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    1. I’ve heard a number of stories about the Chinese students in our post-secondary educational system.

      One is that there’s fierce competition to get into the “right” schools and universities, so we often have the washouts, the second tier, coming here.

      But there’s another aspect to that. From what I understand, having a degree, any degree, conveys a great deal of social status. If one can’t earn one from an elite domestic institution, a degree from a foreign institution is also quite respectable.

      But having a degree also helps in finding a job, but it should be in a credible discipline, such as engineering or the physical sciences. One in a “studies” field might not hold much promise.

      There was a reason why the department where I worked on my last two degrees had so many Chinese grad students.

      1. As long as the international students remain the cash cows that they are the post secondary administrations will continue to suffer the afflictions of cognitive dissonance and racismphobia.

        The moneys too easy and it keeps coming as long as they go along to get along.
        Politicians do nothing because they see a voting block of “new Canadians” (aka dual citizens of convenience).

        The media follows the script because to do otherwise deconstructs the racism industry.

      2. That Reason was Primarily MONEY. Lots n Lots of Money…as Universities routinely accepted Chinese Nationals at 2-3 times what a Canadian may be charged…

        It’s Allways about the Coin.

        All the while said Chinese steal sensitive data and secrets….all overlooked by University Leadership….cause, well…the Money.

    2. It is my understanding that the students and professors from China have to go through an indoctrination program in China before leaving for the foreign university. Supposedly loyalty means to do anything the Chicom sees fit to ask of them, including stealing secrets. And of course they should ignore any laws to the contrary in the foreign country.
      The leverage to their demand is the well being of the loved ones who are still in China. It really is like the Mafia writ large to be a whole country. And they consider anyone born of a Chinese father to be a Chicom citizen, no matter his actual nationality.
      I hate to say this, but I believe you really should vet any ethnic Chinese carefully to make sure of his loyalty. It was much easier when I first applied for a secret clearance, since there was no contact at all with the Chicom then, before Nixon. That was what he really should have been impeached for, his opening to the Chicom.
      And I would not allow any Chicom national into the country. Period. Yes, I know some of them really do hate the Chicom, but I don’t trust anyone actually allowed by the Chicom to come here.

      1. “And I would not allow any Chicom national into the country. Period. Yes, I know some of them really do hate the Chicom, but I don’t trust anyone actually allowed by the Chicom to come here.”

        I keep saying exactly the same thing. I will rather trust a Chinese sailor who gets off the boat and asks for asylum than I will trust anyone with a social credit score high enough to be given a passport and a blessing from the Politbiuro.

        1. You might want to affix that distrust to anyone associated with the federal government and the liberal party.

        2. I’m with you 100% on that one Colonialista.
          Not one Chinese National – 99.9% all of whom are in fact AGENTS of the “crown” here to steal OUR Tech and Research while subverting our Chinese Canadian community.

          Let them threaten.
          …and we can let them STARVE. 1.4 Billion with a country that has 7% of its land available for cultivation.

          1. here to steal OUR Tech and Research

            How easy is it for them to steal that information when it’s given to them?

            For the last 40 years, companies have farmed out their research and development to universities, clearing that entry on their balance sheets while having that work done for cheap by students.

            During my time studying for my graduate degrees, I knew of no measures to vet any of the foreigners doing that stuff. In other words, anybody and everybody could have had access to all that information.

            “The Chinese got the plans for that new microprocessor! How did that happen?” Well, duh….

      2. Your comments about ensuring student loyalty to the government and that they are beholden to it, even to the point that their relatives were held hostage, so to speak, make sense.

        I got a similar impression while I was working on my last two graduate degrees. Many of the Chinese grad students behaved as if they were in our department for more than just getting an education, particularly those doing research in areas that would have been of great interest to their government.

        1. Don’t forget that Canada’s entire post-secondary education system is back-stopped by the fees paid by foreign students (3 to 4 times higher than what Canadian students pay) and this house-of-cards collapses if a significant number of these students go back home.
          As a Bachelor Degree holder, I am undecided as to whether any potential collapse is a bad thing or a good thing.

