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  1. Had she been conducting that interview at the oil refinery where I worked during my undergrad summers more than 40 years ago, she would have been rolling on the floor laughing. During my second time there, I worked with the plant maintenance crews and the place hired a lot of university students that time.

    There was someone in pre-med, another was in pre-theology, one was, I recall, studying pre-law, and there were 3 engineering students, including me. We were there because we wanted to earn money for the following term and, as it turned out, we were among the best workers.

    Of those I knew that summer, the pre-med student is now an emergency room physician, the one in pre-theology was eventually ordained, and I became a professional engineer. Much of what I did that summer proved useful in what I did later on.

    1. I worked for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation as a Civil Engineer Intern during two summers of college. It wasn’t my engineering discipline, but being out on the road learning about paving and seal coating and bridge building during those summers was just superb.

      1. FYT, I also worked in Pennsylvania, in Western Pennsylvania, as a journeyman carpenter, through high school and my first university degre, during the summers. It taught me what hard physical labour was like. Many of the ruling elites never knew what blue collar work was, or is.

    2. Back in the early days of SUNY Buffalo damned near every PhD candidate worked in the steel mills, because they were damned near all socialists and socialism was a workers movement.

      Graduate school was bourgeois so the only way you could go to graduate school and maintain your standing as a socialist was to work as blue collar labor.

      My how the times have changed.

      1. The refinery I referred to was a prime employer in the area where my parents lived. Jobs there were highly prized because of the high rates of pay. When I started there during my second summer, I was paid nearly twice the local minimum wage. In addition, I worked a lot of overtime because of things such as the annual plant maintenance shutdown.

        Politics had little to do with students wanting to work there. Being able to pay for books and tuition did, though.

        1. I worked my way through college, on a full scholarship, because I liked working and I liked the money.

          My previous comment was aimed at elitist bourgeoisie who think they are part of the revolution, but whom the real socialist revolutionaries will line up against a wall in the first or second round, as soon as their idiocy is no longer useful.

    3. I spent the summer after my senior year in HS working on a relative’s 6k acre hay ranch in So. Oregon. Yes, I too was an athlete … who wasn’t averse to manual labor. In fact, it was a “test” of myself and my abilities. I like challenges and this was a severe one. The fat sow of a CBC reporter has never strained a muscle in her pathetic life … obviously.

  2. You would think with how much Rosie Barton eats she’d be more understanding of what it takes to produce the food that allows her to maintain that beach (ball) body.

  3. Rosemary Barton knows food comes from restaurants and grocery stores.

    The CBC is not loyal to Canada.

    1. Nah, she knows it comes from Skip The Dishes, Door Dash and Uber Eats, just like the high BMI CBC DC correspondent.

  4. The hardest physical work studied by worker’s compensation boards, insurance companies and medical personnel is tree planting. All the tree planters in Canada are students or of student age. When someone says they are willing to work hard under trying conditions I believe them. Seen it all my life for this age group.

    1. At the plant I referred to earlier, I was exposed to some very dangerous conditions and there were lots of ways I could hurt myself.

      I worked near high-temperature steam. I worked around hydrofluouric acid, one of the most corrosive liquids known. I needed in an air mask whenever I worked where hydrogen sulphide might be presence. (In very mild concentrations, it dulls one’s sense of smell. In higher amounts, it paralyzes the respiratory system, causing death within minutes.) One day, I was hit on the head with a loading spout–if I hadn’t worn my hardhat when that happened, I might not be writing this.

      I learned to treat those conditions with the respect they deserved and took the necessary precautions. There was no guarantee that I wouldn’t be hurt, as I suffered some minor injuries that summer, but I left the plant each day alive.

  5. BBC & it’s clone CBC were engaged in subliminal messaging during the WAR that portrayed Hitler as a baby Killer… Worked, but the method of single frame insertion was declared illegal by the CRTC & FCC after WWII

    Today Single frame edits are so easy to detect, at any point in the Broadcast Stream that the CRTC & FCC must
    prove that the stream is clean @ all times… Demand proof


    1. I didn’t even know who that FAT POS was….Rosemary Barton eh.?
      Like. you OWG, CBC never ever graces our screen or our lives
      Not since 1972….

  6. Good for him.
    I was thinking the other day about the farm work I did when i was young, and how happy I was to get a steel mill job when I got out of high school. It seemed so easy. Not great for fresh air, i guess, but I don’t recall complaining as I sat drinking my canteen coffee on my regularly scheduled breaks.

  7. “Never forget how much they hate you.”

    Never, it’s funny though a few paying attention on the left are shocked when they finally realize how much we HATE them.

