6 Replies to “I Amuse Myself”

  1. Something tells me this man will not be receiving the Omar Khadr 10 million dollar reward. He should”ve converted to Muslum before he broke through the gates. Why hasn’t the Media jumped into the mental illness excuse before knowing anything ? “someones feeling completely excluded” J-Turd… they sure are Juthtin… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_XRO4UGSiQo

  2. And yet again someone in authority leaks information to the media. I would be trying to find the person who leaked confidential information and fire them.

    1. yeah, you have to wonder what the LIberal Party and their pets in the Media plan for this story. I don’t trust a goddmn thing the corrupt Media has to say about anything. The Media essentially receive their narratives and talking points from the Liberal party so anything the Media has to say about this event will have been written by Telford or Butts or some other psychopath in the PMO. As far as I’m concerned it doesn’t sound like the guy wanted to kill the stupid son of bitch in the PMO, just a guy thats had enough of the corruption and endless scandals and authoritarianism that comes on down from the corrupt PMO, although perhaps not the best way to express his extreme displeasure with the Globalist ruler in the PMO and his nefarious Globalist agenda. I understand the mans frustrations and so do millions of other Canadians locked down in the corrupt cult of Turdholeland.