          1. What is the cost to Canadian Taxpayers for each slot at Canadian Universities, cost per student. In 2019 Canada took in 400,000 foreign students. Did they all leave? This is just another form of Immigration, whose numbers are never added to the official Canadian annual immigration numbers. And tell me again why it is the responsibility of taxpayers to provide education to the world. The University system in Canada has become an industry, to employ mostly socialist Professors with tenure, and yes I understand we need Higher Education but is this really higher education? https://www.cicnews.com/2020/02/canada-welcomed-more-than-400000-new-international-students-in-2019-0213724.html#gs.6ggt52

          2. This is just another form of Immigration, whose numbers are never added to the official Canadian annual immigration numbers.

            Yup. And they if they stick around long enough, they get hired as university faculty.

            One young lady I knew while I was working on my last degree decided that even though she was a citizen of the PRC, she was going to take out landed immigrant status. The reason was to lower her tuition.

            However, as it turned out, I think Beijing had other plans for her. She married one of her fellow countrymen and their ticket to staying here in the country was born shortly thereafter.

            She’s now a tenured professor at a certain university in another part of the country.

          3. “if they stick around long enough, they get hired as university faculty.”

            Faculty like a tech? Yeah. Tenured? Fact chance. if you scratch enough lotto tickets you’ll be a millionaire. The chances of getting hired as tenured.

            “why it is the responsibility of taxpayers to provide education to the world.”

            They’re not. The international students are like Alberta: keeping the system afloat with their money. Letting them immigrate in is literally the least they’ve earned, and the benefits to Canada are immense.

          4. Should the UNIVERSITIES Across this Country COLLAPSE cause they cant get Chinese Nationals ..?? I would see that as a Glorious thing. An end to the SOCIAL Engineering – Humanities BS…works for me. We can easily accomodate the STEM crowd in our Tech Colleges with some expansion.

            Maybe we get real lucky and it kills off the UNIFOR gang that supports said ChiComm students as a side benefit. .?? And University Presidents taking $350,000/ annually we really dont fkn need.

          5. The chances of getting hired as tenured.

            UnBrained calling me a liar again…. Why am I not surprised? Then again, why should actual facts interfere with xim/xer/xit’s “truth”?

          6. And University Presidents taking $350,000/ annually we really dont fkn need.

            Only $350,000? Most university presidents I know of wouldn’t get out of bed for that sort of money. Try 7 figures. They might not get a megabuck in actual salary, but they get all sorts of fringe benefits and bonuses because of the “important” work that they do, and all that added up equals at least $1,000,000.

          7. The sooner that system collapses the better. They come in here, get their degrees that their government pays for. This in turn funds the university system that is producing useless Canadians getting useless social justice studies degrees and thus further weakens the country. How many Chicoms do you see taking gender/African/queer/any-other-grievance studies? Zero. This is just a way for Chicoms to peddle the narcotic and weaken our society.

          8. Colonialista:

            I started grad studies more than 40 years ago and it didn’t take long for any illusions I had to be destroyed. I thought that the system was noble and honourable, free of the corruption and cheap politics I often encountered while I worked in industry.

            Nope. Nothing of the sort.

            One reason I hoped I would eventually become a professor was to help reform the system, particularly since it could have benefited from my experience in industry.

            Again, nope. Nothing of the sort.

            I’m convinced that the post-secondary system, at least at the graduate level, is beyond repair. It not only is beyond reform, it resists it. If there is any way to fix academe, it would require a complete overhaul, starting with the abolition, once and for all, of tenure.

          9. “We can easily accomodate the STEM crowd in our Tech Colleges with some expansion.”

            No you can’t. You have no idea what you’re talking about.

            ITT, imbeciles rage against intellect. Don’t be surprised that the world is dumping the Know-Nothing Brigades.

