Losin’ My Tuition

Over the past week or so…

…the student body of Tisch (particularly the Drama students) has engaged in a back and forth with the administration regarding tuition and Zoom classes. Aggrieved students argue that remote classes cannot possibly serve as an adequate replacement for classes that necessitate a physical presence in the room (like acting classes, or dance classes, or film projects, or etcetera), and there have been various calls for a partial refund of tuition, including a Change.org petition that at publication had approximately 1,700 signatures, and calls to strike by sitting out of virtual classes.
In turn, Tisch administration has responded with a number of emails stating categorically that no tuition will be refunded, and explanations of varying degrees of empathy and detail as to why that is

19 Replies to “Losin’ My Tuition”

  1. Wait, so a useless degree now costs the same but requires less effort? Where is the downside?

    1. Varying useless degrees of Empathy.

      I might get me a degree in Empathic;
      If the government will pay for it,
      and my company will pay me $200,000 per year for the higher education . .

    2. Once these aspiring artists/actors/whatevers realize that they are in for a life of poverty, (about 5 years after grad) they will be wanting all of their tuition back. They have wasted their education money on what should have been a hobby, or an avocation at best, they will be furious. They will blame Trump.

  2. You know that warm feeling you get when a murderer kills a rapist? I get that same feeling when a commie rips off another commie, even better when they mock their victims. 😉

  3. The pandemic is demonstrating who is essential to a civilized society and who isn’t.

    The last thing America needs is actors. It needs grown men ready to work long hours building ventilators.

    1. The political arena needs actors. No real person behaves or talks like a politician or a fake news reporter … they are actors too in that they spout other peoples lines and fantasize AKA, LIE … all day long.

      1. To convince people you’re a good man is easy. Be a good man, and then just be yourself.

        With President Trump, what you see is what you get. It works like a charm.

  4. Beautiful! Awesome beginning of the end of the ridiculous system of mis-education the foolish Hippies built. A dancing Dean of the idiots, she served her one purpose in life well, her only achievement.

    Current students may feel screwed over because they’re very narrow minded and sheltered, but it’s about time they learned a few lessons, even though many of their professors never had to learn anything or even grow up. The times they are a changing.

    Students still stupid enough to sign up for these expensive charades must be forced to pay their idiot professors themselves, there’s no need for tax dollars to be put here, obviously.

  5. They/Them seems a little testy about the whole thing, doesn’t they?

    It’s not like the video is a huge Fox Uniform to all the students that paid hard earned student loan money that is non-dischargeable debt for the rest of their miserable minimum wage job and unpaid internship lives? Amazing what happens when a little reality brushes up against their fantasy bubble lives? That maybe there is a world that is capricious, and that their Woke Socialist Justice thought leaders are not really into Justice at all? Maybe this woke SJW crap is all a big con, and they are the sheep that are being fleeced?

    Thanks to the Chinese Lung Rot, masks are coming off, and just like “The Masque of the Red Death,” you realize who are the monsters and the damned.

  6. Either the Dean of Tisch is incredibly insensitive and has seriously misjudged her students OR she is absolutely brilliant and this a giant FU to all the useless students enrolled there – especially those in the drama department. I’m leaning toward the latter in a “I’m still getting paid and you’re still getting charged” kind of atmosphere.

  7. Funny header.
    Some older women can perform modern dance really well but there’s always that nagging thought,
    ‘should she be doing that without a grand-daughter or younger girl helping to make it cute?’

  8. Tbf, her dance was as good as or better than some of the “performance art” coming out of Tisch.

  9. Memories of the Great Philosopher’s Strike of 1826.

    “Golgafrinchan Ark Fleet Ship B is now available for boarding.”

  10. Is nobody else amazed that this woman became the Dean of a University? Dignity? Professionalism? Respect of Office? Seriousness of Duties? Responsibility for her charges future? Nah.

    Just another self-infatuated Instagramming narcissistic entitled school-girl posting “Na-ne-nah-na-nanahh”
    on social media.

    How befitting a Dean of an Arts School.

    1. At the place where I used to teach, the last dean in my section was a complete jerk. The only reason he got the job in the first place was because he was an institutional loyalist. It certainly wasn’t because of his brilliance or his accomplishments and definitely not due to his charm as he made enemies of certain departments.

      I could name a few deans at my university alma mater who also fit that same description.

  11. I’m always amazed when students threaten to go on strike. What valuable service do they think they provide that would serve as a bargaining chip ? They are consumers of services not providers and no one cares if they go “on strike.” If they want to pout then go ahead . They are the only ones who will suffer. Instead they might appreciate that during a pandemic someone is attempting to provide them with an education- maybe not quite what they want but neither are they victims. Get over it.!

  12. It is my opinion that college should/could be free (UK style)… so it is worth while to investigate why it isn’t ?

    Today I goggled the Stock Price of GE (down ~45%) and while on the GE page noticed that the Founders were Edison & Morgan…. I knew that Edison was not a scientist & when I looked to see what education he had..
    The Chrysler Building (iconic NYC Landmark) came up & the Ownership of that Land was a free College..
    connected to none-other than a recent suicide victim in a NYC Jail…

    There is a Story there that is not been Told by the MSM