44 Replies to “Your Moral And Intellectual Superiors”

    1. He’s paid by the click, and there aren’t enough MP birthdays to “announce”.


    2. How many “Journalists” have accepted freebies, or, have been paid to speak at WE events? Just in case WE has apparent kompromat not only on Shiny’s cabal but also on Justin’s Journos!

      1. The Brothers K are going down and there is only one question remaining…

        Will they take anybody else with them?

        Lots of journalists, lots of mayors, Liberals, MPs, MPPs, MLAs, newspaper editors, and high-ranking CBC/Bell Globemedia executives are probably nervous.

  1. The Liberals, WE, SNC LAV, the Media,This all so incestuous, how on earth can the east still support this criminal activity!

  2. The parliamentary press core are a bunch of privileged insiders. Bought and paid for.

    They see their turf being stepped on and are pushing back. It wont matter what they do, their game is over. MSM is becoming irrelevant at each passing day. At one time they were a Force Majeure. They could bring down the government. Today they are reduced to fighting over scraps handed out by the libranos. An embarrassment to themselves.

    If they wished to restore themselves to a semblance of former respect one or more of them would take a story and run with it. If it brings down a cabinet minister or the government it would go a long way to putting the government in it’s place. Unfortunately they don’t have the cojones or the integrity for such action. They’ve sold out for lunch at Subway

    1. To paraphrase an old saying: ” Political journalism is the most vicious and bitter form of politics, because the stakes are so low.”

      Hey, the narcissistic fools could lose a couple of minutes of being in front of the camera.

      There isn’t any real skill involved in their jobs other than the skill of viciously fighting for more camera time.
      They read prepared garbage.
      A parrot can do that.

  3. Dakin Akin is a middle-of-the-road conservative, and Canadaland’s Jesse Brown is to the left of the late Mao Zedong. But here I agree with Mr. Brown.

    Btw, Canadaland is the only publication, outside of SDA, to publish the Kenya WE revelations. When this mega scandal breaks out, and it will break out, Trudeau will have to resign. Maybe this is why Mr. Brown is being trashed.

    1. No he won’t. Trudeau will just go on-camera and say “I shouldn’t have done it. I’m sorry.” And walk away smirking, while his polling numbers keep going up.

      Trudeau knows (he’s done it twice) that he can keep bribing the electorate with their own money; and if not, he might have to borrow some. He’s got the welfare-rats by the b@lls, and their hearts and minds will follow.

  4. Jesse better be careful or David and Althia won’t let him hang out with them at the mall after math class.

      1. Akin is indispensable, especially on Twitter. How else would the vast Canadian public know when it is an MP’s birthday. (Sarc)

  5. The Canadian Press cannot be trusted at any level. I have heard it said that the Soviet Union had Pravda and Isvestia. “Pravda” means “truth,” and “Izvestia” means “news. The Canadian Press is kind of like both…..Pravda had no truth and Izvestia had no news.

  6. Any of the bought and paid for journalists must seek approval from the Liberal Party before speaking or writing anything.

  7. Yes no doubt telling the truth would harm journalism .. Akins got that right .. without realizing the irony. Amazing what $595M will buy in loyalty to the Liberal cause.

    1. Brian, $595 million that we are aware of, and once re-elected he’ll give them more. As another SDA poster stated, there is a large number of of ex journalists within the ranks of the Liberal senate. Part of why I mentioned the word “incestuous” in my post above. With the Liberals paying big bucks to the media, well, ahem, media they approve, (Trudeau is such a narcissist he couldn’t stand the idea of the media exposing his abundant flaws) Considering the now slowly unfolding WE scandal, he may have given them much more, and I bet we are nowhere near the end of this Liberal corruption!

      1. GerryK,
        Yes , I agree.

        In addition ,over the years the Liberals have compromised the senior ranks of the RCMP , and recently bought the media. Recall the furor over the Duffy (perfectly legal) loan , which the RCMP knew full well was legal yet they opened 31 charges , however the Lavalan scandal in which Trudeau or his henchmen were/are potentially in a position of obstruction of justice , the RCMP did nothing. Ditto for Chretien and ADSCAM.

        This time around , may (I hope) be different , as the issue is quite clear that Trudeau was lobbied by WE/WE_ME , they were not registered as lobbyists , Trudeau lied about the choice being a civil service choice , and then it transpires the contract was to the WE real estate company , not the charity.