          10. “We can easily accomodate the STEM crowd in our Tech Colleges with some expansion.”

            No you can’t. You have no idea what you’re talking about.

            Oh? And you do? Yeah, I forgot–you’re UnMe, the expert on everything, aren’t you?

            It’ll take a lot of work, but it might be possible to do that.

            How do I know? I’m registered as a P. Eng. in 3 provinces. I have 4 degrees in 2 engineering disciplines, 2 of which were master’s level, and the other a doctorate. I taught for several years in a technical college.

            Ah, but since you’re UnMe, you never let facts interfere with your “truth”.

          11. “Oh? And you do? Yeah, I forgot–you’re UnMe, the expert on everything, aren’t you?”

            Yes yes, his master of science (never mind that there is at least four PhDs he regulatory get beaten by here) taught him Mooselimbs invented calculus. Yep, you get an MS these days without ever learning about little known historical figures like Newton and Leibniz. No qualifications necessary, all one needs is a sufficiently high social credit score to be send offshore to have their degree rubber stumped.

          12. B. all you are saying rings true. I know academia rather well. It is an extremely corrupt system ruled arbitrarily by ego driven apparatchiks all trembling in fear of being accused of lack of progressivity. A perfect reflection of China or Soviet Union on a micro scale. Some departments still maintain a level of sanity (economics sometimes, STEM occasionally) but they dare not fight and simply hope not to be drawn into the insanity that is this modern day Kafkaesque spectacle.

          13. his master of science

            Let me guess: his degree is from Broom Closet Photocopier University, where one’s “life experiences” are all the education one needs in order to graduate.

            I have a relative who got his “doctorate” that way. The BCPU he’s an alumnus of went out of business a few years ago, which was well after he parted with some cash to purchase his title.

            My relative, who was always a Munschausen, figures he’s now equal with me. I guess I was the dummy for spending all those years in university working to earn all my degrees while he simply buys his qualification.

      3. “I would not allow any Chicom national into the country. Period. ”

        Thankfully we are not slaves to your silly paranoia. So glad my uni is filled to the brim with various immigrants. A huge advantage for Canada.

        1. UnGooph

          paranoia..?? If you truly believe that..?? then you have outed yourself as a COMPLETE and UTTER IMBECILE.

          Your comment is beyond laughable and about what I might expect from that slimy Communist rag, the Red Star….or Pravda.

    1. If you make Tshirts, here’s a winner:

      “Don’t let TRUMP cheat. Demand VOTER ID now!!”

    1. Crisis? Or Opportunity?

      There are fortunes that will be made, and fortunes that will be lost.

      I fully expect about half the small businesses will go under unless these lockdowns end.

      Airlines, travel and leisure businesses are going to be decimated. So will Boeing and Airbus.

      1. The big deal made about Chinese characters for “crisis” having “opportunity” was because of lack of understanding of the Chinese language.
        The combination of two characters for “crisis” is 危機. 危means danger. 機 can mean opportunity, in context. But it can more generally mean possibility. Heck, it can even mean machine, as in “flying machine” for airplane. In this context, it should be interpreted as the possibility for danger. That is what crisis means, there is a possibility that something dangerous can happen. Not that danger can give rise to opportunity.

        1. How can anyone comprehend what these tiny characters mean? Had a Chinese dictionary on my trip there and really had to squint ( is that racial) or use my magnifying glass to expand them.

        2. It is unfortunate, or perhaps in truth, fortunate, that my first Chinese lesson destroys an old saw that I was fond of.
          Thanks for the lesson OB.

    2. George found that WW2 was an opportunity as opposed to a crisis, as was every war since then.

    3. The war was very good for that devil, he rounded up his own people for the Gestapo. For him it wasn’t a crisis, it was an opportunity and he made out like a bandit.

