3 Replies to “Terrorism: A Priority Of Canadian Diplomacy.”

  1. Ouch. Remind me never to get on your bad side.
    Of course, given the fact that you’re disembowelling the Euro-trash appeasemonkey wannabe Pettigrew, I heartily approve.

  2. Nice one, Kate. I have a giant, massive grin on.
    And I forgot about this until now, but since you asked: a “dinner party” is a rhetorical device, generally used by writers to connote an imaginary social situation of no consequence or significance.

  3. You have got to love Canada and France, why does Russia need to involve an international framework to tackle an intra-national issue? I know that there were foreign terrorists invloved, but what Russia does to combat terrorism in it’s own borders is it’s business.
    The British did not need to ask permission or use an international framework to combat the IRA.
    Trudeau did not need it to combat the FLQ.
    And if Russia wants to join the “coalition of the willing” then more power to them. The world does not go through Paris.