        The issue is about absolute arrogance and a blatant payoff and had it not been for CanadaLand.com the media would never have exposed it. Even weak Scheer said it correctly , “If they allow him to continue, if they don’t demand that he resign, then they are telling Canadians that they are comfortable with his corruption,” Scheer told reporters during a press conference on Parliament Hill.

        The Liberals have given the opposition a golden platform , now it remains to be seen if they will use it.

    2. The really sad thing is that there was no need for the bribes. They were already in the tank for the Liberals. The groupthink had long ruled, long before the cash started flowing.
      Waste of $$, as they already were at the rightthink groupthink trough.
      Mind you, wasting taxpayer $$ is what liberals do. Maybe there was no “void du jour” to cast $$ into when that particular bribe was dreamed up?
      Or maybe, like our illegal immigrant policy, it was a knee jerk reaction to Trump. Opinions outside the Narrative were allowed to be promulgated, and Trump won!! Can’t have that here!

      1. There is a HUGE need for the media bribe. They are quickly going bankrupt. The Liberals might have had them in their pockets for decades, but if the mainstream media disappears, so does all of that biased support.

        The future is Canadaland, Blacklocks, Small Dead Animals, Rebel Media (from Left to Right, approximately), doing the hard work for peanuts. If I wasn’t an unemployed energy worker I’d subscribe/donate to all of these and more.

  8. So now the a Ottawa press gallery is outing themselves not just Court scribes but court jesters as well.

    This is only news inside Parliament.

  9. Once upon a time I would have considered this a bad precedent. Now I have so little respect for Canada’s unionized, subsidized journalists i can’t be bothered forming an opinion one way or the other.

    1. I disagree, Akin is no different from anyone else that has compromised their virtues for some perceived gain.
      What’s the gain you ask?
      Their perception that being designated a member of the Press Gallery is a privilege rather than a restriction on what gets reported. So it’s very easy for said membership to get their hackles up if some interloper shows up with questions that where not approved by the majority of the membership*.

      *when I say “majority of the membership” that’s the majority of the press gallery which is composed of CBC reporters.

      1. More and more people see the vaunted “Press Gallery” (and I am saying this out loud like a whiny little girl) as a bunch of dummies.

        More and more people view them with contempt and disgust.

        I have more time for a homeless drug addict than I do with any of these vacuous, vacant headed, self absorbed, self righteous, dickless, witless, wimps.

        And thats not even how I really feel about them.

        I boycott their products, their parent companies, slag them on social media, mock them and give them the finger on the street and cheer and celebrate every quarterly financial release that shows their spiraling descent into insolvency.

        1. Come now, the debate on what kind of journalists occupies the Ottawa bubble has long ago been decided, now it’s a matter of where they are on the sliding price scale.
          Happy endings to a story cost a lot more today than they did last month.

  10. Akin, like so many journos, is like a windsock. He changes with the wind. Maybe that should read “windbag.”

  11. In that mess called Twitter, I noticed the message from someone called Justin Ling saying “WE has served Canadaland and reported Jaren Kerr with libel notice. They sent out a press release demanding an apology from Sun columnist Brian Lilley. They sent a letter warning Kate Bahen to stop criticizing their organization.” That last sentence says it all…..”stop criticizing their organization”. Screw that…..dig deeper and faster. “Stop criticizing their organization”. I don’t think so.

    1. Justin Ling is a freelance journalist. He appears sporadically in the National Post, the Globe, CBC website, Macleans, etc. He initially thought that Lav-Scam was no big deal, so that gives you an idea of his judgement.

  12. In the mean time, the not paid news agency (Rebel) has hired a lawyer to pursue a CRA audit of WE. Much needed.

  13. LOL…no one circles the wagons quite like these folks. These people are a piece of work. Akin Macgregor & Raj – Sounds like an ambulance chasing law firm.
    And speaking of pieces of work…am I the only one who knows about McGregor’s past work with Frank magazine?
    I’d say we’ve come a long way. Now he’s lecturing others on journalistic integrity.
    That’s rich.

    1. He wrote that Frank cover about setting up a fund to pay for the deflowering of Mulroney’s daughter in the late 1980s. Now he’s CTV’s chief Ottawa political reporter. Says a lot, doesn’t it.

  14. This scandal will have no impact on the electoral success of the Liberals in the next election.

  15. David Fakin, ,anyone who cant see through this fake can’t see through glass,, creep has his nose past John Ivisons in the butt canal of the prime dope.