  8. There is a picture of my mother-in-law with her two sisters loading stooked grain on a wagon in the late ’30’s. That picture is in the Saskatchewan archives. 3 very attractive farm girls. We were having a family BBQ a few years back and my father-in-law leaned over, jestering towards his wife, says to me “the best little little stooker in the district”.

    It makes me tear up as they are both gone now and I cannot help wonder what they would think in a C-19 world. They lived thru tough times and did not expect handouts from anyone. I asked my father whether this spoilt generation could survive the Depression he lived thru. He surprised me by saying that he thought they could. He said “You do what you have to do.”

    1. “You do what you have to do.”

      That’s true. But that generation absorbed that idea as normal, as they grew up, because it was a normal view of life. We have people now who will do what they have to do, eventually, but they will first suffer some shock, and they won’t do as well because they have been conditioned otherwise.

    2. You should have read the article in the National Post a couple of days back where some kind of university professor (of course) suggested the government set up a national program to teach millennials how to plant vegetable gardens. (Face palm. lol. Millions of bodies rolling in graves)

  9. Private broadcaster Quebecor has made a complaint to the CRTC about the CBC’s disgraceful behaviour in trying to eliminate private broadcasters.

  10. How can I forget, we get hourly reminders.

    That being said, this ends on that moment when someone like Barton exhibits disdain for someone living in the MTV.

    They don’t just hate us, they hate everyone not one of theirs.

  11. She giggled because she had a quick vision of her Juthtin dressed in is farmer boy suit and singing:

    Oh life on the farm is really kinda slack
    I have a cow named Rose who never talks back

  12. Despite CBC reducing services, including cutting local TV news in some markets, no CBC employee has been laid off. Many CBC employees are simply staying home and receiving full pay and benefits. And their jobs will be there to go back to, unlike many millions of private sector workers whose employers will go bankrupt. Not only do they hate you, they take your money to live entirely stress free during the Wuhan Flu pandemic.

  13. I hope she never remembers that we pay her and how demeaning that is to us.

    In socialist/totalitarian regimes propaganda is a means in itself. The words conveyed are a distraction to real purpose of humiliating people.
    To lie to someone implies a lack of respect. To make someone repeat a lie means you have succeeded in destroying part of their dignity and soul. To make someone pay to have their human dignity destroyed requires the CBC.

    In China the family of an executed dissident is required to pay for the round of ammunition; breaking the family with the implication of being complicit in the execution. In Canada the CBC dictates lies that we are to repeat, but the ultimate humiliation to us is in making us pay for it.

  14. I do not believe ‘they’ could hate me more than I hate them. That is the makings of a civil war.

    Perhaps someday there will be a reckoning for those fat cats at CBC, but I won’t hold my breath. No one said life was fair, so these buffoons will likely never know a kick in the groin of which most people get from time to time along the way in life.

    They will retire comfortably on Salt Spring Island and complain about everything.

  15. These people are evil. Mike Lindell always thought urnalists were just mean and dumb, after DJT had him in the rose garden to honor him for helping make masks at his My Pillow factories the urnalists were so vile to him he could only conclude they are just evil. Their hero Juthty, can’t even utter the word farmer, while Donald Trump constantly in almost every speech mentions farmers and the people that keep society going. Effing liberals are sickening scum of the earth.

  16. Far be it from me to defend Rosie Barton, but…

    It turns out this fellow was a law student at McGill and probably had never done farm work in his life. He wouldn’t last a day.

    My father used to tell the story of an acquaintance, a fellow engineer, who out of frustration with life tried to enlist in the army, dreaming of sailing off to foreign parts to forget.

    The recruiting officer asked about his qualifications, and was thrilled at the prospect of having a qualified engineer who could report for duty at the engineering corps right after his basic training.

    “But…” our hero protested, “I am an engineer already. I hate it. I want to do something real. Serve my country. Maybe see the world…”

    “If you mean that, young man,” said the recruiter, “you’ll serve your country in the engineering corps. At home. I’m damned if we’re using an engineer as cannon fodder in Southeast Asia!”

    History does not relate if the recruiter laughed as loudly as Rosie. He might have, though.

  17. Don’t know who this person is.
    Don’t never watch CeeBeeCee.
    Could not tell you what programs are at that network.
    Don’t really care. The only thing that’s so obscene is that every person that gets up every morning to go to work to make living for themselves and their families are by some corrupt law forced by threat of prison to pay for it.

    1. Aha, I see that you have observed the difference between natural law (those things that are physical facts like gravity) and legal fiction (for example the tax law that forces me to pay for things I don’t want nor need …. like the CBC).

  18. The idea of the CBC is obscene. And who takes Rosie Barton seriously, if Justin turns around too quick her neck will break.

