20 Replies to “Say It Isn’t So, Joe!”

  1. Harris who is better known for the name Indians gave her, Big Chief Spread Eagle, plays that clip every night.

  2. So dead voters will be voting for an ostensibly “dead” candidate?
    Well I suppose there is a kind of rational inherent logic in that…


    Hans Rupprecht, Commander in Chief
    1st Saint Nicolaas Army
    Army Group “True North

      1. Nemo2, if Hidin Bidin wins in November, he’ll be a perfect Zombie President, until Harris climbs down her web, has him impale her, and then she sucks the remaining life force out of him. (assuming he can still get it up, which is doubtful) she might need to perform on her knees. As he’s already down to a ten percent factor of remaining life force, the final “blow” will take about ten seconds.

    1. I could watch Frank and Ethel perform that song every day.
      Those 2 remarkable talents deserved every accolade that was directed their way.
      That was entertainment friends!

  3. Biden was the Chairman of the Thomas lynching…..He has said that he didn’t believe the charges, but he continued the circus like a mindless robot….The Senate official ending of that hearing is not what happened.. A Black Lawyer from Texas began his testimony by charging that the Democrat Lawyers had threatened him & his Family (Federal Crime) if he testified before the Senate.. The hearing ended & Thomas was rapidly confirmed….
    Biden covered up the Crime…..


  4. “There’s a river of power that flows through this country… Some people—most people—don’t even know the river is there. But it’s there. Some people know about the river, but they can’t get in … they only stand at the edge. And some people, a few, get to swim in the river. “ – Joe Biden

    If somebody has access to a plagiarism detector program, they should run this through it but substitute “money” for “power.”

    I know I have read it before. I quote that line sometimes, and I didn’t get it from Biden. It was in a novel.

    1. Is this what you’re thinking of?

      “The Money River, where the wealth of the nation flows. We were born on the banks of it-and so were most of the mediocre people we grew up with, went to private schools with, sailed and played tennis with. We can slurp from that mighty river to our hearts’ content. And we can even take slurping lessons, so we can slurp more efficiently.” – Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

      1. Kurt Vonnegut also said to “ be careful of who you pretend to be, in case you become what you pretend to be “ or something like that.
        But, then, Kurt said many relevant things.
        Just farting around.