      1. He is the Candle Stick Maker… Georgie the SS bum Boy (an Ann Frank Jew) made out good… Almost as Evil as Obama

        I see Harry is in LA working on his resume to run for President of the USA… We have no conditions

  1. Elizabeth May has now become the savant in eliminating Alberta oil. God help us!!
    Much like Jack Layton who was flying over the Fort Mac area in a fuel guzzling jet, telling his supporters that he would one day close the Tar Sands down, I hear Elizabeth may takes a BC Ferry every day. Now she claims it’s not worth investing in oil. Has anyone ever seen a battery powered ferry??


    1. P D has anyone seen a ferry made without fossil fuels? A raft tired together with hemp rope just might not be adequate.

    2. “Has anyone ever seen a battery powered ferry??

      Very, very sad to say, Plainz Drifter, that Ontario has contracted for a couple of battery powered ferries for the lower Great Lakes – and one is built (in Italy I think) and on its way.

      Complete virtue signalling. Also completely what comes out of the south end of a northbound horse. “Hugely expensive, but we had to have ‘er!” Don’t worry though – they have diesel generators to charge the battery.


      1. Kind of like diesel electric locomotives? I love that picture of AAA in America going to a tesla and firing up the diesel generator to charge the dumb thing.

    3. I used to be “stunned” by the stupidity of people and politicians in particular, but no longer am. Back in university, during my Materials course (Bachelor of Interior Design, Faculty of Architecture, U of Manitoba), we learned that nylon, acrylic, polyester all were by-products of oil, all plastics (bags, TV casings, cellphone casings) were derivatives of oil. Canada, the First World, Heck – even all of the world are living better lives because of the discovery of oil and what can be done with it.
      I am an avid Star Trek gal, even on Star Trek, the Next Generation (I think it takes place in the 25th century), they were still using oil and its by-products. Until Warp Drive is discovered/invented, Big Oil will be around.

      1. And don’t forget the gigatonnes of ‘tar’ that are used to pave millions of miles of highway and mega-acres of parking lots.

        /deliberate misuse of units and terms

    4. Somehow, I can’t picture her trying to cross the Strait of Georgia like Thor Heyerdahl on the Kon-Tiki raft.

      Then again, I find the idea of her drifting aimlessly with the currents like jetsam rather intriguing.

    5. I am wondering how many wind turbines you could place on Saltspring Island?
      I spent a few days there some decades back – nice place! There was a nice wind there at treetop level, coming across Vanisle from over at Sooke area thru the passes. There is room for a few dozen turbines, providing power for a considerable number of Saltspringers and perhaps the people in Duncan and Nanaimo. Maybe more!
      Why the Hell not, I mean if the planet is in peril…..

  2. British Columbia population is approximately 5 million people – last year 38,000 people died. From Coronavirus this year; less than 150 deaths…

    Alberta population is approximately 4,370,000 – last year 27,000 died; from Coronavirus, less than 150…

    Manitoba population 1,370,000 – last year 9,700 people died. Less than 10 from Coronavirus

    Saskatchewan population 1,175,000 – last year 9,800 people died. Less than 10 from Coronavirus

    West of the Ontario border – population is almost 12,000,000 people; last year, 85,000 died from all causes. Less than 300 Coronavirus deaths; most were in “end of life” facilities.

    1. Gord, no one wants to know the reality, this is “KILLING PEOPLE” . I have given up posting factual numbers as the truth doesn’t matter to those in the grip of hysterical insanity.

      1. I’d like to know how many autopsies confirmed the cause of death for those listed as Covid-19 victims. Autopsies ! Too costly !
        Do people not know that a Long-term Care ‘facility’ is a ‘Waiting on God’ residence ? Daily departures are the norm.

    2. Flattening the Curve is a euphemism for Flatlining the Economy.
      But all the government workers are toiling away at home on full pay, smoking pot and drinking.

      I have a young friend who twice now has not been able to visit his mother’s grave.
      The Dictatorial Health Heads figure she’s not going anywhere, so what’s the problem, you POS?

