17 Replies to “Your Moral And Intellectual Superiors”

  1. I can handle things! I’m smart! Not like everybody says… like dumb… I’m smart and I want respect!

    1. Much like all elite socialists, rules are always for thee and not for me. It has been ever thus.

  2. If quarantines were for little people Stephanopoulos would be front of the line.

    Or perhaps tiny, perfect people are excluded?

  3. The level of entitlement it takes to claw your way into one of these jobs is off the charts.

  4. I guess, something different, than most of the CNN on air dolts, who emerge from their closets.

    1. Isn’t that the truth …

      Although, let me add that the “closeted gay” went out in about 1982. They’ve been more than happy to wiggle it in our faces on every “Pride” float since then. Every HS kid who is questioning his proclivities has been welcomed into our society with a party including balloons and streamers since about then.

      But the “community” clings to the closet-meme … because “victimhood” sells.

  5. Fredo says that his wife now has China Bat Chow Fever so doesn’t he have to quarantine for another two weeks?

  6. He cracks me up. I had the virus… The heck you did. Just like that chest x-ray that your friend who is a doctor said you were really sick, but the real folks who reads x-rays all day long called you and the doc out for lying.

    Typical liberals

  7. From a comment at Ace:

    “When you claim to hide in your cellar
    But you’re caught yelling at some feller
    That’s a Fredo”