35 Replies to “What Could Possibly Go Wrong?”

  1. Someone stored munitions and ammonium nitrate together. The first white smoke was munitions cooking off. You can see each individual flash. Then the ammonium nitrate ignited fueled by ? combustible smoke from munitions or ???? That was the pink smoke. The mushroom was apparently the shock wave condensing water vapour into droplets which immediately evaporated. It all makes sense but it was definitely started by munitions.

    1. On second though, my guess is the ammonium nitrate was Hezbollah property too. Why else would it be in the same warehouse?

  2. An anonymous source to me the explosion was the result of a youtube video. Alright it was Hillary.

  3. Did PM Blackie donate $$$ to Lebanon yet?
    And to use RCAF airlift to bring home some out of luck stranded “Canadians” would be the Canadian thing to do…

  4. Well we know that Hezbolah puts rocket launchers next to UN building and schools to avoid being attacked by the Israelis so why wouldn’t they put a munitions factory next to their grain silos full of UN/EU donated wheat to feed the poor people of Lebanon. It was odd how quickly everyone in gov’t knew about the “fireworks factory” right next to a warehouse full of explosive components. When you watch the videos you can see explosives cooking off but no fireworks shooting out of the clouds of smoke. The orange smoke is from all the unburnt AN converted to Nitric Acid probably (asked a chemical engineer) and would not be good to breathe in. You really needed to add FO (Fuel Oil) at 6% to those Niprill wafers, which seems to be what they do in Australia for blasting, in order to really get a good explosion. What they got was good enough and may have been munitions depot going up and taking the AN with it, if you look up CSIS and Missile threat for them you would find that they estimate that Hezbollah has around 130,000 missiles stored in Lebanon somewhere. They may have a lot fewer right now.

  5. Pretty easy to figure some sort of foul play at hand when you see that sort of detonation in that part of the world.
    And I won’t dismiss or mock the idea that it was.
    But it’s no stretch of the imagination to think the Port Authority and Customs of Beirut have a rather large and creative case load. I could easily accept that they had a large warehouse of confiscated goods sitting in legal limbo that could neither be destroyed nor disbursed. And it wouldn’t be the first time people in charge ignore and dismiss warnings from those below.

        1. So, the fault is Systemic Change? That’s it, close the patent office, and repeal the laws of thermodynamics.

  6. As always, if you need to choose between deliberate and stupid, usually stupid wins out. My wild guess is that munitions were either stored there by Hezbollah, and they were welding right next to it, and once ignited, it involve the warehoused nitrate, all 2750 metric tons of it. Hezbollah are known for terrorism and attacking Israel, but they aren’t known for much intelligence. So my vote is stupid ignorance caused the munitions to go off, and they might not even have known about the nitrate being stored. Quite a combination of munitions, nitrates, and additional wheat dust floating around. What you might call an imperfect trinity!

  7. Never ascribe to malice what can be explained by incompetence. In the Middle East, workplace safety and security regulations are considered entirely optional – if they even exist in the first place. There is a reason arab countries are as they are.

    1. Wrong. Crawl back into your mother’s basement, soi boi. Look up West Fertilizer Company explosion. Besides, blaming Isreal for what happened is incredibly insulting. Mossad is much subtler than that. As they will prove when they make you dissappear. Armchair idiots like you is why I hate the internet.

    2. Thanks for recycling Hezbollah talking points. It is always the Jooooos and never mooselimb ineptness.

  8. Is the term Lebanese lightning familiar to anyone?

    The Lebanese declare bankruptcy by destroying their collateral. In the Lebanese-Canadian community, insurance fraud is a way of life. Oh dear, the Jew wants his money? Store burned down last night, Shlomo, take it up with the insurer. Oh, you are the insurer? Oh dear, too bad.

    The Lebanese elites did this on purpose. Insurance against the dark day they ran out of other people’s money. The Jew won’t let you steal any more money? Blow Beirut to kingdom come and blame it on the Zionists. Perfect crime.

    Not as if they have to live in Beirut when they have Canadian passports and bugouts in Montreal. Just in case the Israelis finally let Hizbollahstan have it for real.

  9. I think the biggest explosion wasn’t the AN. That was big, sure, and that’s the reddish cloud you see. But the big explosion was that grain elevator. Grain dust has a huge surface area to volume ratio and is highly explosive. Half that building is gone.

  10. I’d say it’s not just Hezbollah…its ISLAM in its entireity. Not the Brightest 2.3 Billion on the planet.

    Licking religious symbols – drinking warm Camel urine to prevent Covid – Just a cpl of the more recent examples. With plenty of U-tube vids showing guys blowing themselves up by accident…