      “They” are going to make everyone register whenever ‘citizens’ enter/visit a place, or better, be forced to get an app for their phone and be forced to show their presence/movements are being tracked. Turn off the phone, get a big auto-fine (new word for our lexicon) you selfish turd. Do it again and look at an ankle bracelet and public shaming.

      The existential battle between liberty and control, privacy and surveillance is on.

      1. Yes I note all those advocating economic collapse aren’t affected by it as they have secure income.

      2. I was talking with some of my neighbours near my house in B. C. yesterday. They scoffed at my misgivings about the bug, saying that they would rather be “safe” than get sick. Presumably, that meant that any and all measures taken in this grand national house arrest were justified.

        While they didn’t like Prinz Dummkopf, they weren’t about to defy his edicts, either. No wonder he gets away with whatever he does or says.

        1. Junior is a winner all ways.
          $250 billion deficit.
          Massive vote buying and
          The Librano possibilities are endless.

          The Liberals and the Trudeau Foundation are positively giddy.
          Let’s face it, we’re talking big money here.

          Pelosi, Clinton, Gore, Obama type money.
          Big bucks.
          Not even any non best selling autobiographies required.

          1. ROO:

            To paraphrase an old and fossilized toothpaste commercial:

            “You’ll never know where your money went
            When you ab-ol-ish your Parliament.”

  3. Lieutenant General Flynn was about to be exonerated and freed from persecution by the US Department of Justice. This was a great victory for his attorney, Sidney Powell.


    All that was required is the judge, Emmett Sullivan approve the DoJ Motion to Dismiss. Instead he is now requesting one thing he has rejected the last three years, Amicus Curie briefs from the public. More delay. It sounds like it is something personal for the judge?


    1. Obama used his intelligence agency to collect information on a lot of people. I suspect he has something on every judge that has ever looked twice at a pretty girl. There is no way he limited his illegal spying and wire tapping to just Trump.

    2. The swamp is deep. Unless voters smell the stench we at the behest of its lizard leviathans. Lockdown dry run for control.
      What political black ops happen there eventually happen here, with a distinctive Canadian odour, like that of wet sheep.
      Here we must take them off the covid case; we decide bottom up how to go back to work and life, and order experts home.
      Then we get to deal with a $300 billion deficit, courtesy of us being paid government aid with our own borrowed money.
      Of course, we “can’t go back,” to the ill-defined past, presumably when we didn’t wash our hands and licked ourselves.
      Meanwhile, let the goalposts be moved: flatten the curve, no wait everybody tested, but we must all be cured first.
      Let those hobgoblins reign, feeding off the carcass of the only unimagined one, covid. We’ve got this, the state can back off.
      If this pretext allows the left to gain more institutional control, imho, we’re back to the 1930s. The math from there isn’t hard.
      If they succeed in mollifying us, then they know they can take their watermelon urges to the max “battling climate change.”
      But like covid, it is we who are the casualties, escaping from our freedom, automatons of the state, atomized useful idiots.

    1. Worldometer has the same info, but in real time and complete. What’s the point of FT delayed aggregation?

  4. The Liberal Party’s Toronto Star is excited this morning about companies being required to have global warming scams in place before they can get a loan from Great Leader Kim Sung Trudeau. But don’t worry the Star still has new Canadians are racist bastards stories today.

  5. A good short video by Kevin James at The Burning Platform today. Pretty much sums up the insanity.

  6. Another day of anticipation as we await Popinjay’s exit from his cottage to pass out some cash and tell us to “stay home, stay safe”.

    1. “We have your back.” “We’re all in this together,” says Justin Trudeau, Minister of Truth

      1. “My famiwy ith making thacwifitheth, too. My chiwdwen have to get by with onwy 49 fwavouws of ithe cweam at the cottage at Hawwington Wake wathew than the 50 they wewe accuthtomed to.”

    2. “His” cottage?

      Don’t you mean the Cottage on the vice regal’s estate where he is squatting.