  19. Stealing half my wages then rubbing my nose in it by trampling my rights, keeping secrets from me, importing disease, giving my money away to terrorists, parasites and dictators AND then using my money to buy a nationwide propaganda machine consisting of several media organizations to tell me how great all those things are.

    I’m not sure I think that’s cool.

    PS: It really wasn’t much different when Harper was PM…slightly less egregious perhaps.

  20. So, what do we do about the CBC?

    Because bitching on blogs for years now has accomplished soooo much.

    Are there NO Conservatives with the wherewithal to create a news network to counter the current Liberal Propaganda Industry? Sorry, but Ezra’s Rebel isn’t cutting it for lots of reasons, economic viability actually being the least of them. What a motley crew he has assembled, no wonder Lilley bailed and stated among his reasons “… lack of editorial and behavioral judgment”. And Menzies recent ‘street ambush’ style of reporting is nothing short of a journalistic embarrassment in itself, IMO.

    About the only quality and consistently up-to-date source for Canadian Conservatives that I have found is right here at SDA. Yet, despite Kate’s diligence in exposing the bigotry of our media and it’s activism for progressives for near 2 decades now, things are unquestionably worse than ever.

    Also, please stop laying this current situation at Harper’s feet. Again, I have been a vocal critic of Harper since way before it became ‘cool’ to be one, but attempting to outright kill the CBC would have been political suicide!! The sad truth is, it would have failed!! Besides, there was no real concerted pressure or organized campaign from Conservatives themselves directed at Harper to axe the CBC and he himself was too involved in trying to appease them to see the ‘big picture’. As we have all recently had our eyes opened to the horrid state of conservatism in this country, I suspect that Harper was actually under much more pressure back east to support the CBC than to kill it. So Harper ended up doing what he ultimately turned out to excel at… walking a fine line trying to keep EVERYONE happy.

    Fox News Canada would be nice, but I doubt Conservatives any longer carry the clout needed to fight the deeply entrenched Liberal machine to make it happen. No electable Conservative politicians are seriously challenging Canadian media today, that I can see. Since the last election showed the PPC is currently un-electable, we don’t even have a ideological leader to back in this fight. Nope, I believe we ‘woke’ Canadian Conservatives are all alone on this one.

    So, I repeat, what do we DO about the CBC?

    1. The CBC will never be cut as long as this country is full of canadians. The majority of canadians want huge government and they want a huge propaganda machine telling them they want it.

        1. I would humbly suggest that maybe it’s time we got the left to kill the CBC. You do this by appointing Ezra Levant (or a reasonable, perhaps slightly less obvious facsimile) to run the place. Turn the CBC into a conservative propaganda machine. IF an actual conservative ever becomes PM. (Not likely)

    2. “So, I repeat, what do we DO about the CBC?”
      We discard it and leave it behind with the wreckage of confederation.
      The parasitic overload is collapsing the remnants of Canada and I for one am enjoying the show..Sorry if that is callous but our comrades voted overwhelmingly for what they are getting.
      65% of those who voted voted for the big controlling government.
      Only the Prairies and backwoods vote for financial accountability or even dare speak of personal responsibility..
      So how can we coexist with people who cheerfully bankrupted this country and sold your grandchildren into slavery?
      When their apparent plan is to have us pay forever to fund,not fix their destruction.

      Everyday we can watch the spectacle of government funded newz people lapping up the garbage being dispensed by dear leader.
      Unlimited funding for all,proclaim the clowns..
      Not one question as to where does this wealth come from?
      The fiscal incoherence is gloriously Canadian.
      We need to recognize we cannot get to a better country from here,where the same decision making that “helped” Venezuela and Zimbabwe is going to “lead us into our glorious future..”
      When the hole is way overhead and the sides are starting to cave in,maybe,just maybe it is time to stop digging and get out..
      Look at the voting results and ask yourself,what do you share in common with these people?
      Look at the results of the great canadian experiment and ask yourself,will doing the same things again produce different results?
      Is not greater government grand?
      Are we not so much better off, after squandering our national wealth on welfare and idiocy?
      What things could our dear leaders have done differently, to destroy this nation as quickly as possible?

      As it goes ,what do you call a country that cannot defend itself,can’t cope with a pandemic and stumbles into oblivion as we speak?

      Clue it sounds like Can Ahh Duh.

  21. The sad thing is that Fatty Barton represents other narrow-minded snobs who would also laugh at this guy.

    Wait until Trudeau Jong-Un sends college students out in the fields for “volunteer” work for the Party.

  22. Not privatizing the CBC was a big mistake on Harper’s part. Who remembers the CWB (Canadian Wheat Board) 4 years later?

  23. After trashing Christian churches during Easter, the CBC is celebrating the Ramadan Bombathon tonight.