and let them preach while I drank my beer in my mortgage free house.
    These people are incapable of reason and logic. Eventually that leads to unintended consequences. Eventually they will have to pay the piper.

  9. “The University of Michigan Has At Least 82 Full-Time Diversity Officers at a Total Annual Payroll Cost of $10.6M”

    The students (who scream the loudest) will say that it’s not enough.

  10. How many of those diversity officers moonlight as dog catchers? Waiters? Anything at all useful?

    1. @stablesort
      They don’t have to moonlight.
      10.6million/82 = $129,000 each.
      Nice job if you can get it, Straight White Man

  11. Kleptocracy works, the more of your family and comrades you can get feeding on the public trough the greater your power to keep you lips locked to the trough.
    Democracy is great until the voters discover they can vote to rob others to enrich themselves.
    Then Kleptocracy takes over.

  12. Somewhat related…

    “Taylor, who is white, lunges at and violently grabs a black female employee at a McDonald’s in St. Petersburg on New Year’s Eve”

    There’s only one problem: race has nothing to do with this story and the journalist who wrote this piece doesn’t connect the dots either. One wonders if the attacker was black and the employee was white if that type of detail would’ve been used. Race. Is completely irrelevant to this story.