      It’s not his, he is not the head of state, Sophie isn’t First Lady, and he can move to 24 Sussex or up to Harrington Lake.

      Sorry bout the rant, but we shouldn’t allow the liberals talking point to take hold.

  7. And now the Liberal Party’s CBC this morning. Racist bastards are running rampant in British Columbia. CBC is excited that China will use Canadians as guinea pigs for its vaccination experiments. China is wonderful. PBO states that the federal debt will reach one trillion dollars this year. Blackie is wonderful.

  8. Oh Noooo! True North has a story on Hitler Harper. Do they not realize his name must not be mentioned in Blackie’s dictatorship?

      1. Spare me these politicians that have all their great ideas after they are out of power.

        For Conservatives that care about Canada, Harper was a huge opportunity missed.

        Harper said no mas and his hands of stone turned out to be clay.

        Bigger disappointment than Advent.

      2. Could get real Goddamn small Nancy, All we need in Alberta is a credible leader.

  9. Because Mischief is Important


    Take the time and file a human rights complaint regarding the new OIC and firearm ban.
    It takes about 5 mins of your time. There is a link in the article that takes you to the complaint page. The details are already filled out on the form.

    The reason for filing a human rights complaint is that allowing “First Nations” in Canada to use 1,500 weapons banned for other Canadians who are not “First Nations” unduly discriminate me as a white Canadian of European ancestry, based on my race, as well as national and ethnic origin.

      1. No no no … it’s Wampum, not money

        But it is a good idea to lodge a human ruights discrimination case.

        1. Of course, the Libreals will yield but the Red Coat Mugger Police will be “not instructed” to enforce because the Prime Minister cannot instruct the RCMP to do anything and this would be a good opportunity to instruct them to not do anything or not instruct them to do anything.

    1. Except I would not call this mischief. It’s a perfectly reasonable case of discrimination– I also think totally winnable even as a discrimination court case. The human rights commissions were set up to do exactly that — deal with instances of discrimination. I do think it is a more worthy cause than that trans person (Jessica Yaniv) going after immigrant women for not shaving his private parts.

    2. Just be aware: HRC has been shut down. My complaint is not proceeded with for 3 months now.

    3. Nice try, officer! By signing under this complaint one would admit owning one of the banned makes and models.
      Go eat dirt!

      Only those who own restricted AR-15s, which are already on the registry, should send complaints.

      If one owns previously non-restricted guns, you should not sign it, never, under no circumstances!

      1. I am not an officer at all. No connections to LE.
        I have 2+ AR-15s, a non AR restricted firearm now on the ban list that I’m not describing because I value my privacy.
        Im going to see my lawyer in June to discuss the costs & ramifications

  10. Ramadan murder count. Breitbart reports that muslims have killed 290 people during the first two weeks of Ramadan. Muslim holidays are so much more exciting than Christian holidays.

    1. I keep thinking I can’t be shocked and then I am. Shooting up a maternity hospital is a new shocking low.

  11. This is the guy or someone who looks like him, that the Conservative should be picking as leader if they want to win.

    It is becoming obvious around the world, certainly in Canada, that at least one of the 57 genders votes based on the candidates looks, celebrity and disdain for math.

    I know it’s not men or else Raquel Welch would have ruled for a long time.

    And it can’t be women, can it, as just about everyone, particularly the Media, tells us how politics needs more women because they are superior .

    Whatever gender it is, would someone please tell them that in politics and news anchors, brains are usually inversely proportional to looks. Certainly in Canada. And math does matter, as time will show and taxes will attest.


  12. I cannot see Deplorable Me around. He is probably ruining one after another shotgun barrels, attempting to squeeze a 20mm object down the 12 gauge bore.

    I was right. RCMP clarified that 12 gauge shotguns are not indeed banned.

      1. Are you referring to a Polish flare launcher? Are they like 1 inch or 26mm?
        They are non-firearms and not subject to the ban, no matter what barrel diameter.

  13. And This Is Why You Never Give Up Your Guns. WA. State Gov. says if you don’t obey, his Covid rules, you or your family will not be allowed to buy food.
    You getting the picture yet. You connecting any dots yet. Will you starve your own family if ordered by the Feds or your Provincial Government or the RCMP? Get out and buy a gun and ammo if you don’t have any already. It’s coming.

    1. If you do not already have a gun, you cannot buy it, because RCMP has shut down the new license applications, the printing of the PAL cards, and firearms safety courses. The plan is in motion, to have Canada 100% disarmed by the time China rolls in. How does Trudoe spell “high treason”?

  14. Blacklock reports that the CBC won’t disclose how much in taxpayer dollars it spent on its lawsuit against the Conservative Party.

  15. National whiny Indian group has launched a lawsuit against the federal government, for not giving them enough money to fight the China virus. Break out the feathers, drums, and chants to the sacred tree frog. Expect a ten year sixty million dollar inquiry, with a tearful Justin apologizing and handing out a big cheque.

    1. OJ why will you not stop calling them whiny Indians. They are 1st Immigrants. You are doing the exalted ones a great injustice. 1st Immigrants, are the new super race. OK (SARC OFF) Carry On. By the way I enjoy your posts everyday. You are made of oak to read the CBC entrails everyday. Be sure and shower after. Ha Ha Ha

  16. Hoping for some insight here, has anyone looked at Leslyn Lewis? I looked through her twitter feed and a couple of interviews she did and she seems to have her head on straight. I’d be curious to know what others think.

  17. And now your Canadians are racist bastards story for today. Today’s episode is brought to you by the Liberal Party’s Globe and Mail. An Indian grand poobah north of Saskatoon had a vision from the sacred tree frog, that he should have a sun dance involving a large group of whiny indians getting together in violation of social distancing rules. The RCMP arrived on the reserve to remind them about social distancing and the fun began.

  18. PPC appointed an “immigrant of the year” as a candidate in one of their ridings. What a disgrace!

    1. Perhaps the first recipients of China’s new Covid-19 vaccine ought to be Liberal MPs followed by all his supporters like staff, also the kind and obliging main stream media and especially all the Peopleskind in Liberal ridings across Canada.

      1. Good idea, since Dear Leader Prinz Dummkopf the Supremely Magnificent (Long May His Wisdom Shine Throughout The Ages) has such faith in everything the PRC does, he should demonstrate that the Chicoms are as good as their word.

        But he won’t. He’ll use us, the Great Unwashed, to prove his point instead and we will be forced to repent of our sin of doubting the CCP and all its works and all its ways. Through that, we will be reminded of just how wonderful it is and how wise and insightful he was for inflicting the “cure” upon us.

        1. Of course. The Supreme Leader would say:
          “Fwends, Romansth, Cunthreethmenth,
          Lendth me you’reth earsth,
          I haveth no favourithsssth!”

  19. A story at Western Standard claims that Ottawa could break the 1T in debt this year.
    If only that were true. Unfortunately I have a long memory.
    You see 6 years ago 2014 it was at 4.1T Total Public Debt, which I doubt was paid off.
    So add this new 1T and we are probably 5-6T in debt.
    The Chinese Organ Grinder will soon demand their due from their dancing monkey Trudeau. Dance Little Monkey Dance. So beginning with PET the scumbags in Ottawa PC/Libs have sold off all of Canada’s 1000Metric Tonnes of gold reserves and racked up 5-6T in debt. And the average Canadian Family pays more in taxes than they are allowed to keep for the necessities of life. Food, Clothing and Shelter.
    At what point will the Tax Payers revolt? When they are in cardboard boxes and chasing cats for meat like in Venezuela I suspect. https://torontosun.com/2014/04/11/all-levels-of-canadian-government-debt-total-41-trillion/wcm/5ce2d058-f666-4105-8ace-a7be79c9d674